Cecilia Flower Genshin Impact Location, Where to Get it, and How to Use It

Are you looking for Cecilia flower Genshin impact location? This post will be showing you Cecilia flower genshin impact meaning, if the Cecilia flowers are real, Cecilia flower location, Genshin Cecilia garden, and Cecilia flower guide.

If you’re new to Genshin Impact or just don’t know more about Cecilia flower in Genshin Impact, let me tell you what is it, it is a world item used as an ascension material and an ingredient for essential Monsdtadt gadgets.

Anemo Archon has this flower as a characteristic flower. There is one on the hat of Venti and one on her lyre.

In this Cecilia Flower Genshin Impact guide, we’re going to show you Cecilia flower’s location and how you can use them in Genshin Impact.

If you’re ready to start your own Cecilia Flower Garden, here is everything that you need to know;

Cecilia Flower – What is it?

There is no way to define this flower without using beauty. This flower is a beautiful flower, and its name matches her appearance. It grows only where high winds blow and is as elusive as the true heart of a loose soul. You can only see this flower only once in 48hrs. So, you have to plan to collect them accordingly.

Mondstadt uses the Cecilia flower as a local specialty.

This flower only grows where winds blow strongly and it has a beautiful name that matches her appearance.

Cecilia Flowers Location – Where You Can See Cecilia Flower?

The only place you can find Cecilia Flowers is on Starnach Cliff in Mondstadt. However, there are some other ways you can get Cecilia than those found in the wild.

  • Cecilia’s flowers are usually found on Starsnatch’s cliff, Sharp, a non-player character, also known as an NPC, gives five Cecilia’s flowers on top of Starsnatch’s cliff.
  • Flowers can be purchased at Flora in the town of Mondstadt.
  • There are also 3 Cecilia flowers given by a nun in front of Mondstat Cathedral.
  • Cecilia flowers can also be found in the Mondstadt wild region.
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The Best Place To Quickly Pick Cecilia’s Flowers

On the cliff of Starsnatch, just above the Temple of a Thousand Winds, the location of 37 Cecilia flowers is marked. You should start your search at the Temple of a Thousand Winds, then, climb to the top of the Starsnatch cliff or do the opposite, both methods take the same amount of time. There are 37 Cecilia flowers in total that can be collected in less than 2 minutes.

You can also buy five Cecilia flowers in the flower shop every 48 hours or 2 days. However, you have to spend a thousand mora on each Cecilia flower.

You can find 13 Cecilia flowers in the wild in total and they only appear every 2days (48hrs).

At this point, you can grow 8 Cecilia Flowers in one value path. And you have until 70hrs to plan a new batch.

Where Can You Purchase Cecilia Flowers?

NPC Flora at the main Monsdtadt town gate is one of the places where Travelers can buy Cecilia’s Flowers.

Each flower cost 1000 mora, and you can buy around 5 pieces at a time. The store only updated once every 72hrs. So, make sure you purchase only what you need.

What do you use Cecilia Flowers for?

You can only use Cecilia flowers as a material and here are the gadgets you can use it for:

  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone was used to find Anemoculus in Mondstadt. You will need 5 Cecilia flowers for this.

Dandelion is an ancient material used to empower characters.

  • You can also use Cecilia flowers for Venti. Venti is the 5-star Anemo Bow User, She is the human form of Anemo Archon, one of the best-supporting characters in the game.
  • Another thing you can use this flower for is Albedo. Albedo is also Geo Sword’s five-star character, Albedo is an alchemist with a mysterious past.
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Currently, you can not use Cecilia Flowers as part of any weapon upgrade recipes.


We’ve just shown you the Cecilia Flowers location, where to get Cecilia flower, and how you can use the flower in Genshi impact. So, go ahead and start your own Cecilia flower Genshi impact garden today. We hope you find this post helpful, if so, help us by sharing the post with your friends and never forget to invite your friend to Techsngames for more gaming and techs tips.