How To Play Minecraft Survival – 13 Useful Tips

Now that you have a sense of the different Minecraft game modes, let’s tackle the subject new players are usually most interested in – how to play Minecraft survival.

Although you can do great things in survival mode, every adventure starts with basic steps. They revolve around creating tools, gathering food, and securing shelter. While every game is different, the steps involved in going from vulnerable to being unsullied, are pretty consistent.

As you advance throughout Survival mode, you’ll gain the ability to use the skies to your advantage and you’ll be better protected in the face of unfriendlies. But for now, let this sink in: you have ten minutes until the first mobs start looking for you. Spending your time wisely is crucial for survival and having a good start!

Be Careful When Digging

Digging underground can be quite risky as it can expose mine shafts and lava pools. So, instead of digging straight down, use staircases to avoid any potential dangers. If you suddenly find yourself faced with lava, create a wall using the excess stone blocks from your inventory to protect yourself from incoming lava.

Don’t Waste Your Energy

Avoid jumping and running too much as it can drain your energy faster than usual. You will then have the additional challenge to find more food to deal with your increased upkeep, which wastes precious resources and time.

Find A Handful Amount Of Obsidian

Wanna rush the Nether quickly? Be sure to collect some obsidian as quickly as possible. You can even build a portal without the need for a pickax.

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Skip Then Night By Sleeping

How To Play Minecraft Survival  River Still

If you want to save yourself the trouble of waiting the whole night being paranoid that some hostile mob will wreck in your home, why not just sleep it out. Doing so requires a bed, though. But if you happen to have one, be sure to put the bed in a safe place (with no mobs near your walls) and sleep. You’ll soon find yourself fast-forwarding to a bright, sunny day.

Follow The Moon & Sun If Ever You Get Lost

Always be aware of the sun, moon, and stars in relation to where you’re currently standing. This can be useful when you got lost while exploring unfamiliar territory. Just remember that the moon & sun will always set in the West and rise in the East, just like in real life!

Always Be Wary For Mobs

How To Play Minecraft Survival Fresh Plains

Stay vigilant, as each mob can pop in everywhere. Since they pose a challenge to defeat (especially the skeletons, as they can be deadly-accurate), try to get to grips with their fighting styles as soon as you can. Cacti and lava are also effective against hostile mobs, so bear that in mind. Some mobs have audio cues to indicate how close they are to you, so beware and be aware by always looking around you.

Have A Steady Supply Of Basic Tools

Make sure to have a steady supply of essential tools, as they can save more time rather than punching things. Having essential tools in your inventory can be less stressful, as you don’t have to return home to resupply as often. It’s always okay to have an excessive amount of useful resources.

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How To Play Minecraft Survival – Cows Over Pigs

Although pigs and cows both provide meat, the latter will be more useful. That’s because the latter not only provides meat, but also milk and leather which can be more beneficial as you continue your Minecraft journey.

Don’t’ Just Burn Coal/Charcoal

If you want to know a smarter way on how to play Minecraft survival, don’t just burn out your coal supply. Coal is the most common choice,  but it’s not always the only fuel source around. Your unused sticks and planks are among other things that can be turned into firewood.

Craft Several Stuff At A Time

How To Play Minecraft Survival Steep Mountain

Try to craft several tools at a time to save time. It can also be useful if you decide to craft stuff right in the heat of the moment, so you could maintain awareness in your surroundings.

Gather Many Torches

Torches are something you should try to obtain as early as possible. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it, especially if you happen to fall in a cave or mine. They instantly light up areas and prevent unexpected mob spawns. They can also break down gravel and sand without using a shovel. Try to have a ton of stock if possible.

How To Play Minecraft Survival – Get XP!

If you want to further progress and start enchanting, you will need XP – and lots of it. You can gain XP by defeating mobs, mining stuff, and breeding animals.

Stay Above Ground

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The last tip of our How To Play Minecraft Survival is to stay above ground (whenever possible). Although you’ll still be threatened by hostile creatures above ground, what lies underground can bring in even more challenges. Staying above-ground can also provide more line of sight. It’s okay to ignore this, though, only if you become more familiar with survival mode.

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Hopefully, this Minecraft article will get you to grips with survival mode more quickly and more progressively. Master these tips if you really wanna know how to play Minecraft survival in a smart and less time-consuming way.

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