Get Your Mac Sparkling Clean: Top Steps for Tidying Up Your System

Do you think your Mac’s vitality is lacking? It might be that your computer is seeking more than a routine cleanup. You may have to take steps to rejuvenate its spirit so it can perform to its full potential.

In most cases, a sluggish and slow-performing Mac is a clear-cut sign that it is unable to finish simple tasks because of the weight of clutter. Worry not because this guide delves deep into uncovering the secrets of optimizing, decluttering, and revitalizing your Mac. Are you excited to learn the top steps for a sparkling clean Mac? Let’s take a look.

Tackle the Cluttered Desktop Before Anything Else

This is a no-brainer because whenever you switch on your Mac, you find yourself staring at a cluttered desktop. With time, the desktop has become your digital dumping ground. And now, you can hardly even find the important files and documents you need for your tasks because they are hidden somewhere. Or it might be that the visual clutter is too much for your eyes to handle. This results in hampering your productivity as well.

Hence, let’s first tackle the desktop and neatly organize all the essential files and documents into folders. While you are organizing the files, don’t forget to delete the redundant files and other items. This will improve the visual aesthetics of the desktop and enhance system performance.

Remove the Applications You Don’t Need Anymore

Head to the Applications folder on your computer and take a critical look at all the installed apps. Do you need all of them? Are you even using all of them? Too many apps on your Mac are simply vying for space and eating away essential system resources. Some of them might even work in the background without your knowledge.

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Therefore, review the installed apps and remove the ones you no longer use. This will free up essential space and also declutter the system.

Of course, you can always reinstall the applications in the future by going to the App Store or the developer’s website.

Clean Up Other Storage

Other storage on your Mac contains all the items that don’t fit in any of the other categories, such as iOS Files, iCloud Drive, Mail, Photos, Documents, Apps, etc. Other storage is primarily composed of temporary files, system data, caches, DMG installers, extensions, app plugins, and obscure document formats.

If you are running macOS Monterey and later, you will not see the Other storage label anymore. Instead, it is broken up into System Data, macOS, and Other Users categories. You will find here all the information regarding how to access Other storage and clean it up. This blog by Setapp details all the best ways to reduce Other storage that will help boost your system’s performance.

Free Up Disk Space

You can use built-in macOS tools or third-party software to quickly identify and delete all the redundant files and old downloads. By removing all the attachments, duplicates, and large files, you will be able to recover substantial disk space.

Manage or Trim The Startup Items

Don’t let the startup items list go crazy. If there are too many items on this list, your Mac system’s performance will inevitably slow down. Your system may take a few extra seconds or minutes each day to start up. Hence, you need to disable all the unnecessary startup items so they don’t launch as soon as you switch on your Mac.

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Update the Software and Os

Ensure everything is updated, including macOS and all the installed applications. The latest updates will be equipped with security patches, the latest features, and performance enhancements. This will rev up your system’s performance.

Keep an Eye on The Activity Monitor

When it comes to tidying up your system, you must recognize the redundant items. You can check the Activity Monitor to find out if there are any suspicious-looking apps or processes you don’t remember installing. If that’s the case, remove them immediately.

Remove the Unnecessary Browser Cache and Extensions

It is critical to periodically review and delete the unnecessary browser extensions and cache. These can accumulate with time and take up a lot of space on your computer, impacting system performance.

The Bottom Line

Tidying up your Mac is one of the most important aspects of ensuring your computer functions to its optimal potential. If your system is unable to handle the weight of clutter, it will slow down. Also, it will become difficult to finish simple tasks. Hence, a thorough cleanup of your Mac is required to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Implement the steps discussed above to give your Mac a fresh start minus the weight of unnecessary clutter. If you have more recommendations, feel free to leave a comment.