How To Get The Borderlands 2 Conference Call

This article will show you how to get the Borderlands 2 Conference Call as well as the special effect that it has that is exclusive to it. Take a look at this!

Borderlands 2 Conference Call is a renowned shotgun produced by Hyperion that can be found in Borderland games. It can be received at random from any acceptable loot source, although it has a higher chance of dropping from The Warrior, who can be found in the Vault of the Warrior, and the Handsome Sorcerer, who can be found in Dragon Keep, respectively. Pyro Pete the Invincible can drop it as well.

Special Weapon Effects

  1. The number of projectiles has been reduced.
  2. Bullets penetrate the enemy’s defenses.
  3. After a certain amount of time has passed, each missile creates new projectiles.
  4. A little increase in the size of the magazine.
  5. Accuracy has been slightly lowered.

Borderlands 2 Conference Call – Shotgun Parts and Usage

The Borderlands 2 Conference Call is a Hardmode weapon that may be crafted. The weight of a part is indicated by a single number in the upper right corner, while no number indicates the weight of one component. The greater the weight of a component, the greater the likelihood that it may fail. If you do not specify otherwise, you will only be able to acquire one Part per Category.

In addition to being available in a few distinct varieties, it also comes in many different elemental versions and can be equipped with a variety of various stocks and handles. “Let’s just send out a mass ping to everyone at once.” – The description of the gun has red text.

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Non-Elemental Borderlands 2 Conference Calls account for 59 percent of all calls, with each Element accounting for 8.2 percent of all calls. When you get the Borderlands 2 Conference Call, you will get one of four Front-Facing Weapon Shields. In addition to protecting against frontal harm, each may be activated by targeting.

According to data, the Borderlands 2 Conference Call is not much different from a purple-rarity Thinking shotgun, with around 5 percent inferior accuracy but, on average, one extra round in its magazine. Despite the fact that it has a lower projectile count than the Thinking (five projectiles compared to six for the Thinking), each of those projectiles does around 20% more damage, resulting in the same total damage being dealt but being distributed across a lesser number of projectiles.

It fires a concentrated burst of five rounds at a tripled velocity in a compact spread. If an opponent is nearby, an extra 12 bullets are launched from the sky, all of which are directed towards him. If there are numerous opponents present, the 12 shots are divided evenly among the foes in a random fashion. In addition to having a reduced lifetime, tripled velocity, and the ability to pass through solid tiles, the bullets from the sky also cause 70% more damage.

Borderlands 2 Conference Call

What distinguishes the Conference Call from other weapons

Its unique skill

While traveling through space, bullets launched by the weapon will occasionally produce two extra projectiles, up to a total of four additional projectiles per original shot.

These extra bullets are launched in a horizontal path perpendicular to the original projectiles, with both “child” projectiles going in opposing directions from the original projectile.

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As a result, the Borderlands 2 Conference Call deals significantly more damage against most targets and significantly more damage against significantly bigger enemies such as The Warrior or Terramorphous the Invincible. It also has the additional capability of overcoming external shields like those carried by Nomad Torturers through indirect mechanisms.

If it is gotten with the “Practicable” prefix and related additional pellet count accessory, its damage capability will be greatly increased, with its starting projectile count being increased from 5 to 7 projectiles.

When opposed to non-elemental variants of the shotgun, elemental Borderlands 2 Conference Calls do not suffer from a damage penalty, making elemental variations very effective against element-vulnerable huge monsters such as BNK-3R.

When used in conjunction with Gaige’s Anarchy builds, the Conference Call is a remarkable weapon since its characteristics (rate of fire, magazine size, and special weapon effect) makes it the ideal partner for gaining stacks and doing damage.

Once the Borderlands 2 Conference Call is combined with The Bee shield, it becomes immensely strong when used in conjunction with a dual-wielding Gunzerker; practically unstoppable. However, following the release of the most recent patch, the usefulness of this combo has been greatly diminished.

How to get the Borderlands 2 Conference Call

Keep in mind that you must combat the Warrior during the real mission, ‘The Talon of God’, to have the optimum chance of receiving the Conference Call. There is an almost 80% chance of earning a legendary weapon after beating the Warrior and putting in the Moon shot on the console after defeating the warrior. In addition to the Conference Call, the Warrior may drop legendary goods such as The Flakker, The Impaler, The Volcano, and the Handsome Jack mask.

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If you do not get the Conference Call after the moonshot, please do not save and quit. instead of doing so, quit the game (for example, pressing the Xbox button and hitting Y, or the equivalent on other platforms) and restart the game.

As part of the mission, you will be given the opportunity to combat the Warrior once again after restoring your save. This gives you the greatest opportunity of getting your hands on the Borderlands 2 Conference Call. Drop rates for legendary items while defeating the Warrior outside of the scope of the task are astronomically low.


We’ve learned from this post that you’ll get the Borderlands 2 Conference Call by engaging in battle with warriors while on missions. You will have a better chance of receiving the Borderlands 2 Conference Call if you follow these steps.

Simply follow the instructions in this post and you will have it in no time.