Rock Head Statue Achn In Animal Crossing

Rock Head Statue Achn; The Rock Head Statue is one of 13 fake statues in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Use our guide to spot the fake with our comparison images.

How to get the Rock Head statue Achn?

The best way to get the Rock Head statue Achn is to buy it from the Treasure Trawler! Check out our guide so you can get the real one every time:

Getting art from the Treasure Trawler ACNH – Animal Crossing:

Rock Head Statue Achn In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler offers real and fake artwork and furniture for sale. Learn how to get art and look for fakes with our guide!

Jolly Redd has returned to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bringing with his furniture and art.

Redd will have four different pieces of art on his boat (as well as two regular pieces of furniture). As in previous games, Redd will sell real works of art (which can be donated to the museum) and fakes (which cannot be donated). Below we discuss how to spot a fake.

You can only buy one of the four artworks on display, so choose wisely. In our experience, it is possible that all four works of art are counterfeit. It is also possible that Redd sells more than one real work of art. If we count the name cards in the museum, there are 43 works of art to be found and donated.

Once you purchase it from Redd, the artwork will be emailed to you the next day.


  • Painting Calmly
  • Warm Painting
  • Wistful Painting
  • Academic Painting
  • Graceful Painting
  • Painting Calmly
  • Flowery Painting
  • Funny Painting
  • Beautiful Painting
  • Right Painting
  • Mysterious Painting


  • Warrior Statue
  • Motherly Statue
  • Beautiful Statue
  • Familiar Statue
  • Robust Statue
  • Gallant Statue
  • Informative Statue
  • Rock-head Statue
  • Ancient Statue
  • Tremendous Statue
  • Valiant Statue
  • Mystic Statue
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Where Can I Find Redd?

You need to talk to Blathers and give him the idea of ​​allowing art before Redd shows up. According to a Ninji data mine, this happens once you’ve sent at least 60 donations (fish, insects, or fossils) to the museum. The day after Blathers talks about art, Isabelle warns you about shady art dealers during her morning announcements. You will then be able to find Redd on your island.

Jolly Redd Tries To Drop An Animal Crossing Character

When you speak to him, he will offer you a random painting for a whopping 498,000 Bells. After he declines, he gives you a “discount” of 4,980 Bells. This artwork will be real.

Donate the first artwork to Blathers and he’ll talk about opening an art exhibit. The museum is closed the next day for renovations. Another day later, the museum opens with an art exhibit and Redd appears on your island on random days.

Redd appears on a boat on your island’s small beach in the north of your island. The beach is at the very back of your island, and unless you’re terraformed there, you’ll probably need a ladder to reach it.

Redd’s Boat spawns on random days, similar to other island traders like Kicks and Flick. We’re not sure if Redd’s boat has unlock requirements (such as upgrading the Resident Services tent to a building before it spawns, or donating a certain amount to the museum).

Redd can also be added as a seller in Harv’s Island Plaza for 100,000 Bells. When he appears here, he has two random pieces of art, both of which can be fake or real. You can still only buy one per day on Harv’s Island. Based on our testing, after purchasing one of the pieces, the purchased piece will be replaced with a new, random piece of art the next day. If you don’t buy any of Redd’s pieces on display, the inventory will be updated on Monday.

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What Do I Do With The Art?

The art can be donated to the museum as long as it is genuine. It can also be used as a regular piece of furniture to display in your home. If it is a statue, it can also be placed anywhere on the island.

If you buy a fake, even Timmy and Tommy won’t buy it. You have to throw it away in a trash can if you don’t want it anymore. Or you can just show it off and fool your uncivilized friends.

How To Identify Which Rescue Artworks Are Real And Which Are Fake

All of Redd’s artwork is based on real paintings and sculptures. But the crafty fox may try to sell you a fake that looks a lot like the real thing. Each fake will have a visible difference from the real version.

Redd really stepped up his game this time around and his art is pretty hard to distinguish from the real versions. Keep in mind that the differences between the real and the fakes are not the same as in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and are a lot harder to spot.

The list below provides descriptions of how to tell the difference between a real work of art and a fake. We’ll keep updating as we find more.

While we used the in-game painting textures to list the paintings below, there seem to have been reports of several types of fake paintings that weren’t included in the textures we used. However, be sure to carefully inspect and compare the paintings with the real paintings below before making a purchase. We will continue to research and update this guide as we find more information.


·         Serene Painting

A comparison of the real and fake Serene Painting in Animal Crossing. The fake is holding a creature with a raccoon-like pattern

Rock Head Statue Achn
Rock Head Statue Achn

The real version will have a woman holding an all-white ermine. In the fake version, the ermine has raccoon-like circles around its eyes.

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·         Warm Painting

Confirmation that the warm painting in Animal Crossing is always real

Rock Head Statue Achn

The warm painting is always real.

·         Wistful Painting

A comparison image showing what the fake Weesful Painting looks like

Rock Head Statue Achn
Rock Head Statue Achn

The real version has a pearl earring (shocker). The fake version has a star-shaped earring. There is another fake, eyes closed version of the subject that also has a star-shaped earring.


·         Rock Head Statue Achn

A comparison of the real and fake Rock Head statue

Rock Head Statue Achn
Rock Head Statue Achn

The fake image will smile.

·         Warrior Statue

A comparison of the real and fake warrior statue

warrior statue 1 scaled

The real version will contain nothing. The fake version is holding a shovel.

·         Mother Statue

A comparison between the real and fake mother image

Rock Head Statue Achn
Rock Head Statue Achn

The fake version of the mother image will have a tongue sticking out of the wolf’s mouth.

·         Gallant Statue

A comparison between the real and fake Gallant Statue

Rock Head Statue Achn

The fake statue is holding a book under his arm.

·         Ancient Statue

A comparison between the real and the fake old image

Rock Head Statue Achn
Rock Head Statue Achn

The fake old statue has two antennas sticking out of the side of its head.

The fake image may also have blue glowing eyes.


The best way to get the Rock Head statue Achn is to buy it from the Treasure Trawler! Check out our guide so you can get the real one every time.