Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations

Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations; There are 25 duel locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Completing all duels will unlock a trophy; There Can Be Only One trophy. This guide shows all the required duels. It’s worth noting that the in-game collection counter only shows 5 duels that can be found in the open world, but the trophy requires many more.

Not a single duel should be missing! It doesn’t matter which dialogue options or ending you choose during the story. You can still do everything in free roam after the story.

What are duels?

Duels in Ghost of Tsushima are one-on-one narrative battle scenes against an enemy. Enemies can include Straw Hat assassins hired to kill Jin. These duels are against skilled swordsmen and are optional for most of the story.

This guide is structured based on unlocking requirements. Some come out of the story automatically (you do this automatically by playing story missions). Some are from the liberation of the Mongol territories, some are open world “collectibles, some are from Mythic Tales, and some are from Side Tales.

You will automatically enter all duels as you complete the game 100%. They are all associated with various completion-based tasks. You can complete all the required tasks even after the story in Free-Roam, nothing in the game should be missed.

The duels are essentially boss fights, pitting you against a single powerful enemy. One tactic that works against most of them is to hold Triangle: pose in the water and release the button when the enemy is about to attack. It delivers a series of punches and even when blocked, they have a high Guard Break, making the enemy vulnerable very quickly. Once you unlock Mythic Arts, you can use them to defeat bosses very quickly. You can also lower the difficulty to easy if you are having trouble.

Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations
Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations

Ghost of Tsushima Duel Locations

Here are all the 25 Ghost of Tsushima Duel Locations

Duel 1: Khotun Khan – Automatically during the main story “Prologue” (a must-do part of the story).

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Duel 2: Ryuzo – Automatic during Main Tale “Shadow of the Samurai” in Act 1 (must-do part of the story).

Duel 3: General Temuge – Automatically during the main storyline “The Spirit of Yarikawa” in Act 2 (must-do part of the story).

Duel 4: Ryuzo (2nd Encounter) – Automatic during Main Tale “From the Darkness” in Act 2 (unmissable part of the story).

Duel 5: Khotun Khan – Automatic during Main Tale “Eternal Blue Sky” in Act 3 (must-do story section).

Duel 6: Lord Shimura – Automatic during Main Tale “The Tale of Lord Shimura” in Act 3 (must-do part of the story).

Open World Duels (Collectibles)

Duel 7: Yasumasa – found in region 2: Toyotama

Duel 8: Hirotsune – found in region 2: Toyotama

Duel 9: Tomotsugu – Found in Region 2: Toyotama

Duel 10: Kiyochika – Found in Region 2: Toyotama

Duel 11: Kanetomo – found in region 2: Toyotama

Liberating Outposts duels

Duel 12: Warlord Harunori – of the liberation of “Azamo Bay” (Region 1). To free this area you must complete Side Tale “Unfinished Business”. The starting location of the quest is shown on the map below. You will eventually face this enemy and automatically free Azamo Bay by completing this side story.

Duel 13: Warlord Dogar – from liberating the “Ogawa Dojo” (Region 1).

Duel 14: General Bartu – from the liberation of “General Bartus Camp” (Region 3).

Duel 15: General Dogshin – of the liberation of General Dogshin’s Camp (Region 3).

Duels from Mythic Tales

Duel 16: Kaede – from Mythic Tale “The Legend of Tadayori” (Region 1).

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Duel 17: Yasuhira Koga – Mythic Tale “The Heavenly Strike” (Region 1).

Duel 18: Tengu Demon – Mythic Tale “The Curse of Uchitsune” (Region 1).

Duel 19: The Spirit of Yarikawa – from Mythic Tale “The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance” (Region 2).

Duel 20: Kojiro – Mythic Tale “The 6 Blades of Kojiro” (Region 2).

Duel 21: Bettomaru – Mythic Tale “The Undying Flame” (Region 3).

Duels from Side Tales

Duel 22: Jinroku – from Side Tale “The Other Side of Honor” (Region 1).

Duel 23: The Conspirator – from side story “The Conspirator – Masako Story 8 of 9” (Region 2).

Duel 24: Altan – from Side Tale “Message in Blood – Yuna Tale 4 of 4” (Region 2).

Duel 25: Sanetoki – from Side Tale “A Thief of Innocence” (Region 2).


Winning a few duels rewards Jin with extra Tech Points that can help unlock mystical Techniques. In total, you need to win 5 unique duels to unlock all Mythic Techniques.

Mythical Techniques

There are four mythical techniques that Jin can learn in the game:

TechniqueTechnique Description
Heavenly StrikeA quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against Staggered enemies.
Way of the FlameUse Incendiary Oil to ignite your katana and burn your foes.  
Explosive ArrowHeavy arrow fitted with volatile powder that explodes on impact.
Dance of WrathUnleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage.  
Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations

Ghost Of Tsushima Duel Locations: FAQ

1.      Where are the 5 Straw Hat Duels?

The five duels are Duel Under Autumn Leaves, Duel of Crashing Waves, Duel in the Drowning Marsh, Duel Among Spider Lilies, and Duel Under Falling Water.

2.      What do you get when you complete all duels in Ghost Tsushima?

Completing the quest will reward you with the Kensei armor, an outfit that greatly increases the damage of your ghost weapon. The 5 duels you have to perform in Ghost of Tsushima are directly related to a mythical story, “The Six Blades of Kojiro”. In this side quest, you have to duel with 5 Straw Hats and Kojiro.

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3.      How do you get Immortal Flame Ghost of Tsushima?

The Immortal Flame is the final mythical story in Ghost of Tsushima, and it becomes available once you successfully expel the Mongols from Jogaku Temple at the start of Act 3

4.      What does Kensei Armor do?

The Kensei armor is an armor obtained during Mythic Tale, The Six Blades of Kojiro that offers bonuses to solve gains and damage caused by ghost weapons.

5.      How do you unlock Six Blades of Kojiro?

The Six Blades of Kojiro become available as soon as you start Ghost of Tsushima Act 2. It is located in the west of the Totoyama region in Umugi Cove. In particular, musician Yamato can be found on the back deck of a busy inn.

6.      How to avoid the cold mind of Tsushima?

You can fight that cold and stay warm by interacting with a series of campfires scattered around the trail. Some of these fires are already lit, but others can be a little tricky to spot if you’re not looking. Use bonfires to warm up on the trek to Mount Jogaku.

Conclusion – Ghost of Tsushima Duel Locations

There are 25 duel locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Completing all duels will unlock trophy; there can be only one trophy. This guide shows all the required duels.