Everything You Need To Know About Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Chances are, you’ve heard about Lady Dimitrescu’s huge fanbase. Here’s why Resident Evil Village is one of the hottest games of 2021.

The Most Expected Games Of 2021 – The Best Of Gaming

Most Expected Games Of 2021

The year is almost over, but the heavyweight games just kept on coming. Admit it, we’re all gamers here, that’s why here are the most expected games of 2021 for you to highly anticipate. Indeed, there are still many more game titles that are still worthy of credit. But here are the biggest titles that gamers have all been hyping since day one.

Pirated Resident Evil 8 Fixes Performance Issues – Testing Confirms

Resident Evil 8

A renowned hacker managed to fix gameplay hitches that have been plaguing Resident Evil 8 since its release. Learn more about the topic here.

Resident Evil 8 Dev Spoilers And Leaks Continue To Spread Online

Resident Evil 8 Dev Spoilers And Leaks

You might want to observe some extra caution reading this. But another wave of Resident Evil 8 dev spoilers and leaks have gone out yesterday, circulating in various forums and social media. We’re all aware that Capcom experienced a recent cyberattack, which resulted in a massive data breach; this one is also a part of it.

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