Our Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Players: Minecraft Tips (2023 Guide)

Are you aware that there’s an endgame and an ultimate goal exists for you to fulfill before you can flaunt to your friends that you’ve “officially” finished the game 100%? Here is our Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips for you to have in order to beat the game in the least possible time and make gameplay more enjoyable.

Playing Minecraft may still prove difficult, especially without an in-depth understanding of its secret mechanics. After all, the sandboxed creative mode will eventually be boring as hell, especially if you’re up for some challenge. Who would’ve even known that such hidden Minecraft tips even existed in the first place? So, take time to read this informative Minecraft guide to make gameplay more fun and enjoyable. It’s divided into three subsections to prevent information overload.

Minecraft Tips For Beginners

There are some things for you to remember by heart in order to survive your first night and progress further into the game. In this section, we’ll try to discuss how to beat Minecraft step by step in 2023/2024, how to beat Minecraft for beginners, how to beat Minecraft for intermediate players, and how to beat Minecraft for experts.

Punch Your First Tree

Right after the spawn, you’ll start out as having nothing – literally. So, find the nearest tree you can find then punch it. Eventually, wood will drop then build at least four planks to craft your very first item – a crafting table. Wood is one of the basic building blocks of the entire game so be sure to have an abundant source of them in the later stages of the game. Once you’ve placed the crafting table somewhere safe, it will be the start of countless possibilities.

Quickly Advance To The Stone Age

With the crafting table, craft the sword and the other basic tools out of wood first. To craft the pickaxe, you need to have some sticks and wood planks. Then start some shallow mine. Gather a considerable amount of cobblestone because that’s the basic block to craft stone tools. It’s highly recommended that you have a crafting guide with you as there are a lot of things to craft out of your looted things.

Build A Basic House To Survive The Night

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips When Battling Undead
Surviving The Night

We’ll give you some Game Of Thrones reference here, “The night is long and full of terrors.” Nightfall is very dangerous in Minecraft because it is when the creatures rise and some mobs go hostile. For now, just build a secure indoor perimeter out of anything you’ve got from your shallow digging. Whether it’s wood, dirt, or stone, try to build at least a 4×2 perimeter to shield you from early-game creatures such as zombies, spiders, Enderman, creepers, and skeletons.

  • Zombies – they are easy to fight against unless you allow three or more of them to surround you.
  • Creepers – are extremely dangerous in the game because they deal a lot of damage and cause devastation to property. It’s best to kill them using a bow and arrow, instead of taking your chances by going near to trigger them to explode. However, if you manage to kill them with a bow and arrow, you’ll get some gunpowder.
  • Enderman – it’s a tall slender creature with pink eyes that teleports when being hostile. However, they’re not that aggressive during the daytime. Just don’t stare at them!
  • Skeletons – are also dangerous in the early game, especially when attacking with more than one. If you don’t have a bow and arrow, try picking them off one by one by luring them into a corner. Since they have ranged attackers, you should at least have a shield if you want to face them head-on.
  • Spiders – they’re also one of the creatures that aren’t hostile during daylight, or unless being attacked. Killing them will drop some strings. However, there’s also a chance that spider eyes will be dropped as well.

These are just some of the five basic hostile creatures you’ll encounter in Minecraft. You can either sleep it out (if you have a bed with you) or wait the night instead. But note that if you don’t sleep for more than three days in a row, annoying flying creatures called Phantoms will appear that will make your life more miserable. So, sleep once in a while.

Moreover, your makeshift perimeter doesn’t necessarily need to have a roof, since it’s just temporary. However, if a spider attempts to creep its way inside, just ward it off by punching it or with any tools you have. If you’re fortunate enough to kill at least three sheep in the early game, you can use its wool plus some planks to craft a bed. The bed also serves as your spawn point if you accidentally die, so make sure it’s in a safe place. Plus, it will save you ample time, and fast forward to daylight.

Find Some Food

Food is a basic necessity in the game, as is in real life. Hunger is accelerated whenever the player sprints, heals, or frequently jumps. Try to have an adequate number of foodstuffs with you at all times. When cutting down trees, chances are you might have some apples in your loot as well. Other than that, more basic foodstuffs include animal meat, fish, berries, and even rotten flesh. However, eating rotten flesh has some dire consequences, like a high chance of inflicting hunger for 30 seconds.

Have Some Torches

Torches have multiple uses other than just being sources of light. They can even mark your route to avoid being lost. Nevertheless, you should have a ton of them especially when you start digging deeper since spelunking and cave mining can be treacherous and risky most of the time. Aside from that, they are vital in the early game, since they prevent mob spawns. Have some furnaces using stone blocks then ‘cook’ some wooden blocks using wood. Once you have charcoal, craft it with sticks on your crafting table.

