Everything To Know About Cranston Animal Crossing

Cranston is one of the few “ostrich” villagers that made it into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. According to the research world, Cranston animal crossing is classified as a Crested Ibis, also known as the Japanese Crested Ibis (Nipponia Nippon). His pink and white plumage, orange legs and face mask, dark red-tipped beak, and brilliant yellow eyes all serve as indicators of his laidback attitude. 

He first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf a few years ago, and he has since made appearances in other games such as Happy Home Designer and New Horizons, among others. “Tokio” is his Japanese given name, which is another homage to his species’ name, “Toki.” In this article, we will be showing you all you need to know about Cranston Animal Crossing.

Cranston Animal Crossing

Cranston is a lazy ostrich villager that appears in the Animal Crossing series of games. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he made his initial appearance, and he has since appeared in all of the games in the series. It’s possible that his name comes from the crane, a bird that he resembles.

When Cranston appears on New Horizons, he enjoys nature and can often be found reading a book about an object he is studying, which can be anything from flowers to bugs to fish and fossils, etc. Given his color scheme’s similarity to the Japanese flag, it’s possible that his Japanese name, Tokio, comes from (Toki, the Japanese word for the crested ibis, which he matches) or Tokyo, the capital and greatest city of Japan, which may have inspired him. He enjoys spending time in nature.

Key Details About Cranston Animal Crossing

When you first encounter Cranston, he will be dressed in an Oversized Shawl Overshirt in a cream color scheme. This, together with his picture mantra of “Hard work beats talent,” has caused some players to assume he was intended to be a jock villager, even though he was first classified as a lazy villager when the game was released.

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His New Leaf house was designed with an outside concept in mind, with sky walls, grass carpets, a fish tank, and a fire hydrant. In New Horizons, he appreciates the Modern design, which includes furniture with Japanese influences. Imperial furniture is used throughout the house, which is decorated in a white, pink, and red color scheme. He will now have a record player, which will play his favorite song on it.

Cranston was born on September 23rd, giving him a part of the Libra zodiac sign. A mix with no sugar or milk is his preferred coffee, while K. K. Faire’s song is his favorite. His signature term is “sweatband.”

Cranston Animal Crossing

The Appearance of Cranston Animal Crossing

When Cranston is active, he can be identified by his pink and white feathers, which are highlighted by bright red facial marks surrounding his yellow eyes, and his black beak, which has a unique red point at its tip. He has pinkish-orange feet, and his tail is made up of white feathers that gradually become peach in color. In New Leaf and Pocket Camp, he first appears in a Lotus Tee, and in New Horizons, he first appears in an Oversized Shawl Overshirt. On rainy days, he brings the Maple Umbrella with him.

The Characteristics of Cranston Animal Crossing

Cranston is an ostrich with feathers that are mostly white and gradually fade to peach. His feet are reddish, and he has orange marks around his eyes. He has a brown beak with an orange patch at the tip, which is the only distinguishing feature about him. Even though he is an ostrich, he has a striking resemblance to the crested ibis, a species that is also cited in his name in various languages.

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The Personality of Cranston Animal Crossing

Even though he lives in a lazy village, Cranston will be nice and easy to get along with owing to his laid-back way of life. He enjoys eating and resting in the same way as other lazy villagers do. Participating in the usual activities, which are generally done for relaxation or sustenance, such as fishing, will be enjoyable for him. Cranston will get along well with the other villagers, but he may upset or confuse the jock people, who live an active and healthy lifestyle, which is in contrast with the lazy lifestyle of sitting and eating, which Cranston despises.

He will get along with other slackers in the community, with whom he will converse about cuisine, comic books, and superheroes, among other things. Also, he will get along with regular, cheerful, smug, and sisterly villagers, and on occasion, with grumpy villagers, but he may sometimes get on the nerves of snooty villagers, who are opposed to the lazy way of life. Cranston goes to sleep at 11 p.m. and wakes up at 8 a.m. in New Horizons.

The House of Cranston Animal Crossing

Daisy Meadow’s carpet and Sky Wall wallpaper may be seen in Cranston’s home in New Leaf. A pineapple bed, a clothesline pole, a nice stereo, a picnic table, a fish, and three baby beds are among his many possessions. The dice stereo plays Steep Hill.

Many of the Imperial furniture pieces may be found in Cranston’s red and white apartment in New Horizons. There is also a dinner lamp and an end table and a low table as part of this set. He has a crimson carpet going from the front entrance to a pink hanging scroll on the rear wall with a red anthurium plant sitting below it in his home. 

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When K.K. Faire’s new favorite song comes on the portable record player in his Imperial chest, an incense burner and a crimson portable record player will be waiting for him. A 50-inch wall-mounted TV hangs above his right-side window, and a paper lantern sits to the left of his door on the other side. He chooses to have a White Subway-Tile wall and Stone Tile flooring installed in his home.

Pocket Camp

The December 27, 2020 update introduced Cranston to the list of characters in Pocket Camp.

As a reward, Cranston likes to offer steel, which he sees as a kind of balance. His bio states:

Cranston is a devoted follower of the slacker lifestyle. He once worked for weeks on a system that would prevent him from having to go to the refrigerator to get a drink.