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top 15 rarest clash royale emotes

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Top 15 rarest clash royale emotes: There are several entertaining and humorous emotes in Clash Royale that are worth collecting and using in between battles. Since the game’s debut, Clash Royale Emotes have been available and are an excellent way to connect with your opponent.

Emotes are a matter of taste, therefore the player can decide whether or not to employ them. Some people like them, while others hate them. They are there as participants in the game, regardless of the circumstances.

Aside from that, there are a few Clash Royale emotes that are really hard to find, and having them gives you undoubtedly a great deal of happiness. We’ll go over the top 15 most uncommon Clash Royale emotes in this article.

What do We mean By Rarest Clash Royale Emotes?

Everyone ought to understand what we meant by the Rarest, but for the inexperienced and novice gamers, here it is. Rarest is not a game category for any emote. We use many aspects while compiling this list to determine how unusual an emote is.

Availability: The emotes that are available for sale in the store every two months are not in any way rare. Rare items were, or will be, available once in the game and will never be available again if you missed them.

Obtainability: Some emote that fulfill the above criterion are free emotes given out by Supercell. It will not be accessible again, although it is supplied to all accounts. It is not uncommon. It is only available once.

We already recognize how special and rare items are in life. That being said, these rare emotes are difficult to get and only around 80% of players have them. They may need the acquisition of skills or the completion of a challenging activity.

Clash Royale Emotes
List of the top 15 rarest clash royale emotes

Top 15 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes

We chose these Clash Royale emotes for this list based on their accessibility, obtainability, and the amount of work required to obtain them. So, with not much hullabaloo, let’s get this party started.

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1.         Champion Tournament King Emote

This emote first appeared at a global tournament in January 2020, when it was given to just the top 100 players. Even though the game has millions of users, only a few possess this emote, making it very rare and valuable.

2.         CRL 20 Win Goblin Emote

This Emote is just as uncommon as the Champion Tournament King Emote. The CRL 20 Win Goblin Emote could only be obtained by completing the 20-win challenge in 2019. As we all know, finishing a 20-win challenge is a monumental endeavor. The emote was just accessible to those that completed the challenge in less than a week, making it even rarer.

3.         King Cleaning the Trophy Emote

We understand that this is a contentious rating. However, I’m rating emotes depending on their accessibility and challenge to get. To get this emote, you must finish in the top 100 of any worldwide event.

It is quite tough to reach the top 100 in a world tournament, and this emote is certainly one of the top three emotes. This emotes, on the other hand, is theoretically always available and is granted to 200 accounts every season beginning in January 2021 and 100 accounts each season beginning in January 2020 and ending in December 2020.

4.         Rascal Cake Emote

On the game’s anniversary, Supercell gives out free Clash Royale emotes to gamers, and the rascal cake emote is the most uncommon of them all. These emote, which debuted in March 2019, were only available in the content creator tournament broadcasts and were not available in the store. This was exclusively accessible for two days, which makes it very rare.

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5.         Royal Ghost with Gem Emote

This list would be incomplete without including the Royal Ghost emote. Under the former league structure, you required legend trophies to get one of them. Legend trophies were obtained by finishing the season above the legendary arena, and the number of medals gained over the legendary arena qualification was exchanged for legendary trophies.

Unfortunately, the devs discontinued the legend trophy function in March 2017, so you had to be an experienced player and be highly qualified to reach the legendary arena to acquire this Clash Royale emote.

6.         Golden Coins Lunar New Year Hog

This Clash Royale emote was accessible for the lunar new year of February 2019 as part of a challenge. The challenge consisted of 3 phases, and players had to complete each of them to get the emote. Because the emote was obtained before the pass royale period, players could re-enter the challenge using gems, making it difficult to get.

7.         Trophy Goblin Emote

Gamers that connected their YouTube account to their Supercell ID and witnessed the CRL 2018 finals live received this emote. This is one of the emotes obtained in an unusual manner and without participating in the game properly. Having this indicates that you are a die-hard Clash Royale fan.

8.         Santa Ice Wizard and Santa Ice Spirit

These are both of these cards’ sole Clash Royale emotes, as well as the only emote featuring a Santa hat. These one-of-a-kind emotes debuted in December 2018 and haven’t been seen before on the marketplace.

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9.         Goblin Kissing Trophy Emote

Anyone who connected their Supercell account and streamed the CRL 2018 World Finals received this emote. Although this emote was simple to get, it is one of the older emotes and was only accessible for a short period of time, so it ranks high on the list.

10.       Ram Chewing Grass Emote

In December 2018, this emote was received by completing the Ram Rider challenge. The fact that you had to acquire 15 victories to accomplish the challenge and it was before the pass royale adds to the rarity of this emote. It was tough to complete the challenge and buy it back, as the cost was 100 gems.

Honorable Mentions

11.       Pekka popping Balloons

This emote is unique since it was only given out in the Content Creator competitions on Clash Royale’s 4th Anniversary, and it wasn’t available in the marketplace.

12.       Balloon Emote

Unlocked by completing the new year’s 2020 challenge with 8 victories.

13.       Healer Throwing Cake Emote

Acquired by competing in the March 2021 YouTuber competition.

14.       Royal Giant Confetti Emote

Unlocked by completing the 2020 birthday challenge with 10 victories [before the Royale era].

15.       King with Headphones Emote

Obtained in December 2019 by creating a fantasy royale squad.

Conclusion – Top 15 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes

So that was a look at the top 15 rarest clash royale emotes based on their in-game availability. If you have some other rare Clash Royale emotes that you can add to this list, please drop them in the comments below. Stay tuned for more great Clash Royale content and tutorials.