How To Install Tacotron2 In Vscode

How To Install Tacotron2 In Vscode

How To Install Tacotron2 In Vscode? Ever wished you could listen to your code, error messages, or documentation while coding? Tacotron2, a powerful text-to-speech (TTS) system, can make that a reality! By installing Tacotron2 in VS Code, you can transform written text into natural-sounding speech, enhancing your development experience and potentially boosting productivity. This comprehensive … Read more

Among Us Impostor Edition

Among Us Impostor Edition

Want to know more about Among Us Impostor Edition? If yes you are on the right page, One of the greatest shocks of 2020 was Innersloth’s multiplayer title, Among Us. Despite being released two years earlier, the indie game enjoyed a huge spike in popularity at the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak. People typically point … Read more

Toyota Claims Its Fuel Cell Vehicle Cleans The Air As You Drive

Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle might spell a greener future because it captures harmful air particulates and only produces water as its byproduct.

Skylum Launches A Brand-New Photo Editor – Luminar AI

Luminar AI

You might know Skylum when it comes to apps like Luminar and Aurora HDR. But this time, it’s launching another photo editor called Luminar AI. Starting at $79, this new product will be standalone for PC and Mac, and also as a plugin for Lightroom and Photos in macOS.

Here’s Why The Chinese Rocket Incident Should Highlight Space Junk’s Problems

Chinese Rocket

Recent news about the Chinese rocket falling back to Earth has raised alarm regarding the impact of space junk on future space explorations.

Check Out This New Lightweight Hypercar That’s 100% Powered By Hydrogen


A UK-based startup recently unveiled its first-ever hydrogen-powered fuel cell hypercar to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.