Solving the Mario 64 Puzzle in the Pyramid

Are you ready to conquer one of the trickiest challenges in Super Mario 64? The Pyramid Puzzle in Shifting Sand Land is notorious for leaving players scratching their heads. But fret not, as we’ve got your back! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through every step of the Mario 64 Pyramid Puzzle, providing clear and practical solutions so you can collect that elusive Star with confidence. Whether you’re a Mario veteran or a newbie explorer, this guide is your key to success in the Pyramid Puzzle.

So, grab your controller, channel your inner plumber, and let’s dive into the sand-filled adventure!

Understanding the Mario 64 puzzle in the pyramid

Before we jump into the solutions, let’s break down the Mario 64 Pyramid Puzzle to understand its components and challenges.

Pyramid Puzzle Basics

  • The Pyramid Puzzle is the sixth mission in Shifting Sand Land.
  • It involves navigating a pyramid structure and collecting five hidden secrets to unlock the Power Star.


  • Avoiding quicksand traps and enemies in the shifting sands.
  • Navigating the complex interior of the pyramid.
  • Identifying the locations of the five secrets.


  • Collect the five secrets within the pyramid to reveal the Power Star.

Now that we know what we’re up against let’s get to the fun part: solving the puzzle!

Inside the Pyramid

Step 1: Entering the Pyramid

  1. Head to Shifting Sand Land from the main hub.
  2. As you enter, look for the large pyramid structure in the center of the level.

Step 2: Scaling the Pyramid

  1. To reach the top of the pyramid, you’ll want to use the elevator platform on the left side.
  2. Wait for the elevator to reach the top and jump off onto the upper ledge.

Step 3: Collecting the First Secret

  1. As you enter the pyramid, you’ll find a small platform with a square depression on the ground. Ground-pound this depression to reveal the first secret.
  2. If you’re not sure where it is, follow the arrows etched on the platform; they’ll guide you.

Step 4: The Sand Waterfall Ledge

  1. Proceed further into the pyramid until you find a sand waterfall.
  2. Jump down to the ledge beside it, making sure to land safely.

Step 5: The Second Secret

  1. After landing on the ledge, look for another square depression and ground-pound it. This unveils the second secret.
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Step 6: The Mummy Thwomp Path

  1. Continue your descent down the pyramid until you cross a path with a mummy thwomp.
  2. Proceed past the thwomp, grab the third secret, and dropdown.

Step 7: Obtaining the Fourth and Fifth Secrets

  1. Jump to the lower platform to acquire the fourth secret.
  2. Cross over to another platform to reach the fifth and final secret.

Congratulations! You’ve now collected all five secrets inside the pyramid, revealing the Power Star. But before we conclude, let’s address a few common questions and offer some additional tips.

Getting Inside the Pyramid

Your first task is, of course, getting inside the pyramid. You have two entry points: one from Star #3 Inside the Ancient Pyramid and the other, a bit more daring, by blowing the roof off and entering from the top, much like in Star #4. We recommend using the entrance from Star #3 for this walkthrough, but if you’re confident with your skills and orientation, feel free to skip ahead.

To access the entrance, you’ll require a Koopa Shell or a Wing Cap. From the start of the level, head towards a small open-air structure on the right. Dodge any menacing enemies and execute a triple jump to reach the roof. Here, you’ll find two blocks – a yellow one with a Koopa Shell and a red one with a Wing Cap. Your choice will determine your next move.

  • If using the Koopa Shell: Ride it counterclockwise around the pyramid until you reach the fence at the front. Jump off the shell and use the stone ramp to reach the entrance.
  • If using the Wing Cap: Execute a triple jump to take flight and head towards the front of the pyramid, adjacent to the large fence. The entrance awaits at the first step of the pyramid.

Reaching the Top

Once inside the pyramid, your goal is to ascend to the top, almost retracing your steps from acquiring Star #3. Begin by heading to the right (counterclockwise) from the entrance, sticking to the paths that line the perimeter, as the center is filled with treacherous, slow-sinking sand. When you reach the far end of the room, jump over the small gaps to find a ramp leading to the next floor.

On the second floor, go right (clockwise) to return to the front side of the pyramid. Along the way, you’ll encounter Goombas and the formidable Thwomp, so exercise caution. At the end of the walkway, you’ll find a pole that you can use to ascend to the third floor.

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Starting on the third floor, head right from the pole, jumping and holding the button down to grasp the bottom of a mesh platform. Shimmy your way to the other side of the steep slope. After crossing, follow the coins to reach the next floor.

The fourth floor poses a challenge in the form of a massive rolling cylinder. In the middle of the wall, there’s an alcove where you can take refuge to avoid the rolling cylinder as it returns. After this perilous encounter, continue along the walkway, which leads to a series of moving steps. If you require a health boost, make sure to utilize the Heart Icon before ascending the steps.

On the fifth floor, prepare for enemies emerging from the walls as you traverse the walkway. The path narrows significantly, so get close to the wall and slowly make your way across to reach a pole at the opposite end.

Climb the pole and turn your attention to the Thwomp on the bridge. You can choose to leap over it as it approaches or slide Mario underneath the Thwomp as it jumps.

Time to Get Coins

Now, the mission gets interesting. Your objective is to collect the five unique coins within the pyramid to manifest the Power Star.

Begin by ascending the steep slope after passing the Thwomp, and halt at the top of the slope. On the right edge of this platform, a border runs with a gap appearing on the right side. The first Coin you need is on a small platform directly below you. Gently jump off the edge, staying as close to it as possible, or take a slow walk off the edge to allow Mario to drop onto the platform below.

Upon collecting Coin #1, you’ll notice it’s marked with a “1” and a distinctive sound to confirm it as one of the unique coins. From this platform, follow the falling sand as your guide. Three more small platforms below contain the remaining Coins.

Jump off the left side just past the falling sand from the platform where you collected Coin #1 to land on the platform below, securing Coin #2. Look to the right side and switch to Mario‘s view to spot the next platform below. Again, execute a light jump just past the falling sand to reach it.

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Turning your gaze to the left, you’ll discover a trench with flowing sand. Jump to land on the trench and follow it as it curves around to collect the final two Coins. Be cautious with your jumps to prevent Mario from getting stuck and sinking into the sand. When you’ve obtained the fifth coin, the Power Star will make its grand appearance at the end of the trench.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I keep getting stuck in the quicksand. Any tips?

To avoid quicksand traps, move quickly, and long jump over them. Timing is key to success!

What should I do if I miss a secret?

No worries! If you miss a secret, simply exit the pyramid and re-enter to start over.

Are there any shortcuts to reaching the pyramid’s top?

Some experienced players use advanced jumps like wall jumps to bypass some parts of the pyramid. However, this requires skill and practice.


The Mario 64 Pyramid Puzzle may seem challenging at first, but with a clear plan and a bit of practice, you’ll conquer it in no time. Remember to stay patient and persistent, and soon you’ll be proudly collecting that Power Star. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to explore other online resources or watch tutorial videos.

Now, it’s your turn to put your skills to the test and show that pyramid who’s boss! Go forth, brave Mario, and seize that elusive Power Star in Shifting Sand Land!

One last tip: Gaming is all about fun, so don’t forget to enjoy the journey and celebrate your victories! Happy gaming!