UK Startup Develops Pumped Hydro Technology To Turn Hills Into Enormous Batteries

Hydro Technology

A U.K.-based startup is planning to change the way we store energy. It involves a new system of pumped hydro technology on hills.

This Underwater Drone Uses Changing Temperatures To Run And Recharge

Underwater Drone

Oceanography involves using an underwater drone system. A startup takes advantage of the ocean’s changing temperatures to power the drone.

ESA Partners With ClearSpace To Remove Space Junk


The European Space Agency’s partnership with ClearSpace might be a major step to tackle the never-ending space debris problem.

Vertical Aerospace Gets Pre-Orders From A $2.2 Billion Deal

Vertical Aerospace

Vertical Aerospace has won the backing of some big-named aviation companies to finally make urban air travel possible.

Could Nano Diamond Batteries Revolutionize The Future of Power Production?

Nano Diamond Batteries

Could nano diamond batteries power the future? Just imagine, what if these batteries may only need a one-time charge across their lifespan?

Check Out This New Lightweight Hypercar That’s 100% Powered By Hydrogen


A UK-based startup recently unveiled its first-ever hydrogen-powered fuel cell hypercar to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

Here’s Why The Chinese Rocket Incident Should Highlight Space Junk’s Problems

Chinese Rocket

Recent news about the Chinese rocket falling back to Earth has raised alarm regarding the impact of space junk on future space explorations.

ScoutCam’s Resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™: The Camera of the Extreme


As the world’s smallest camera, ScoutCam’s application in many industries prevents human intervention in harsh conditions unless necessary.

This Solar EV Trike Can Take You 1,000 Miles Without Even Stopping By To Recharge

EV Trike

Range has always been a concern for EVs. That’s why one startup decided to make an EV Trike that can take you 1,000 miles before charging.

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