Best Hydro Character Genshin Impact

Best Hydro Character Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers a large number of warriors who strike with one of the seven Elements as their concept. At the moment, only four characters use Hydro, but which one is the best? Of course, there are rumors of a new Hydro user on the way, and given Genshin Impact’s continuously increasing roster, this is a possibility. We’ve examined the damage given by established Hydro fighters for the time being. Read on to discover the best hydro character Genshin Impact.

With so many characters, each with their own unique set of functions and skills, choosing who to build in Genshin Impact may be difficult. On the other hand, a Hydro character Genshin Impacts an excellent alternative for gamers wishing to assemble a squad with strong Elemental Reactions. The Hydro element contains both Support and DPS troops, which means that players have a plethora of choices for building a Hydro unit.

In Genshin Impact, the Hydro element is one of the most valuable since it has the potential to ignite some powerful elemental reactions. The Vaporize response provides some of the game’s heaviest damage, while the Freeze reaction significantly reduces the risk of encountering opponents. Additionally, the Electro-Charged answer is one of the most effective methods of using the Electro reaction.

Though Hydro character Genshin Impact contains a small number compared to other aspects, they all excel in their assigned duties. At the moment, Hydro characters Genshin Impact are only five

This comprises the 5-Star Kokomi, Mona, and Tartaglia units and the 4-Star Barbara and Xingqiu units.

Players must choose which characters to create depending on their requirements and playstyle. As all of these characters have the potential to be excellent party members if constructed correctly, players should prioritize specific characters over others if they possess them.
The following is a ranking of all of the Hydro characters Genshin Impact, from least effective to most valuable.

Best Hydro Character Genshin Impact

Best Hydro Character Genshin Impact

  1. Barbara
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• Weapon Type: Catalyst
• Rarity: 4 Star
• Team Composition Suggestions: Noelle, Xiangling, Diluc

Barbara is among Genshin Impact’s entry-level healers. However, she is unimpressive in the game at the moment. Because healing is not valued in many of the game’s most challenging areas, Barbara is the wrong choice.

However, she is beneficial if you do not have any Hydro characters. With her Elemental Skill and Normal Attacks, she can apply the Hydro element rather well. Consequently, Barbara will always have a spot as a backup unit if a character such as Xingqiu or Mona is unavailable.

  1. Kokomi

• Weapon Type: Catalyst
• Rarity: 5 Star
• Team Composition Suggestions: Tartaglia, Ganyu, Bennett

Regrettably, Kokomi is not a significant advance over Barbara. They achieve many of the same things, and she is not necessarily stronger than Barbara. While Kokomi may ultimately cause more substantial damage due to her Elemental Burst, Barbara may potentially outclass her in areas such as Hydro application.

As with Barbara, she’s a valuable backup if you don’t have a unit like Xingqiu or Mona. If you do need survivability, for example, if you are inept at avoiding attacks, Kokomi is an acceptable troop to utilize.

  1. Mona

• Weapon Type: Catalyst
• Rarity: 5 Star
• Team Composition Suggestions: Klee, Venti, Ganyu

Mona is a powerful yet specialized unit. Her primary ability is her very deadly Elemental Burst, which you may use to enhance the Freeze response. Consequently, Mona is a necessary component of teams whose objective is to freeze their opponents permanently.

As a support unit, she is often paired with characters such as Ganyu or Ayaka. Mona’s teams are somewhat pricey, but she is an expert at her job.

  1. Xingqiu
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• Weapon Type: Sword
• Rarity: 4 Star
• Team Composition Suggestions: Chongyun, Diona, Razor

Xingqiu is arguably stronger than Tartaglia at times. His Elemental Skill is capable of unfathomable damage, and his burst is critical for delivering enormous quantities of Hydro. Additionally, he is a four-star unit, making him even more attainable than Tartaglia.

While the two characters do comparable tasks, Tartaglia currently boasts one of the game’s best teams. Xingqiu is more advantageous for teammates that deal with single-target damage, whereas AoE damage is more advantageous in Genshin Impact. Nonetheless, the distance between Tartaglia and Xingqiu is negligible and may easily be exchanged depending on your source. This demonstrates Xingqiu’s collective strength.

  1. Tartaglia

• Weapon Type: Polearm
• Rarity: 5 Star
• Team Composition Suggestions: Rosaria, Fischl, Diona

Tartaglia is undoubtedly the most potent Hydro character Genshin Impact. He is not a hyper-carrier by any stretch of the imagination, but he can do significant damage when combined with other units.

Because his Elemental Skill version allows for extensive Hydro application, he will frequently use Elemental Reactions. He has assembled some of the game’s most formidable squads. Tartaglia, Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha in particular. Additionally, he works well with Beidou, Fischl, and Sucrose characters.

Which Hydro Characters Genshin Impact Should Players Build?
Tartaglia is the only genuine Main DPS Hydro unit for gamers aiming for DPS. Players with Tartaglia are fortunate to have him since he can inflict enormous amounts of damage with his hilarious and distinctive kit. Tartaglia is a dangerous character that works well in a Freeze setup alongside other Cryo units. Concentrating on building up his Elemental Skill may transform him into a fearsome adversary.

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Mona is the second Genshin Impact 5-Star Hydro unit that players will seek to develop. According to Mona’s placement on the Standard Banner, she is more likely to be possessed than Tartaglia. Mona is an excellent Support since she includes both a taunt and an Elemental Burst, enabling players to boost the harm dealt by Elemental Reactions dramatically. Utilizing Mona in conjunction with a competent Pyro Main DPS is a proven method to annihilate adversaries on the battlefield.

Xingqiu is among the strongest Sub-DPS troops in the game in terms of 4-Star units. When coupled with a Pyro DPS, his Elemental Burst lets him consistently deliver Vaporize damage. He is also capable of healing the party. Xingqiu is a unit that players must develop if they are having difficulty obtaining all five stars in Spiral Abyss but still want an additional boost of damage during combat.

Although most Genshin Impact players believe Barbara and Kokomi to be disappointing troops, these healers may be pretty effective in combat with the right amount of effort and dedication, particularly if players are suffering from dying during the fight.
Keeping this in mind, players are likely to have a good time playing and developing combos with these Hydro Characters Genshin Impact as long as they select characters who excite them.