Seriously, What Does The Metaverse Mean, Anyway?


The more we try to understand the Metaverse, the more it seems harder to be. But here’s a couple of trends that you must know right now.

Robotic Artificial Skin Can Form Bruises To Demonstrate Impact Trauma

Artificial Skin

Engineers have developed a new artificial skin that gets bruised when hit. Are we close to seeing hyper-realistic robots in the near future?

Could Nano Diamond Batteries Revolutionize The Future of Power Production?

Nano Diamond Batteries

Could nano diamond batteries power the future? Just imagine, what if these batteries may only need a one-time charge across their lifespan?

How ‘Phytomining’ — Metal-Eating Trees — Could Help Power The Future


Researchers have found a way to extract metals using a method called ‘phytomining’. Hopefully, this will change the future of mining.

Here’s Why The Chinese Rocket Incident Should Highlight Space Junk’s Problems

Chinese Rocket

Recent news about the Chinese rocket falling back to Earth has raised alarm regarding the impact of space junk on future space explorations.

How Smart Cities Are Using Smart Technology To Combat COVID

Intelligent Technology

As smart technology continues to rise due to the COVID 19, we see waves of scientific innovations coming in. However, it comes at a price.

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