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Minecraft Tips For Intermediate Players

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips MInecraft World
Minecraft’s Wonderful World

Now that you know how to craft the basic tools and have the basic necessities, it’s time to find a cave to gather some new stuff that will help you progress further. Read more Minecraft tips below if you want to explore more.

Find Cave To Mine

As the game’s name suggests, Minecraft is obviously centered on mining different things deep, deep down. Although you can still play and enjoy the game just by using stone tools, you’ll be missing out a lot. Now that you have some food, tools, and some basic shelter, your next aim is to find a cave.

Mountains are a good place to start since they yield mine shafts and caverns rich in chests, ore, and tracks. But don’t just dig straight downward, since it can most of the time spell disaster. Either you could flood the mine you’re digging if you happen to hit the water or find yourself falling into a lava lake.

There are smarter ways to mine in order to extract its resources more effectively: vertical, horizontal, and stair mines. This Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips will help you know more about them.

  • Stair Mines – This is simply digging a little forward and down while building a staircase into the ground. It may not be effective in overall mining but gets you down quickly to the bedrock. Another variant of stair mines is called spiral mines. It means digging into a corkscrew shape by turning left or right as you dig down.
  • Vertical Mines – It’s a 1×3 design that involves ladders. It involves making a trench within a trench while also adding a ladder as you go down. Remember that you should never mine straight down when working in this method, that’s why patience is needed. Vertical is simple but a tricky one to pull off safely, so be liberal when laying ladders so you can never fall far.
  • Horizontal Mines –This is the least effective one since it’s directly mining forward into a straight line. It’s like an old TV antenna that has a central tunnel heading downward with dozens of single tunnels branching off from it. You can stagger these mines as close as five vertical blocks so there’s a little chance you’ll miss an ore. 
  • Quarry Mines – If you really want NOT to miss every single ore, then this method is for you. It’s labor-intensive but has a very high yield since there’s no chance you’ll miss a single ore. Despite its benefits, you’ll need a ton of pickaxes, and will more likely leave a hole in the ground.

You can start mining downward with just a stone pickaxe if you just want some couple of iron or coal. However, it won’t be effective when mining for more “special” ores such as diamond or gold.

Gather Raw Materials

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips Animals
Biomes Full Of Various Animals You Can Interact With

Replacing your stone tools with a new one can be annoying as time goes by. That’s why it’s the perfect time to step up your game. Your next aim is to find iron – which is primarily found underground- in order to advance to the Iron Age. You’re in a lucky spot if you happen to find a decent mine cave complex. Otherwise, you’ll dig your way down and build a mine yourself.

How to Beat Minecraft 2023?

This Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips will let you meet the five special ores:

Diamond –

This is the second-rarest one but the most valuable as it is critical in later game creations. So, if you want diamonds try digging deeper, at least in veins of 1-9 units between bedrock and layer 16. It makes the strongest weapons, armor, and tools, as well as the jukebox, Minecraft enchanting table, and various late-game tools.

Moreover, it drops experience when mined. But it’s advisable to only mine diamonds when it’s highly needed, then save the rest and mark them until you have a pickaxe with fortune enchantment. You can then mine them with 2/3 ores per block which is a very profitable technique. Never make a hoe out of a diamond, because a wooden hoe works just as well as a diamond one. Lastly, the diamond indicates the presence of lava underneath.

Gold –

This one is another rare ore that appears between bedrock and layer 33. Like iron, gold ore must be smelted to obtain the ingots and experience. Gold is required for making clocks and powered minecart rails. Avoid making golden weapons and armor because it’s no Bueno.

Lapis Lazuli –

The highest concentration of it is located around the 13th-16th layer. Although it doesn’t require any smelting at all, you can still get experience from it. Its use is mainly just for dying things to turn them into blue.

Redstone –

Most players begin amassing Redstone early on in the game – long before they actually start needing it – so, this Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips suggests that you must do it too! They also contain the experience and are heavily required for making advanced stuff like compasses, dispensers, clocks, and the game’s version of electrical wiring.

There are many dedicated Minecraft guides that you can check online (for additional guidance) if you want to know more about Redstone and its many uses. They must be mined using either a diamond or an iron pickaxe.

Emerald –

This is the rarest ore in the game and is extremely difficult to find because they spawn in the rarest biome as well. Additionally, it only spawns at one block at a time and is found between layer 32 and the bedrock. Emeralds have a sole purpose – trading.

