Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller

The Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller from Microsoft is one of my favorite -Xbox accessories. The hypnotic translucent gradient styles of the previous Phantom Black Controller did it to me the sexiest Xbox controller, which was ever made, and I wish you would make a full Xbox console of this material.

Microsoft, after the white and black controllers, has now produced the brand new Phantom Magenta Xbox controller, which is currently being ordered in advance, with an expected publication date of 17 March 2020.

Microsoft announced two new special editions of Xbox Controllers, which will be published later this year.

In the first place is the rather threatening-sounding Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller. This is (apparently) the third controller, which is published after the white and black versions in the “Phantom” series.

Just like these two, it has a strong color that fades in a translucent design at the top of the controller, so that you can take a secret view of the interior work.

The second is the wireless controller of the Special Edition of Arctic Camo. This can be seen as a counterpart to last year’s camo version and starts a little later in May. If it continues, we can soon expect a complete list of camouflage

Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller Special Edition – Xbox Wireless Controller

For fans of lively sunsets and red wine, the Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller is a wonderful option for Xbox controller-gatherers.

We are big fans of Magenta at Windows Central (of course!), but this controller really brings the moody pigment to a different level. The lively and beautiful transfer of the phantom line of controllers reveals part of the sensitive interior work of the controller and fades into a deeper, dark abyss.

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The sticks, triggers, back, and bumper hold a consistent dark Mauve tone, where the lighter Magenta dominates the top of the track.

The D-Pad has a shiny metal finish that gives a nice piece of flair. In contrast to the gradient, it bears the light that the overall finish gives a nice piece of depth.

The buttons have a nice two-tone finish with a transparent plastic that is flanked by the lighter Magenta-Toon, and the controller has some of the newer modernization, including structured handles and triggers. In addition to its own Xbox connection for older accessories such as the Xbox Chatpad, it also has 3.5 mm connectivity for headphones.

Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller
Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller

Simply put, the controller is a blast everywhere. It has all standard functions, including micro USB connectivity, Bluetooth for PCs and telephones, its own Xbox-Wireless signal for consoles and compatible dongles and laptops, as well as two AA batteries in the box.

The Phantom Magenta Xbox controller costs 70 US dollars and makes it 10 more expensive than the RRP Standard -Xbox controller of 60 US dollars. This is probably not the controller that you would buy as a replacement for a friend who is concerned with his price, but if you like the color and switching, it is a breathtaking addition to the controller collection of someone’s controller.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition

With regard to the functions, these two new Xbox controllers are functionally identical to all others. You will receive a structured handle, a button assignment, and a 3.5 -mm -stereo headset book to connect any compatible headset. The Bluetooth support is also included so that they can also be used on Windows 10 -PC, laptops, and mobile phones.

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Does one of them take their imagination? If you really want to get one, you are now available from a handful of retailers:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller for £ 59.99 in Microsoft Store
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller for £ 69.99 from Amazon UK
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition for £ 59.99 in Microsoft Store
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Arctic Camo Special Edition for £ 59.99 From the game

Of course, Microsoft has already confirmed that existing Xbox One accessories will be compatible with the Xbox series x. You can take them safely and use them with the upcoming next-generation console!

How do we test controllers?

Ignore those who seem to believe that every game with a mouse and keyboard is best suited. Assassins Creed Valhalla is not best played with a keyboard. Street Fighter 5 is not best played with a keyboard. We play most games with a mouse and keyboard, but for PC players with a button, a good controller is a must.

Although I carried out some tests with shooters in the first person, I largely ignored the genre. Although it can be necessary for console players, we will almost always use WASD for every kind of shooter. In this sense, the games that I mainly used for testing are the ones mentioned below:

Katana Zero: A game that requires excellent D-PAD control and reaction fast facial keys.

Street Fighter V: I have been stuck in Street Fighter V with both controllers and fighting sticks for many hours, so I know how it should feel. If I can’t crush a Ki opponent as Ken, something is wrong.

Forza Motorsport: I mainly selected Forza to test the analog sticks that need three properties according to my preferences: featherless enough to get into the center quickly, sensitive and resistant to make light steering adjustments, and conveniently contoured. Therefore, my thumbs are not bloody stumps at the end.

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Games with certain control schemes are more suitable for a controller, e.g. Players are the big ones because most keyboards do not offer pressure-sensitive key switches so an analog stick is the best choice for precise movements. Some games that were ported from the console to the PC have monumental confusing control systems. Entry to the best gamepad club is the right way for them. And while you could treat the fact, a controller is sometimes simply the best tool for the job.

This also applies to games that are PC classics. For example, the Witcher 3 has a much easier control system if it is played with the best PC controller.

Just remember that you can sit back, relax and get into a chilled game session with the best PC controller in your hand instead of coupling yourself via the keyboard and ruining your attitude. We have tested a lot of today’s top consoles console and PC controllers to find out with which people should cheat their trustworthy keyboard and mouse.