Monster Hunter Double Cross

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an HD version of Monster Hunter Double Cross for the Nintendo Switch. The original game was published for the Nintendo 3DS in March 2017 in Japan, although it was never released in the West. Monster Hunter Double Cross was an enhanced version of Monster Hunter X(Monster Hunter Generation), which was also published for the 3DS in Japan in 2015 and was released in the West as Monster Hunter Generations the following year. Both games were developed by Capcom. This demonstrates that they are similar to one another but one is an enhanced version. I am aware that this does not explain everything about the situation. As a result, you shouldn’t stop reading until you have a complete understanding of the article.

About Monster Hunter Generation

Capcom is the developer and publisher of the action role-playing video game Monster Hunter Generations, which is available for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was first introduced in May 2015 and was made available in Japan as Monster Hunter Generation or Monster Hunter X in November 2015. It was made available outside of Japan in July 2016.

In this game, like in the others in the Monster Hunter series, players engage in tasks that include the hunting of enormous, deadly beasts, either alone or with other players online. The option to play as Felynes, who had previously only appeared in the role of a companion to the player, is one of the major enhancements made in this chapter. Other notable features include new fighting styles, special attacks, and more.

According to the creators, Monster Hunter Generations is a spinoff game even though it is mechanically similar to earlier mainstream entries in the series. The announcement of the extended edition of the game, which was given the title Monster Hunter Double Cross and was made in October 2016, took place in Japan, and it was made available in March 2017 only in Japan.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the name given to the HD version of the extended rerelease that was made available for the Nintendo Switch. It was first made available in Japan in August 2017, and then it was made available everywhere else in August 2018. As of September 2020, more than eight million copies of the game have been sold around the globe.


Capcom developed Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS in the style of a “greatest hits” compilation. The game is a type of consolidation of the most desirable material that had been featured in all of the prior Monster Hunter games for the Nintendo 3DS up to that time.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an expansion for that, and it pushes things even farther than they did before. During the process of naming it, Capcom entertained the idea of calling it Monster Hunter Cross G; however, they ultimately decided against it since they believed Monster Hunter X (or Generations, as it was known in the West) was already an exceptionally unique and distinctive game. In light of this, they decided to title the game that would be released in Japan Monster Hunter Double Cross. Outside of Japan, however, it will be known as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, an HD port with improved graphics, was finally made available in the West by Capcom. This is in contrast to the fact that the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Double Cross was never made available outside of Japan.

Monster Hunter Double Cross
Monster Hunter Double Cross


In October of 2016, it was reported that there will be an enhanced version of the game called Monster Hunter Double Cross. On March 18, 2017, it was made available to the public in Japan. Shortly after its initial release, additional downloadable material that is based on other games was made available for this edition.

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Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Ace Attorney series, and also additional material based on Okami and Strider, were included as newly represented titles. A character based on the Japanese singer Daigo was also included in the game.

In addition, the expansion included a partnership with the Sailor Moon brand as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the series. The Felyne cat companion was designed to resemble Luna and was given the ability to wield Sailor Moon’s Cutie Moon Rod weapon.

It was revealed on May 26, 2017, that the game will be converted to the Nintendo Switch, and it was published on August 25, 2017. In Japan, the game was given the title Monster Hunter Double Cross: Nintendo Switch Ver. when it was first released. The save data from Monster Hunter Generation may be imported into this version of the game, and the progress made in either the 3DS or Switch edition of Monster Hunter Double Cross can be transferred back and forth between the two platforms.

Cross-platform multiplayer is included in Monster Hunter Double Cross, just as it was in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate before it. During the event that took place in June 2017 for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Capcom revealed that at the moment it had no intentions to localize the Switch version of Monster Hunter Double Cross for Western consumers. Despite this, they did announce that Monster Hunter: World would be coming to personal computers and other consoles. This was eventually corrected when the game, now known as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, was launched on August 28, 2018, for markets in the Western hemisphere. The users can transfer their saved games from the 3DS Generations games to Ultimate.

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By April of 2017, Monster Hunter Double Cross has already sold 1.7 million copies. There have been 1.8 million copies of Monster Hunter Double Cross sold for the Nintendo 3DS as of September 2017. The Nintendo Switch version debuted at number one on the charts in its first week of release in Japan, selling 84,377 copies and accounting for 48.9 percent of the company’s first shipment. As of the 6th of November in 2017, the total number of Switch versions that were sold in Japan had surpassed 350,000.

As of the end of December 2018, the cumulative sales of Monster Hunter Double Cross have hit three million copies around the globe. As of September 2020, the 3DS version of Generations has sold 4.3 million copies, while the Switch and 3DS versions of Generations Ultimate had sold 3.9 million units, bringing the total number of units sold for all versions of the game to 8.2 million.