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Given the difficulty of getting emeralds, it’s much easier to engage in trade with villagers if they want some wheat or chicken. If you happen to own a pumpkin or melon farm, it can help you obtain lots during trade as well. However, emeralds can also be found in Temples and Dungeon chests.

Advance To The Iron Age

Once you have the iron ingots, have your trusty Minecraft crafting guide to craft these things: bucket, pickaxe, sword, helmet, cuirass, ax, gauntlets, boots, and shovel. Iron tools are more durable and more efficient than their stone counterparts. From now on, try using iron tools. One more thing, if it’s possible, have a large supply of iron pickaxes as they are the only tools for obtaining the more advanced ores previously mentioned above.

Be Self-Sustainable

Starvation might hinder your progress and finding supply away from home might be risky and time-consuming. Also, completely eradicating the local wildlife isn’t a smart thing to do. That’s why it’s time to consider having a steady food supply from now on. You can start with a simple farm, although there are many dedicated Minecraft building guides for making other types of farms as well.

When making a simple farm, use your bucket to create a mini-pool of water near your base. Next to the water pool, use your hoe to plow grass blocks up to four blocks away from the water source. Since grass is almost everywhere, run around and chop it down with a hoe to obtain the seeds. After that, plant them down, then wait for a few days until you see brown wheat ready for harvest. Having many farms can give you almost an infinite supply of bread.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in growing poultry, there are also some dedicated Minecraft building guides for handling them. You can breed animals including pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens. To start with an animal farm, you must first make an enclosure of fences and one fence gate (to get in and out).

At least two animals are required to make them breed. Both sheep and cows can be mated by means of wheat. You might need cow leather for some of your Minecraft enchantings later on. Meanwhile, pigs and chickens accept carrots and seeds, respectively.

Build A Decent Home And Upgrade Home Security

Circular Buildings Are Possible In Minecraft!

Now that you have adequate supplies, you can try making yourself a more decent home (although you can skip this if you’re speedrunning). Dedicated Minecraft building guides offer a ton of tips and inspiration for you to try for yourself and explore. Just keep in mind that your perimeter must be well-lit at all corners to avoid unexpected mob spawns. Now is also the right time to have a roof to keep the spiders out!

If you have a thing for a wooden house, then try it out. You can even construct wooden lighthouses, castles, or corner towers if you have a Minecraft circle guide with you. Adding such buildings in your territory may require more effort, but is aesthetically pleasing and satisfying in the end.

However, having a stone building can be more long-term as it’s more durable, even when there’s a thunderstorm around. It will never catch fire, unlike wooden ones.

Also, there are Minecraft crafting guides that will help you craft blast furnaces and smokers. The former smelts ores 2x faster than the regular one, while the latter cooks food 2x faster than the regular one. These types of furnaces can save valuable time.

Locate Nearby Villages

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips When Fighting Mobs
Pillagers Attacking

You might get bored, especially if you’re playing as a lone wolf. Thankfully, the game creators added villages to randomly spawn in your world.

Learning each kind of villager and mastering the trading system is vital for a more profitable trade. This Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips will provide a brief description of the six types of villagers that you might encounter in the game:

  • Fisherman – trades emeralds for bread
  • Leatherworker – trades armor for emeralds
  • Weaponsmith – trades sword for emeralds
  • Farmer – trades emeralds for potato, carrot, wheat, and beetroot
  • Cartographer – trades map for emeralds
  • Librarian – trades enchanted book for emeralds and a book

Note that successfully curing a zombie villager is one important Minecraft tip we suggest doing because it makes you sell really good items for really cheap (for instance, 18-20 emerald enchantment books for one emerald.) 

Minecraft Tips For Advanced Players – How to Beat Minecraft 2023

Find Diamonds

Before planning to build the Nether Portal, you must already have a full set of diamond items with you. As previously mentioned in this Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips, they only appear at certain elevations, between Y=6 to Y=13. The diamond sword has the highest damage, while diamond armor has the highest durability and protection. So, be sure to have extra ones in your carriage.

Building The Nether Portal

If you still want to progress further, you must have to go further into another dimension called The Nether. But it can be hard to construct a Nether Portal without some good Minecraft tips. After all, you’ll need 10 blocks of obsidian to make the portal. Obsidians are naturally found near lava beds and can only be mined by using a diamond pickaxe. But if one’s reluctant to find one, there’s a more interesting alternative.

