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Most Expected Games Of 2021

The year is almost over, but the heavyweight games just kept on coming. Admit it, we’re all gamers here, that’s why here are the most expected games of 2021 for you to highly anticipate. Indeed, there are still many more game titles that are still worthy of credit. But here are the biggest titles that gamers have all been hyping since day one.

Hitman 3 Glacier Technology Can Support 300 NPCs At Once

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is on its way come January 2021, and it will bring many features besides the improved immersion during executions. It will be the eighth installment and will bring a dramatic conclusion in the renowned World of Assassination trilogy. The Hitman games have never failed to impress its fans due to the amount of work done, in order to bring that perfect storyline and immersion the game is best known for.