Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: Brawl Stars Introduces Brawl Pass And Brawl Pass Plus

Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: In January 2024, Brawl Stars is slated for a substantial update that will bring significant modifications to the Brawl Pass system. The Brawl Pass, a subscription-based service providing rewards and advantages to players advancing through quests and tiers, will undergo notable enhancements.

One of the key features of the update is the introduction of a new tier within the Brawl Pass, named Brawl Pass Plus. Opting for this tier will grant players even more exclusive benefits. The update is also set to alter the season length, the quest system, the progression rewards, and the currency system associated with the Brawl Pass. Below are detailed insights into the impending changes and their implications for players.

Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: Brawl Stars Introduces Brawl Pass And Brawl Pass Plus

Change 1: The first change that will catch the attention of players involves a reduction in the season length, transitioning from a two-month duration to approximately one month. Seasons are now scheduled to commence on the first Thursday of each month instead of the first Monday. This adjustment is strategically implemented to infuse a sense of freshness and novelty into each season, fostering sustained engagement and excitement among players throughout the month.

Supercell, the game’s developer, has shared that a significant portion of players (around 85%) typically do not reach tier 70 in the Brawl Pass, and even those who do complete it often express a sense of insufficient rewards. The decision to shorten the season aims to enable a greater number of players to successfully complete the Brawl Pass, thereby securing more rewards than they would in the previous two-month format. Additionally, aligning the seasons with updates and weekends is intended to enhance the specialness of the first weekend following an update.

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Brawl Stars January 2024 Update – Quest System and Brawl Pass Tokens

Change 2: The second noticeable change for players involves a shift in focus from daily to seasonal quests for Brawl Pass progression. Previously, the majority of Brawl Pass advancement relied on completing daily quests, necessitating players to participate daily and fulfill specific tasks. With the upcoming update, a significant portion of Brawl Pass progress will derive from completing seasonal quests, affording players the flexibility to undertake these tasks at any point throughout the season.

This alteration is designed to provide players with greater freedom and choice regarding how and when they engage with the Brawl Pass, without penalizing those who prefer daily play. Supercell Games plans to augment the number of seasonal quests, introducing new ones daily rather than only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, the hard quest will be eliminated and replaced with more medium quests, each yielding 500 tokens instead of the previous 250. This adjustment aims to create a smoother and less grind-intensive progression experience for players.

Brawl Stars January 2024 Update – Progression Rewards For Free Players

Change 3: The third notable change for players centers on the enhancement of progression rewards for free players who judiciously save their gems to acquire a Brawl Pass every other season, averaging about three passes per year. Over the course of a year, these players can anticipate a substantial accumulation of coins, power points, gems, and credits, accompanied by the introduction of some exciting new additions to the reward pool. This adjustment aims to acknowledge and enrich the experience for players who choose the free-to-play path while offering them a rewarding and engaging progression journey.

Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update Free: Several noteworthy additions and changes have been introduced to the Brawl Pass system, including:

Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: Brawl Stars Introduces Brawl Pass And Brawl Pass Plus
Brawl Stars January 2024 Update: Brawl Stars Introduces Brawl Pass And Brawl Pass Plus
  • Starr Drops: A new feature comprising items found in Brawl Pass tiers. Each Starr Drop grants players a random cosmetic item, such as a skin, pin, or profile icon. Over the span of a year, players can anticipate receiving 348 Starr Drops, including 12 guaranteed legendary Starr Drops.
  • Chroma Credits Removal: A significant modification involves the elimination of Chroma Credits from the Brawl Pass system. Instead, players will now receive regular Credits, with existing Chroma credits being converted. Each Chroma Credit is equivalent to 1.85 Credits, which can be utilized to acquire exclusive cosmetics from the shop.
  • Chromatic Rarity Removal: In tandem with the removal of Chroma credits, the concept of chromatic rarity is also being discontinued. Chromatic brawlers can now be acquired using gems or credits from Starr Road.
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For free players who purchase the Brawl Pass with gems every other season, there will naturally be a distinction in the amount of in-game currency compared to paying players. However, in terms of overall value, free players will enjoy a broader array of cosmetics through Starr Drops and will also receive more gems for spending on various other in-game items. This adjustment seeks to balance the experience, providing diverse rewards and choices for both free and paying players.

Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update: Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus changes

Change 4: The fourth and final change that players will observe involves the introduction of a new tier of the Brawl Pass, named Brawl Pass Plus. Positioned as a premium service, Brawl Pass Plus will provide players with even more exclusive benefits compared to the regular Brawl Pass. The pricing for Brawl Pass Plus is set at $9.99, while the standard Brawl Pass remains priced at $6.99.

Brawl Pass Plus Changes: Brawl Stars Pass January 2024 Update

  • New Brawl Pass Rewards:
    • 8,000 Coins
    • 2,000 Power Points
    • 1,000 Credits
    • 2,200 Bling
    • 50 Gems
  • Older Pass Rewards:
    • 5,695 Coins
    • 2,400 Power Points
    • 720 Credits
    • 4,350 Bling

Notably, brawlers will no longer be part of the Brawl Pass rewards. Instead, players can unlock any brawler up to Epic rarity or claim an additional 100 credits.

Brawl Pass Plus Exclusive Rewards:

  • In addition to all the rewards of the regular Brawl Pass, Brawl Pass Plus subscribers will receive:
    • 3,000 Coins
    • 1,500 Power Points
    • 1,500 Bling
    • 50 Gems
    • Exclusive Color Variations of the Brawl Pass Skin
    • A unique title
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Brawl Pass Plus is designed to offer more gems than the regular Brawl Pass, enhancing its value for players seeking to acquire additional items in the in-game shop. This premium tier aims to provide an enriched and exclusive experience for players who choose to opt for Brawl Pass Plus.

Conclusion: Brawl Stars January 2024 Update

The Brawl Stars January 2024 update introduces a plethora of exciting changes, all geared towards enhancing the Brawl Pass experience for every player. Whether you’re a free player, a regular Brawl Pass purchaser, or a subscriber to the exclusive Brawl Pass Plus, the update promises a range of enhancements that cater to diverse player preferences. The new and improved Brawl Pass aims to offer something enjoyable and beneficial for players across the board.