Why Is The Witcher 3 Still A Must-Play Five Years After It Got Out?

The Witcher 3 has made some phenomenal hype since its releas five years ago. Its first two games have gained worldwide distinction, and the sequel promised all of that plus an even bigger map ever created. Nowadays, following the hype of Triple-A game releases until the end often just leads to disappointment, like what happened to CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.  

However, The Witcher 3 has managed to live up to its hype, even exceeded it by a long shot. It has grown to be one of the most loved and emblematic RPG ever created and continues to be a living model to other games that came after it. From its inside mechanics to its gameplay and its impact continues even now in 2021. it seems that it has found its way into my heart because I’m still playing it during my free time. I know that I’m not alone in this; add this to it the fact that it has gotten a well-received TV series as well. This might just make it even more popular than ever. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why The Witcher 3 is still worth playing even though five years have already passed, and why, we -players- might want CD Project Red to remaster the three The Witcher Games as soon as humanly possible.

First: The Game Still Looks Great

The Witcher 3 Pretty GIrl
Ciri, One Of The Main Characters

If you’d think that it’s visuals are already far from today’s games, then think twice. Honestly, even on Switch, the graphics still look realistic enough and far from being clunky as it should be. We’re just starting, though, because even the open world kept its gorgeous nature, bursting with detail and color that made it a sensation back in the day. Trust me, you’ll still admire those amazing sunsets if you stop to look at them.

I can also say that the game has a very talented art department. Just look at the creatures you’ll encounter – their designs are unlike any other, running the gamut from terrifying to just plain unsettling. Anyone who encountered the Crones will know what am I talking about. All I can say is that their otherworldly designs make for an adventure that will keep you uncertain every damn time.

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Its Unique, Huge Open World

The Witcher 3 Massive Open World
Rich, Awesome Graphics Still On Par With Today’s Games

Other bigger open-world games came after it, but only a few have managed to be on par. If you’re in doubt, I recommend you to visit Skellige, White Orchard, and Toussaint and witness the degree of size and depth they contain. You can also encounter random NPCs doing everyday stuff, sometimes offering you a side-quest if you decided to talk to them. It’s actually mind-blowing if you realize the amount of detail the devs put into this video game.

It’s not just a typical sandbox game, either. To open up the world, you need to go by its main quests. As the story progresses, new lands will be unlocked– each has its natural feels and wonders. I always get thrilled whenever Geralt will be introduced to another world because I know that my experiences and skills will increase as well. In its essence, the world model of The Witcher 3 should be the example for future open-world games to come.

Highly-Inspired Writing

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – The Sword of Destiny

Another thing that I love in The Witcher 3 is its style and writing. Maybe because it’s heavily based on the critically acclaimed Witcher novel series, there’s this feeling that every character in the game is rightfully rich and authentic in their being. Just try interacting with the people of Novigard and Velen, you’ll witness the realistic, multifaceted personalities each person has. Plus, unlike some other games, The Witcher 3 will make you spend a long time with a story NPC, giving a feeling that both of you have already been acquainted for quite some time in the past.

Yes, some characters of The Witcher are sometimes strange, but they always possess genuine human feelings and qualities. The story’s reversals feel natural in a way that no predictable or cheap “shocking twists” are ever present. What’s also really impressive is that many side-quests connect to the main quests – so I highly recommend doing ALL quests if possible. Can you imagine a 2015 game that contains some characters that could remember your past actions? Or an insignificant choice that you thought harmless, but in reality, affects how the later story unfolds? Only in Witcher 3, my dear friend.

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Deep, Immersive Gameplay

The Witcher 3 Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia

If there are two things I would like to point out, the first one is that the combat mechanics in The Witcher 3 isn’t really that great. It’s not bad though, but it won’t define the game as a whole. Thankfully, it’s just a small part of what you’re doing, because most of the time you’ll act more like a detective solving a puzzle than a fighter. Even combat requires some thinking, in which you must research your targets in the Beastiary to know their weaknesses.

The second one is crafting and alchemy – two important systems in the game that can eat most of your gameplay time if you dedicate yourself to it. Though I advise you to still go through it, so you can create your potions, weapons, and armor more effectively. Even now, there are only a few games out there that can match the game’s multilayered tapestry of elements such as these.

Features Excellent Production

The Witcher 3 Awesome World
Witcher 3 Gameplay Screenshot

Anyone who has finished The Witcher series is also aware of another thing: whenever you talk to a character, no matter how minor, it somewhat feels genuine in a mysterious way. That’s because the game featured a wide talent of regional British voice actors, making it on par with the likes of other fantasy classics like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

There’s also the sound effects and music. “Toss a Coin To Your Witcher” is my personal favorite: there’s a beautiful meaning to it that fits the overall essence and being of Geralt of Rivia. The entire soundtrack is perfect as well, as it fits the game’s narrative to the end. There’s no flaw I can say much about The Witcher 3; not that I’m biased towards it, but because I want you to at least try the game series as well.

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And that’s why The Witcher 3 is still a must-play five years after it got out. There have been already a ton of titles that got released since 2015, but only a few have matched its gameplay elements and well-written story. If you find yourself getting bored with Witcher, you can always try Gwent to kill some time once in a while.

To conclude, one might say that The Witcher 3, is an awesome sequel to The Witcher 2 Assassin’s of Kings that is itself one of the best RPG of its time. And that from the Techsngames Editorial Staff point of view, The Witcher 3 might as well be the best RPG and even overall best game of its generation.

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