Pirated Resident Evil 8 Fixes Performance Issues – Testing Confirms

While some players had no problems running Resident Evil 8 on their PCs, others have observed regular stuttering, especially during cutscenes and intense battles such as when enemies grab the player for a quick bite. Even more annoying are the fights against Lady D’s maidens, when the FPS is becoming incredibly annoying no matter how strong your gaming rig is.

In fact, our gameplay review team noted two performance issues: Firstly, key animations during combats cause brief stutters. Our first run hit 68ms, but with the frame rate uncapped, the stuttering jumped at 124ms. This is a key problem because shooting zombies require careful aiming since every shot counts, especially in Resident Evil – where ammo is always scarce. The second problem occurs when one encounters the maidens, where their arrival could cause a significant stutter. Suffice to say, none of these issues happen when you’re playing the game on console.

Did EMPRESS Just Save The Day?

As reported by our sources, the PC version of Resident Evil 8 was recently cracked by EMPRESS, a renowned DRM remover. Now that the game is cracked, everyone who knows where to look can download the “cracked” version and play it without the DRM. It was also found out that removing the DRM seems to have fixed those pesky lags that have been plaguing the game since its release.

According to EMPRESS, CAPCOM has been using both Denuvo and DRM technology. And it seems that the DRM is the one behind all those stuttering and gameplay hitches players have experienced since day one.

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Resident Evil 8 And A Quick Look At DRMs

Resident Evil 8 DRM

Anti-tampering tech Denuvo, which claims to have zero impact on the gaming experience, is often criticized and accused of being the culprit behind all those performance issues. A test conducted years ago have found out the Denuvo didn’t affect Final Fantasy 15’s performance, but some have recorded Denuvo-related performance issues in other games, such as Devil May Cry 5.

To further test the claim, we tried playing the game for four hours. And, surprisingly enough, we didn’t get any stutters during those four hours. Even the catacombs at Lady D’s castle – an infamous area for introducing stutters during battle – were stutter-free.

And Here’s The Kicker…

Resident Evil 8 Denuvo

Regardless of whether the EMPRESS is on the level about the cause of the stutters, at the end of the day, the crack fixed them. Combat is now extra-smooth across the board, with no signs of freezing ever coming back. While there’s conjecture that the cracked version might have fewer animations, battles with the maidens are now much more “immersive”. The Resident Evil engine becomes just as performant as it was hoped to be – on par to console with ray tracing enabled, I reached as high as 160fps on an RTX 3080.

The success of the cracked version suggests two scenarios: firstly, the hackers are now being on the same level with us –now that the DRM was confirmed to be the culprit, and they’ve done us a huge favor by “fixing” it. And if the hackers aren’t being straight with us, the alternative is that they optimized the game – far more than what the patches have ever done for the past couple of months.

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My Thoughts About The Cracked Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Village Empress Crack VS Steam Benchmark

Perhaps in the future, any justification for integrating DRMs in-game might get out of the window if a crack provides a better experience than the paid copy of games. At this point, I feel that Capcom owes an apology to its customers, but more constructively, it needs an urgent patch – in line with that of the cracked version – to address the problems as soon as possible.

It’s not that I encourage you to try the cracked version. However, it’s really disappointing to see another cracked game that runs way smoother than the bought-and-paid version.

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