Everything About Oz in Genshin Impact

What is OZ in Genshin Impact and Who is Oz Genshin Impact video game? Okay, so, you are interested in learning all there is to know about Oz Genshin impact? You have come to the right web page! In this section, you will learn about the biography, personality, appearance, and abilities of Oz in Genshin Impact. So hold on a minute and continue reading.

Who is Oz Genshin Impact video game?

Oz, short for Ozvaldo von Hrafnavines, is a companion who appears in the form of an enigmatic night raven. He revealed himself when Fischl received Electro Vision on her 14th birthday, which marked the beginning of her adolescence. Oz, in contrast to Guoba, who is incapable of understanding human speech, is an intelligent creature who assists the self-proclaimed Prinzessin der Verurteilung in battle while also acting as a translator to help ordinary people understand her strange, speech pattern. Oz is a recurring character in the plotline.

A Brief profile of Oz in Genshin Impact

During Fischl’s fourteenth birthday celebrations, her classmates refused to accommodate her role-playing antics and criticized her for them. In an attempt to find solace with her parents, she was met with the same level of rejection, much as the “Princess Fischl” in her most preferred book was. She locked herself in the library to grieve after being torn apart by her parents’ remarks. It was then that she had the sense of being watched, and when she gazed up, she saw the night raven in front of her, as well as a Vision that seemed to be reenacting the events of her books in real life.

As stated by Oz Genshin Impact, Fischl created him and bestowed his abilities onto him, making him most likely a subconscious manifestation of her Vision’s power, which is a possibility.

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The personality of Oz in Genshin Impact

Oz performs the part that is required of him in the presence of Princess Fischl, as represented in the book “Flowers for Princess Fischl.” Her “translator,” rewriting her statements to make them clear to people who are not familiar with her style of speaking, is also present in the room. He is also tasked with the responsibility of apologizing on her behalf anytime she says anything that may be seen as disrespectful.

In private, Oz, on the other hand, prefers to abandon the roleplaying and the high tone of voice. He sighs when he tells the Traveler about the history of his name and informs Fischl that she says “the oddest of things” at times, indicating that he is becoming more dissatisfied with Fischl’s performance.

However, although it is still uncertain if Oz is a distinct creature from Fischl or whether he is only a representation of her subconsciousness, the general public seems to regard him as such.

The appearance of Oz Genshin Impact

Oz has the look of a purple raven, with grey/white eyes and a high crest, and he can create Electro energy, which he may use to his advantage.

Powers and Abilities of Oz in Genshin Impact

When Oz is brought into combat, he unleashes a barrage of Electro energy on Fischl’s adversaries. When it comes to fighting, Oz’s wings are fantastic advantages, allowing him to observe foes from above, as he often does when told to do so by Fischl. Fischl may also merge with Oz and experience the world through his eyes using her Elemental Burst—when the situation calls for it. She generally uses this ability to assess the surrounding area or to travel fast about the battlefield during combat.

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The Legend of Oz in Genshin Impact

Fischl’s actual identity is that of an average girl called Amy who has a fascination with fantasy books—so greatly that she started imitating their gestures and speech in her daily life. Fischl’s true identity is Amy. She got her name from a book series called Flowers for Princess Fischl, in which she appears with the formidable lord of the Nachtraven, Ozvaldo Hrafnavins, who is also known as the Nightraven.

According to the first book, Oz’s strength would have ranked a 13 out of 15, with 1 being the weakest and 15 being the strongest. His bond with Princess Fischl was characterized as being similar to the phenomenon known as “imprinting,” which occurs often among night ravens.

Oz seems to be assisting Fischl in the same manner that Paimon appears to be assisting the Traveler. Even during talks, he tends to emerge and vanish next to Fischl in a burst of Electro and feathers, like how Paimon arrives and disappears next to the Traveler in a trail of stars throughout the game.

Fischl has a small number of friends, mostly because of the way she behaves; according to her Storyline, Oz is her first actual buddy. 

The Role of Oz Genshin Impact

In the game Oz Genshin Impact, Oz plays a role that is detailed below.

  1. He was a companion who served his Mein Fräulein’s needs and desires.

Except for the fact that he manifested when Fischl (Amy) acquired her Vision, the specifics of Oz’s manifestations are hazy at best. What is certain, though, is that he is an invaluable comrade who serves the Prinzessin without regard for his feelings. “Mein Fräulein,” he addresses her with reverence, and he understands everything she says despite her unusual speech patterns.

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As predicted (based on his representation as Ozvaldo Hrafnavins in the book series), Oz himself performs well in the position of Fischl’s friend. However, he prefers to converse with regular people when Fischl is not there.

On the subject of Oz’s identity, there have been several hypotheses, including whether or not the character genuinely exists as a distinct entity or whether or not the character is a fiction of Fischl’s mind. This has not yet been established in the mythology. Fischl’s Character Story, as well as any other encounters players, have had with the couple (such as the Unreconciled Stars), make it apparent that Oz can develop ideas that are opposed to Fischl’s opinions.

If the Prinzessin orders Oz to observe the Stormterror’s Lair, Oz may detest the command since Dvalin might very easily consume Oz’s helpless self if the former so desired. And, as things stand, Oz is a being who is capable of engaging in dialogue with people even when he is not in Fischl’s presence.

What counts is that Oz will always remain under Fischl, no matter what happens. It was made very apparent at the Palace of Twilight, as recounted in Flowers for Princess Fischl (I): End Time Zersetzung, that they would be faithful until the end of time.