Among Us Impostor Edition

Want to know more about Among Us Impostor Edition? If yes you are on the right page, One of the greatest shocks of 2020 was Innersloth’s multiplayer title, Among Us. Despite being released two years earlier, the indie game enjoyed a huge spike in popularity at the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak. People typically point to the social aspects of the game and the fact that it is available for free on mobile devices as the primary reasons for its success.

The developer Innersloth has been hard at work since 2020 when the game first rose to viral success. Early in 2021, the massive multiplayer juggernaut received a new Airship map and a slew of new colors for its crew members. It was still a long way to go, though.

When Innersloth released a new update for the game on July 7, 2021, it addressed a number of issues and even included a new mission for the players to accomplish. It was in the latter that players were tasked with clearing up the vents that the imposters used to navigate the area, providing new features that could frustrate their deceptive crewmates’ goals.

An impostor will not be able to go into a vent while it is being cleaned out, and when a crew member attempts to clean it, they will be immediately exposed. The team and the concealed creatures will have several frightening encounters in this drama.

Among us Impostor Edition Description

The multiplayer game Among Us Impostor Edition mixes the efforts of your teams with the meticulous betrayals that they commit against one another. Participate in multiplayer gameplay with other members of your crew as you work to maintain control of your spaceship and make it back to civilization. But be careful… there is a possibility that an imposter from another planet is on board! It seems that a parasitic shapeshifter has taken the place of one of the crewmembers. Their objective is to wipe off the remaining members of the crew before the ship arrives at its destination. The impostor will eliminate the crew by sabotaging the ship, sneaking via vents, deceiving others, and framing others in order to maintain their anonymity.

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When the game starts, participants are expected to maintain silence and focus on completing their objective… until the impostor attacks! When a body is found or when someone has a suspicion about anything, the crew that is still alive will have an open discussion about who among them could be an impostor and may decide to remove one of their own from the game. During this time, The Impostors are attempting to deceive everyone by pretending that they are members of the Crew. If there are still impostors after the crew votes, everyone must return to keeping the ship in working order until another body is discovered. The crew is victorious if all of the Impostors are eliminated or if all of the Crewmates fulfil all of their objectives.

Among Us Impostor Edition
Among Us Impostor Edition


  • Life As A Crewmate – To win, you must finish all of your tasks aboard the ship, but you must also look out for impostors. Please report any dead bodies and organize an emergency meeting to remove the impostors from their posts. I really hope you make the right decision!
  • Play As An Impostor – Playing the role of an impostor allows you to cause mayhem, move silently through the crowd, and frame vulnerable victims. To win, you must eliminate all of your teammates; do you believe you have what it takes to be a saboteur?
  • Customization – You decide how you want to play the game! Increase the number of impostors and tasks while simultaneously reducing visibility. Everything will be done in style since you will get to choose your preferred color, clothing, and hat.
  • Cross-Platform – Play with your peers across several platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, personal computers (PC), Android, and iOS!
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Updates and Fixes

In the meantime, the game has been updated to include both Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as Irish as a playable language option. Additionally, some bugs have been addressed and other issues have been resolved. The scale of the “Shhh” panel has been readjusted, and a fault that caused players to become immobilized following the completion of a meeting has been fixed.

Other issues that needed fixing include the clouds on the airship moving in the opposite direction, a bug that caused iOS devices to crash when starting the game, and a glitch that caused Geoff Keighley’s mask to hilariously transform into an eyepatch. All of these issues have been resolved by Innersloth. According to Innersloth, many patches are still in the process of being developed. These patches include one that will scale the 4:3 ratio and another that will fix an issue in which the wizard hat that comes with the Airship skin package is absent for certain players.

Among Us Impostor edition, Crewmate edition and Ejected edition

In addition to the update, the developer also announced the release of three new Collector’s Editions of Among Us for the game’s various platform iterations. For those who are interested, the Among Us Impostor edition, Crewmate edition and Ejected edition are now available for pre-order on the Maximum Games Store website, with each edition being downloadable for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Crewmate version comes in at $29.99, making it the least expensive of the three options. It comes with a holographic access card, a Skeld map poster, Imposter stickers, a 3D lenticular case containing the original game and its downloadable content, and downloadable wallpapers for both computers and smartphones.

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Among us Impostor Edition Pricing

The Imposter edition, on the other hand, is available for $49.99 and includes everything in the Crewmate bundle as well as an enamel pin, a lanyard, and a purple crewmate plushie. The Ejected Edition is the most expensive of the lot, coming in at $89.99 and featuring everything listed so far alongside a beanie, a fleece blanket, and a steel bookcase.

Among Us is available now for PC, mobile, and Switch. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions are in development.