Minecraft For Beginners – A Quick Guide

Minecraft is a virtual sandbox game where players can dig, mine, craft, and enchant things. It’s a “sandbox game” in the sense that everything is up to the players where possibilities are truly limitless. And since Minecraft allows you to be in full control, there are even options where players can act as mods to inject their own coding and mods directly into it!

This article is for players of Minecraft of Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows 10, Mobile devices, and other Bedrock versions of the game.

Minecraft For Beginners – Menu Exploration

Customizing your character’s skin

After the game launches, hit ‘Profile’ in the main menu.

Hover over the grayed-out character then click ‘Create Character’.

A character customizer will appear to help you customize your character according to your taste.

All changes will be saved automatically after your adjustments; You can cancel and use your character if you want.

Deleting A Character

Just hover over the character then click on the trash can-looking icon near the create/edit character button.

The Marketplace

Minecraft For Beginners perilous underwater exploration
Minecraft Underwater Exploration

Though it doesn’t support the Java Edition, you can access Marketplace from the main menu located below the settings.

Here, you can check for purchasable Add-Ons for your game. You can browse a plethora of content in the marketplace to find new and customized content created by the community.

Minecraft For Beginners – Settings

Minecraft For Beginners interaction with others
Minecraft Villagers

Here are some key settings you may wanna adjust/toggle before starting:

Rebinding Controls

Just head to ‘Keyboard layout’ in the keyboard and mouse section in general.

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Adding More Framerates

You can find the ‘Render Distance’ setting under the general section in ‘video’. This might come in handy if you wanna improve your frame rate. Lowering its value will usually result in better FPS.

Note: Turning off ‘Only Allow Trusted Skins’ will allow you to view your customs skins.

Minecraft For Beginners – Starting Objectives

Here are more Minecraft tips for beginners to help you save more time and survive better in the wild.

Gather resources! Wood is essential because it’s what you need wood to create weapons and tools. Wood is also vital to craft torches and acts as fuel for cooking if you have raw meat or ore.

Turn your logs into planks to create your crafting table. Simply place your logs in the crafting area to see the output. You’ll need four planks for a crafting table.

It’s important to place your crafting table in an area where it is considered safe. You can also place it on the spot where you plan to create your shelter or house, so don’t forget a door. Six planks are needed to create one.

Torches can be made with sticks and charcoal or coal. Start by placing sticks on the bottom and a charcoal/coal above it. Hostile mobs don’t like to spawn near lit areas so strategically placing them around your house is a must.

For cooking food and smelting ores, a furnace is essential. Eight cobblestones are needed to craft one.

After creating your very first furnace, you will need strong tools to break ores such as diamonds, obsidian, and redstone. That’s why you should have an adequate stock of iron pickaxes. Usually, iron can be found in a cave or on a hillside. After extracting the ores, put them in your furnace with some coal. You’ll need two sticks and three iron ingots to create one.

Minecraft For Beginners angry mobs!
Defending Yourself Against Hostile Mobs

After making your shelter, make sure you have a bed to fast forward in the morning, if you ever decided to sleep at night. Resting in a bed also sets your respawn point. To make a bed, you will need three planks and three wool. You can obtain wool from spider strings or by shearing sheep. Sheep will also drop a block of wool or two upon death.

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Swords are essential for defending yourself from any danger. They can be crafted using wood, cobblestone, iron, gold, netherite, and diamonds.

Mastering these tips will give you a decent start to playing Minecraft survival mode. So we at TechsnGames encourage you to keep on exploring to discover more blocks, creatures, and adventures!

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