Violet Grass In Genshin Impact

Violet Grass In Genshin Impact; In Genshin Impact, Liyue, there is a Local Specialty called Violet Grass. As a veteran Genshin Impact player, you’re probably well aware of the reason why you’d want Violetgrass. You may not know it, but it’s one of the numerous resources you’ll need to acquire to enhance your characters.

This item is essentially necessary for anybody who wishes to utilize Qiqi or Xinyan in their party since it is used in the ascension process for both of those characters. This page will explain everything about Violet Grass in Genshin Impact, so don’t worry. We’ve included all the information you need to know about Violet Grass, including its locations, the best farming route, where to buy it, its respawn time, and how to use it.


Violet Grass in Genshin Impact is a little purple flower with downward petals that do not allow its fragrance to fade. As a Liyue local speciality, this plant provides components for several cuisines. There are 169 Violet Grass in Liyue, making it easy to find.

You need Violetgrass to ascend to the next level for Xinyan and Qiqi in the game. This native speciality may be discovered on the cliffs of many mountains in Liyue, therefore players must be cautious while gathering it. As an alternative to Liyue, one can buy Violet Grass at Bubu Pharmacy and Verr Goldet’s Shop from an NPC.

How to Get Violet Grass

1.   Collect in the Liyue Region

Violet Grass can only be found on Liyue’s cliff faces and sides, where climbing is the only way to get to it. It is much simpler to scale the cliffs if you have tall characters or players with the Climbing Bonus Passive Talent like Xiao on your team.

To find nearby Violet Grass in Genshin Impact, use Qiqi or Yanfei’s Passive Talent, which places a marker on your minimap for any nearby Liyue Local Specialties.

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2.   Buy Violet Grass from Verr Goldet’s Shop

In Wangshuu Inn, Verr Goldet sells Violet Grass, which you can purchase from her for 1000 mora. Located at the top of the Dihua Marsh, Liyue’s Dihua Inn is Verr Goldet. It has a maximum of five Violet Grass and is updated at 4:00 p.m. ET every two days (Server Time).

3.   Buy Violet Grass from Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy

Additionally, Gui the Herbalist at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor’s Yujing Terrace offers Violet Grass, which you can purchase from him. It has a maximum of five Violet Grass and is updated at 4:00 p.m. ET every two days (Server Time).

Violet Grass In Genshin Impact
Violet Grass In Genshin Impact

All Violet Grass locations

1.    Wuwang Hill

Wuwang Hill, on the north side of Liyue, is the first place where players can obtain Violet Grass in Genshin Impact. From Wuwang Hill to Qingce Village, there are a total of 19 Violet Grass. Head northeast from the teleport waypoint to get here. Take the same path until you find this bloom at the top of a cliff. It grows directly on the brink of a cliff, so be cautious.

2.   Huaguang Stone Forest

Huaguang Stone Forest has a lot of Violet Grass growing on the steep edges of the mountains.

3.   Tiangong Gorge

Violet Grass can be found in Tiangong Gorge in particular and is clustered together in one region. On the surface level of the Chasm, you can find a great deal of the Violet Grass that grows there!

4.   Sal Terrae

Sal Terrae, the next stop, is separated into two halves by a river. The violet grass count in this region is 13. Sal Terrae’s subterranean cavern has an abundance of violet grass, Noctilucous Jade, and Cor Lapis ores, all of which can be harvested!

5.   Violet Grass in Bishui Plain

Bishui Plains is home to several Violet Grass, which can be found on its peaks and cliffs.

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6.   Mingyun Village

Mingyun Village is located to the south of Sal Terrae. Players can locate 28 Violet Grass in this settlement. Players can save time by starting their journey in Sal Terrae and then continuing to this village.

7.   Violet Grass in Qingce Village

Qingce Village and its neighbouring regions are also dotted with Violet Grass. There is a hole that leads to a couple of Hilichurl Shooters and Ores with Violet Grass growing on their walls south of Wuwang Hill.

8.   Northeast of Mt. Aocang

Players can continue their hunt for additional flowers on Liyue’s west side, beginning from northeast of Mt. Aocang, after cultivating the flowers on the north and east sides. This region has a total of 12 Violet Grass.

9.   Northeast of Jueyun Karst

A little distance from the previous location, players can continue their journey to the northeast of Jueyun Karst. This location is ideal for harvesting 15 Violet Grass.

10.               Qingyun Peak

Qingyun Peak is full of mountains, and in these mountains, you can find Violet Grass. In all, there are 18 of these plants to be found on the cliffs of the mountains. To farm in this location, players need to eat food that reduces stamina use while gliding and climbing.

11.               North of Luhua Pool

On the northern side of Luhua Pool, precisely southeast of Cuijue Slope and west of Guili Plains, there are 11 clusters of Violet Grass to be found. These clusters are located west of Guili Plains. Because of the plants’ proximity to a waypoint, players are strongly encouraged to make use of the teleportation feature.

12.               Southeast of Luhua Pool

When the work in the north of the Luhua Pool is complete and the southeast is ready, players can go on. Players can still locate 10 Violet Grass in this location, even though it’s not much.

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13.               Mt. Tianheng

Most of Liyue’s Violet Grass may be found here. There are 41 spots of Violet Grass along the route from Mount Tianheng to Lingju Pass.

14.               Guyun Stone Forest

With only two violet grasses, Guyun Stone Forest seems like a waste of time. In any case, plucking the flowers here is perfectly OK because the waypoint is so near.

How to Use Violet Grass

1.   Local Specialty Item

Violet Grass is a regional speciality exclusive to the Liyue region that can be used to level up the characters Qiqi and Xinyan. It’s also a popular element in Liyue’s culinary.

2.   Required for Character Ascension

For some characters to ascend to the next level, they’ll need this item. Gather the necessary quantity in advance so that you may Ascend them as soon as they reach their level cap.

Wrap Up

In Genshin Impact, players may cultivate all of the Violet Grass in one day. However, due to the amount of gliding and climbing required, it may take some time. Mingyun Village, Huaguang Stone Forest, and the Lisha region serve as good starting places for the best farming route. It’s preferable to start from the top of the mountain ranges!

Tiangong Gorge, along the Chasm’s rim, is the best location for farming Violet Grass in Genshin Impact. The cliffs and walls of the Chasm are covered with Violet Grass, making it simpler to farm.