Upcoming WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Gets Delayed Amidst Growing Backlash

Whatsapp privacy policy update

The controversy began two weeks ago after the messaging app forced its users to share their personal data with Facebook. Since then, after many people jumped ship to other similar apps, it has scrambled to clarify what exactly their future update entails.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Forces Users To Share Their Private Data With Facebook

WhatsApp Privacy

WhatsApp will force its users to agree to their latest privacy policy update, or else lose access to the app itself. It would mean that even your phone number will be shared with Facebook – the owner of WhatsApp.

Consumers Have A Week To Opt-Out Shared Network

Shared Wireless Network

Users have a week to opt-out of a proposal that would put every smart device into a shared wireless network to address connectivity issues.

How Smart Cities Are Using Smart Technology To Combat COVID

Intelligent Technology

As smart technology continues to rise due to the COVID 19, we see waves of scientific innovations coming in. However, it comes at a price.

Tips To Ensure That Your Wi-Fi Is Private And Blocking Hackers


Whether you’re using Wi-Fi at home or outside, it is important to know who has access to your connection. Read this article to learn more.

Your Voice Assistants Might Be Listening Without You Even Knowing!

voice assistants

There are many rumors about voice assistants listening to whatever you say, putting you and your personal information at risk.