What Is Enhance Material In Puzzles And Dragons?

What Is Enhance Material In Puzzles And Dragons? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game Puzzle and Dragons, here’s a quick rundown: It’s a Pokemon-like combat puzzle game where you assemble teams of monsters to take on dungeons. Downloading is completely free, and it is compatible with Apple products, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

The fact that both the dungeons and the monsters in Puzzle and Dragons are routinely updated with new evolutions is one of the game’s strongest features since it ensures that players will never find themselves without a challenge to overcome. If you get burnt out, it won’t be hard for you to get thrilled the next week when there’s a special event going on and the possibility to obtain monsters that you need and desire!

The ad for Puzzle & Dragons merely shows the game’s core concept, which is to move orbs around for a certain length of time while attempting to create as many chain reactions as you can. However, the ad does not go into depth about other significant features of the game, and as a consequence, players who are just starting in the game could be left uninformed or just bewildered.

One of these features is the game’s assortment of Enhance Material Monsters. The vast majority of gamers know very little about them, including what they may be used for and where they can be found. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to provide you with all of the information that you want on Enhance Material. After you have finished reading this article, you will get a clear answer to the question “What is Enhance Material in Puzzles and Dragons?”

What is Enhance Material in Puzzles and Dragons?

There are some monsters in Puzzles & Dragons whose only purpose is to level up other monsters. These monsters are known as “Enhance Material.” When you come across an Enhance Material monster, you should keep in mind that the only reason it exists is to be sacrificed during a Power-Up Fusion. The majority of them begin the game already at their maximum level, but some of them may be leveled up before being utilized to offer a bigger experience boost.

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Enhance Materials are, in essence, monsters that offer a substantial amount of experience during fusion and sometimes aid in skill leveling.

Some monsters, however, do not need leveling up to develop. When a monster has completely developed, its maximum level reaches 99, making the process quite tedious.

Enhance Materials provide a significant experience boost to any monster, increasing that boost further if the monster has the same element as the Enhance Material. This helps to speed up the process.

King Gold Dragon is an example. He provides a significant boost to all element monster cards, but an even greater benefit (raise the experience by 1.5) to all light-element monsters.

In addition, some birds obtained from the technical dungeon are Enhance Materials. However, they begin at level 2, and you should utilize a monster to raise it to its maximum level. At level 2, the bird grants around 1,200 exp. If you combine it to its maximum level with another monster, it will instead provide 9k exp.

Enhance resources (king dragons, pengdras, etc.) are intended to be given to your monsters for experience. They are also straightforward to get from daily urgent dungeons (kings/super kings) and technicals (pengdras, moltdras). If you have some pys, feeding them to a monster of the same color will ensure a skill increase. Pys should be stored until you have a monster that you are certain you want to level up, but which has extremely tough or no skill-up fodder.

What Is Enhance Material In Puzzles And Dragons
What Is Enhance Material In Puzzles And Dragons

How Many Enhance Materials Should You Keep?

I believe at this point, we all have an answer to “ What Is Enhance Material In Puzzles And Dragons?” In this section, we will look at how many Enhance materials you should keep.

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You should maintain a couple of each kind of evolution material, but there’s no need to stockpile more than 10 of anything. You may sell most of the low-tier items that drop in their respective daily dungeons that need 10 stamina, such as dragon seeds, mini lits, and evolution masks. These items drop in large quantities. They are easy to obtain in greater quantities, and only a few powerful monsters need them for now.

Items obtained from the daily mythological dungeons, such as tri-fruits, keepers of gold, ancient masks, angelits, and jewels, require a significant amount of energy to get and may be quite challenging to obtain for players who are just starting in the game.

You should put aside all of those high-end Enhance Materials until you already own at least ten of them and know that you won’t have an immediate need for so many of them. Only then should you start farming for them yourself.

You can retain a handful of each of the items in the centre, which include dublits, keepers, and divine masks. If you are aware of the materials that will be required for the evolutions that you want to complete soon, you should make sure to conserve them.

You should probably maintain hold of all of the keepers of the rainbow, mystic masks, dub-mythlits, and mythlits that you come across since they are used in a great number of evolutions.

The information provided by Padherder is quite useful for determining how many of each Enhance material should be kept. After inputting all of your monsters and selecting the evolutions you want to work on, the tool will tell you how many of each kind of enhanced material you now own and how many more you will need.

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Where to get Enhance Materials In Puzzle and Dragons

At random times throughout the day, Enhance material monsters come in dungeons. A dragon dungeon’s treasure chest is arguably the simplest place to get valuable enhancement materials such as metal, gold, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Dark appears every Monday, Ruby appears on Tuesdays, Sapphire appears Wednesdays, Emerald appears Thursdays, and Gold appears Fridays as of version 9.6.

The beginner October dungeons are there for you. The reward for five of the dungeons is six free super-enhanced dragons.

The coin dungeons contain King Carnival and Extreme King Metal Dragon, however, their monster exp and stamina rates are terrible.

I believe players of Puzzle & Dragons will benefit from these pointers and get a better understanding of Enhance Materials. Please let me know in the comments if you need any further assistance or a guide on a certain topic.