Genshin Never-Ending Battle

On July 21st, 2021, MiHoYo, the creator of Genshin Impact, added one final limited-time event before the introduction of the 2.0 Inazuma upgrade. Genshin Impact players faced an infinite onslaught of foes in the Genshin Never-Ending Battle event, which required them to defeat them all to get the highest possible score.

For the most part, the new Genshin Impact special events aim to test players’ stamina and endurance by placing them in dangerous situations and giving them a short period to deliver damage. Players’ squad compositions were tested in the Never-Ending Battle Event to determine how much damage they could inflict.

Players had a limited amount of time to fight as many enemies as possible in the Never-Ending Battle Event. Let us take you back in time to the days of the Genshin Never-ending Battle, its gameplay, and its many rewards.

Genshin Never-Ending Battle Overview

For those who had grown tired of playing the “Kaboomball Kombat” event, the “Genshin Never-Ending Battle” gave a new challenge. It began on July 9 and lasted for 10 days, until it ended on July 19, 2021. The event was only open to players with an Adventure Rank of 21 or above. There was no Co-Op Mode this time, which meant players had to form teams to take on the unique stage features of each challenge.

“Never-Ending Battle” tasks were unlocked every day until the seventh day, like Genshin Impact’s “Legend of the Vagabond Sword” event. After the event ended, fans had until the end of it to do everything and get all the rewards. Users could choose the degree of difficulty before the event started, which determined the number of points awarded for completing the challenge. Based on the goal scores reached, different rewards were awarded. There were a variety of items that could be collected by players based on the points acquired, including Primogems, Talent Level-Up Materials, Magic Ores, Hero’s Writs, and Mora, among other things.

Genshin Never-Ending Battle
Genshin Never-Ending Battle

Never-Ending Battle Gameplay Details

For players to participate in the event, they were required to equip the Wind-Blessed Harpastum accessory. Players may get this item by completing the “Summer Gift” quest that was part of the “Midsummer Island Adventure” update for Genshin Impact 1.6. The challenges for the “Never-Ending Battle” event arose in various parts of the islands at various times, and each one was distinguished from the others by a unique stage feature or a particular condition. Whatever the stage feature of the task may have been, the teams were prepared for it.

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The objective of the game was for players to eliminate as many enemies as they could within the allotted time to achieve the best score possible. Players’ points would be multiplied according to the level of difficulty they selected. The momentum was maintained during the fight since momentum blessings could provide characters with a variety of beneficial effects and boosts. The momentum would be at one of three different levels; generally speaking, the greater the level, the more favorable the blessing will be. Gaining momentum and contributing more points to your total score would be possible if you were successful against Berserker’s enemies.

Throughout the fight, random Momentum Discs will surface. Players have fifteen seconds to use harpasta to destroy these Discs before they disappear, at which point they will be awarded Momentum for their efforts. If every member of the party is eliminated before the allotted time expires, the current score will be recorded as the final score.

Although it is more fun to play Genshin Impact with other people, the “Never-Ending Battle” event allowed players to test their abilities differently if they competed alone. Fighting unknown enemies for the sake of the islands was a worthwhile cause since it offered the chance to gain prizes by participating in exciting challenges.

How To Play The Never-Ending Battle Event In Genshin Impact

During this event, participants will have three minutes and thirty seconds to beat as many enemies as possible and rack up as many points as they can. At each of the challenge locations, there are a variety of enemies and unique special mechanics, all of which play a role in determining which characters will cause the most damage. In addition, players have the option to choose from one of three distinct difficulty levels for each task. When playing at the Normal level, the player’s final score will be multiplied by 1, when playing at the Hard level, it will be multiplied by 2, and when playing at the Expert level, it will be multiplied by 3.

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In addition to that, there will be a momentum meter located at the very top of each challenge. This meter’s value may be raised by either defeating Berserker foes or Momentum Discs, the first of which will shower the playing field with Wind-Blessed Harpastums as they fall from the sky. Depending on the difficulty of the current situation, players will get a wealth of advantages from increasing their momentum.

Characters who were skilled at crowd management were very helpful for this challenge since foes spawned all over the area. This allowed the player to kill as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, and Kazuha were a wonderful fit for this event as a result of this. In addition, the different challenge benefits, such as an attack boost for protected characters, made some characters stronger depending on the special mechanics that were being used.

Genshin Never-Ending Battle Rewards

The participant’s final score will determine whether they get bronze, silver, or gold prizes for each challenge.

The amount of time a player spends killing enemies will determine how many points they get at the end of the round. Players will get sixty Primogems if they reach a score of at least 500 in the game. Players who achieve a score of over 1000 will get two Talent Guide Books and 30,000 Mora. Players who achieve a score of over 2,000 will receive three Hero’s Wit as well as an extra 30,000 Mora.

  • Bronze (500 Points) – 60 Primogems
  • Silver (1,000 Points) – A collection of Mora, Hero’s Wit, materials for increasing one’s talent level, and mystic enchantment ore.
  • Gold (2,000 Points) – A loose collection of Mora, Hero’s Wit, materials for increasing one’s talent level, and mystic enchantment ore