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There are many rumors about voice assistants listening to whatever you say, putting you and your personal information at risk.
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If you heard the rumor about voice assistants listening to you, then yes, they’re damn true! They always listen to you regardless of whether you’re are using it or not. But you might say, “they’re just voice assistants, right?” Well, in the case haven’t heard yet, there’s a slim chance that your privacy is jeopardized as conversations are being recorded, but more about that below.

Voice Assistants Are Absolutely Listening

The best part is that your voice assistant takes the command and action based on voice recognition. They always listen and record anything that you say. Then, those recordings are potentially reviewed by a team of specialists. At some point, the contractors may later transcribe a section of conversation to aid in the portal’s algorithms in order to provide better responses and understanding of languages in the future. This is a critical step in the development of speech technology, and it is required for the creation of products such as the Google Assistant and Siri. Eventually, the contractors will get a pretty good idea of your interests, tastes, and habits based on your recorded information.

What some people may not know is that the speech and audio sections include recordings of your voice. These are created when you trigger the voice assistant. All of these can start from a simple phone call to accidentally pressing a button in which they call ‘false acceptance’.

Are Contractors Snooping? No. But Do They Have Information About You? Yes.

Voice Assistants Siri

As previously said, they can hear, know and record your private conversations. The fact that your voice data is transmitted to different contractors implies that your privacy might be jeopardized in the future. Your voice assistant has a variety of devices it can control. Some are even equipped with cameras and microphones that can capture information that is considered to be sensitive and private.

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Technology companies have not always done a great job respecting your personal information or privacy. What’s more unsettling is that these companies haven’t been straightforward in what they’re saying and doing.  

Trust Is The Important Aspect For Customers.

VoiceActivated Assistants Raise Privacy Concerns

Trust is the most valuable brand asset for any company’s credibility, especially in the field of technology. Companies should know how to be transparent when handling private information in the future. And lastly, you, the user, should be aware of how such companies handle people’s private information to maintain optimal privacy.

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