New Super Enzyme Breaks Down Plastic At A Much Faster Rate

Super Enzyme

Plastic production will continue to rise over the years. But a “super enzyme” can help with plastic waste management by eating them up.

Supercar Marque Experiments With Volcano Fuel To Run Its Future Hypercars

volcano fuel

A supercar marque is developing innovative battery packs using “benign” volcano fuel to produce 90% fewer carbon emissions for its cars.

Researchers Develop New Wearable Tech That Turns The Body Into A Battery

Wearable Tech

Future wearable tech might someday use super-thin thermoelectric generators (TEGs) to turn the human body into biological batteries.

Electric Planes – The Future Of EV Flight

Electric Planes

Various industries and startups are testing electric planes to change the future of aviation towards a cleaner and carbon-free one.

Future Homes Could Be Made With Mushroom Blocks Instead Of Concrete

Mushroom Blocks

Taking care of Mother Earth has always been a hot topic for a few decades now, among environmentalists. Thankfully, research on mushrooms (yeah, you heard it right!) might help contribute to dealing with climate change in the future. Fungi are not only durable but also biodegrade when it’s time to knock them down, which can be a good alternative to concrete or other forms of more polluting materials.