First, you need to find some lava underneath. Next, use the bucket on the lava. Then, put the water back in your bucket. Take note that you’ll need a diamond or Netherite pickaxe to mine this block. Brewing potions also require you to go in The Nether because some things, like Nether Warts and blaze rods, can only be obtained in the Nether Fortress

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips: Alchemy 101

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips For Kids
Minecraft Interaction

There are many kinds of potions Minecraft has to offer. However, you must have the two special ingredients first: Glowstone dust and Redstone dust. The first one increases the strength of the potion’s effects, while the second increases your potion’s duration. It’s advisable to have a reliable Minecraft crafting guide to know the recipe in order and avoid brewing something awkward like potions of slowness, poison, or weakness.

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To begin the brewing process, first, you’ll need a brewing stand. Place some glass bottles with water, then place them in the stand and start adding the ingredients. You will also need a blaze powder to power up the brewing process. Here are some of the most useful potions Minecraft gameplay has to offer:

  • Night Vision – helps you to see in the dark and a lot further when underwater, in the Nether, or in The End.
  • Fire Resistance – keeps you safe when in lava or fighting Blazes in the Nether
  • Water Breathing – it’s useful for your underwater missions
  • Splash Potion Of Harming – a useful weapon to heal undead mobs, but can be even more useful when farming. A single one of these can kill hundreds of chickens at once.
  • Splash Potion Of Healing – This can be your weapon against undead mobs but can be even more useful if you built a mob grinder to kill large numbers of the undead.

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips: Enchantment 101

Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft Tips Underwater Exploration
Minecraft Underwater Exploration

Minecraft enchanting augments tools, armor, weapons, and books to imbue them with additional abilities and uses. There are many ways to enchant your target item in survival mode: The first is through an enchanting table in exchange for lapis lazuli and experience. The second is through an anvil, using the item with an enchanting book. The third is also through an anvil, combining the same items with different enchantments to form a single one that will have both Minecraft enchanting.

Also, a new type of enchantment called “mending” can make life easier. It pretty much makes your weapons and tools almost invincible because any experience that you earn will go towards mending/healing the item that you’re holding. It’s great for pickaxes so you can mine at your heart’s content!

Going To The End

If you think you’re fully “min-maxed” and ready to beat the game 100%. Then it’s time to go in The End to beat the Ender Dragon. This is your toughest challenge so plan carefully if you’re confident enough to “win” the game.

You need to find a stronghold first, then find and activate the End Portal to meet your adversary. If you’re having trouble finding one, make at least 15-20 Eyes of Ender – just to be sure. Just throw the Eye outside, and then it will point toward the nearest stronghold from your base. Just repeat until the lava floats slowly into the ground.

In The End, you’ll encounter Endermen as well. Our Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips suggest wearing a pumpkin to avoid eye contact. They won’t bother you unless you look at them. After destroying the End Crystals with a pickaxe, you can now fight the dragon. Just hit it with your sword if it’s hovering over the Exit Portal. Always try to stand behind it to avoid being damaged by its head and wings. The dragon may fly away, but it will come back. Just keep doing the same until you kill it.

Plan Your Next Steps

Once you’ve killed the dragon, you can now access the Outer Islands. What you do from now on is totally up to you and your imagination. Congratulations, you’ve finally finished Minecraft!

Other Minecraft Guide For Beginners And Advanced Minecraft -How to Beat Minecraft 2023

Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is one of the simplest ways to mod your game. Its straightforward design makes it the go-to place for almost any of your modding needs. However, it only works in the Java edition. Hopefully, the Windows 10 Bedrock Edition will support more modding in the near future, as well.

This Minecraft guide for beginners and advanced Minecraft tips will help you how to install Minecraft Forge properly:

  • First, go to the Minecraft Forge website and download it.
  • Make sure that both versions of Minecraft Forge and Minecraft correspond to each other.
  • Select ‘Install Client’, then ‘Accept’.
  • Open the game, then change the profile to ‘forge’.
  • You’ll see the ‘Mods’ menu on the screen after it finishes loading
  • Click that, then choose the mods you fancy.

Texture Packs

Minecraft not only offers a ton of Minecraft Forge modding support but also countless resource packs as well. It helps bring in a new look, vibe, and feel by providing ultra-realistic graphics. It even helps others to play the game on low-end computers. Such enhancements include, but are not limited to realistic water, realistic textures, and realistic clouds, to name a few.

Game Trailer

Minecraft Nether Update Trailer

Minecraft Beginners Guide 2023 And Advanced Minecraft Tips: Future Updates

Minecraft is already in its 12th year and still shows no signs of passé. Both Java and Bedrock Editions constantly receive updates every now and then, with Java being a testbed for more future mechanics. We just hope that the Caves and Cliffs update will deliver more interesting features like mobs, blocks, gameplay changes, and more!

Still, have questions, or want to know more about the latest gaming news and console wares? Contact us at techsngames.com today!