Top 10 Minecraft Myths, Truths, and Legend You Should Know

If you’re on this page, you’re probably here to know about the Minecraft Myths, truths, and its legends and this post won’t disappoint you. In this post, we will be walking you through Minecraft Myths.

As we all know, Minecraft is an endless world with infinite possibilities. This Minecraft game is one of the most well-known games globally. The reason for this is clear because it includes different adventures plus lots of tasks. In addition, wonderful creatures such as zombies, creepers, skeletons, make the game more interesting to explore in biomes.

Therefore, in this Minecraft Myths and Truths post, we will be showing you 10 myths and truths including the legends of this Minecraft game. We will also let you know if they are true or false. These Minecraft myths and truths can also increase the players’ knowledge about the Minecraft game.

Top Ten Minecraft Myths and Truths You Should Know

This Minecraft game lets its players create and build a large number of structures. By creating their-own city and ruling it. Then, they take villagers into their arena and can govern them, and if a player wants to trade, of coz the player can trade. And, if the next line is about the player’s interest in the game, it would be unfair to realize the various possibilities and creative things that the game will allow.

In this article, players can uncover the truths behind some of the Minecraft myths that players failed to realize in Minecraft. 

1.      Players can walk through walls with Infinity Enchantment

Myth: If a player applies an infinite spell to the elytra and crashes into a rock wall, the character can walk through the wall without breaking it.


  • Application of the infinite spell to the elytra.
  • Go to and break the wall or rocky surface as you fly.

Truth: If a player casts a spell on his elytra and crushes a rocky surface, he will not pass through the surface. Therefore, nothing is going to happen to the wall and the character will not walk passed the wall. Therefore the Minecraft myths is false and if a player wants to try, he can risk his character’s health. 

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2.      The Splash Potion will make spider’s invisible

Myth: In this Minecraft game, by throwing splash potion on the spiders and other creatures, their bodies will not appear to the player, and also their facial features will not be invisible to you.


  • Look for spiders in the world.
  • Cast the invisibility potion on the spider.

Truth: When a player casts the potion on spiders, cave spiders, and ghosts, the spider’s body becomes invisible. One more thing is that the facial features won’t disappear, so the myth is true and it definitely happens if a player wants to test it, they can do it because this myth is true.

3.      Fox can turn bodies of water into ice with Ice Walker’s spell

Myth: If a player casts an ice runner spell at a fox, the fox can turn any body of water into Ice when it walks on it.

As most players know, a fox captures anything a player drops around it. Then find a fox.


  • Cast an ice skating spell on him.
  • Then, lead the fox to water with berries.

Truth: The myth about turning bodies of water to ice is not true, But if a player looked at the fox after taking it to the water, then he will notice that the fox with the incantation in his mouth would not even turn a single drop of water into ice. So, I’m pleased to tell you that this Minecraft myth is not true.

4.      Destroying doors in an unusual way

Myth: Another myth is that a door will be destroyed if you break it from the bottom, but will be restored if you break it from the top.

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  • Go to a door.
  • Break it off the bottom.
  • Go to another door.
  • Break it from above.

Truth: The above myth is true. It will definitely happen if a player breaks a door from below, the door is destroyed and the player receives nothing. But breaking it from the top of the door, the same door will appear again. This Minecraft myth can also hint to the player that a player has to break the doors at the top to retrieve it.

5.      Generating Wither in the Snow Biome

Myth: Wither cannot spawn in the snow biome.


  • Look for a snow biome.
  • Place four sand souls as a tower to wilt the body.
  • Put three skulls at the withers in front of the head.

Truth: This myth about the game is true that a player cannot spawn a Wither in a snow biome. Therefore, removing snow from the bottom will make wilting happen.

6.      Lava, flint, and steel are invincible to witches

Myth: Witches are not harmed by lava, flint, and steel.


  • Spawn her in creative mode or find a witch in survival mode
  • Throw lava, flint, and steel on it.

Truth: The witch drinks 5 stamina potions so that lava, flint, or steel will not harm the witch’s health. Therefore, it is advisable to try another thing to destroy the witch as flint, and lava won’t when they face the player.

7.      The dolphins playing with the items

Myth: If a player gives items to dolphins, they will play with the items.


  • Look for a body of water with dolphins.
  • Selecting an item, your item can be anything.
  • Throw them in the water.

Truth: This myth can no longer be seen as a myth because it is true that dolphins get excited when they are given items. In addition, dolphins are cute creatures, they are very calm so they like to play with things.

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8.      Getting Wither Skull from A Loaded Creeper

Myth: If a vine explosion is loaded with stray, a withered skull will be available to players.


  • Catch a mutt.
  • Purchase a loaded creeper.
  • Make Them Explode.

Truth: This myth is definitely not true. A player cannot have an unexploded wandering withered Skull. This solution is not right; the player won’t get any skull with this solution.

9.      Natural elytra caster can be created by 23 cows

Myth: 23 cows can make natural elytra


  • Remove two blocks from the ground.
  • Spawn 23 cows in the space created.
  • Enter the room with 23 cows.
  • Make sure you use the elytra.
  • Tap the jump button twice and you will be thrown into the air.

Truth: The myth is correct. Space created for 23 cows can serve as a natural elytra-caster, so if you need to run away from your current spot, you should try this.

10. Mobs don’t spawn in Slabs

Myth: Mobs don’t spawn on the slab.


  • Make a house.
  • Consider Lay boards instead of any other flooring.
  • Then wait for the night.

Truth: This myth is true since no mob can be seen in a room since the floor is a slab. Also, it may be very okay to replace the existing floor with a slab so that mobs will not have access to the beautiful houses that you create in the game.