How To Make a Bowl In Minecraft

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make a bowl in Minecraft!. The Minecraft bowl serves as a convenient storage container to store soups and stews.

January 2010 saw the introduction of the bowl in Minecraft. Originally, they could only be used to make mushroom stew, but in version 1.0.0 it was also able to use them to milk mooshrooms and later make rabbit stew and beetroot soup. Bowls may also be used as fuel in a furnace if you’re truly fed up with them.

And the best part? You just need three wood planks and a crafting table to craft a bowl in Minecraft! To discover how to create a bowl in Minecraft, keep reading this article on how to make a bowl in Minecraft.

Gather Materials Needed to Make a Bowl in Minecraft

  1. Get at least two logs of wood.

Unless you live in the desert or the ocean, cutting down trees is the quickest and simplest method to collect logs.

The enormous mushrooms found in the Netherworld’s Warped and Crimson woods can also be used for crafting.

Alternatively, logs may be collected by breaking the ones that naturally form as part of constructions like communities, woods mansions, and pillaging outposts.

  • Construct the planks from the logs.

Place the logs or stems anywhere you like in your survival inventory. Pick up the wooden planks on the right and add them to your inventory.

Wooden planks may also be gained by breaking those that naturally develop as part of constructions like communities, mineshafts, shipwrecks, strongholds, etc

  • Make a crafting table.

Start by gathering enough wooden planks to fill up your survival inventory’s four crafting slots. In your inventory, drag the crafting table on the right into place.

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How to Make a Bowl in Minecraft

  1. Open the crafting table.

Minecraft’s crafting table must be opened before you can start making bowls. Right-click on a block to position it while holding the crafting table in your hand. You may open it again by right-clicking on it.

  • Craft the bowl.

For each row, you’ll need an extra piece of wood to go on either the left or right side, as well as an extra piece to go in between each one.

This should result in four bowls, one for each of the four slots.

There are no restrictions on the kind of wood you can use for the planks you choose.

  • Move The Bowls To Your Inventory

Finally, drag the bowls into your inventory so that you may utilize them.

How To Make a Bowl In Minecraft

Where do you get a bowl in Minecraft?

As a “junk” item, bowls can be found by fishing. Traditionally, the dish of rabbit stew was served in pots. Soups made with beetroot are now served in bowls.

Bowls are used to:

  1. Make a mushroom stew from scratch.

Using the red and brown mushrooms and the bowl, decorate your crafting table or survival inventory by placing them anywhere you choose in the crafting area.

A light intensity of 12 or less is required to find mushrooms in their natural habitat. They may also be found in wetlands, big tree taigas, mushroom fields, and biomes in the Nether, among other locations.

  • Make a rabbit stew from scratch.

You may prepare rabbit stew by arranging a bowl, a baked potato, a carrot, cooked rabbit, and a red or brown mushroom wherever on a crafting table where you’ll be working.

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Carrots and potatoes can be found in abundance on farms and in villages. They can also be discovered in chests at pillager outposts, shipwrecks, and potatoes, as well as in the droppings of zombies and zombie variants, among other places.

Baked potatoes are made by simply placing a potato in a furnace with some fuel and watching it cook until the potato is done.

It is required to roast raw rabbit meat in a furnace before you can obtain cooked rabbit. It is alright to kill rabbits to acquire raw rabbit meat since they reproduce in various habitats such as deserts, flower forests, taigas, snow taigas, icy tundras, and frozen rivers.

A light intensity of 12 or less is required to find mushrooms in their natural habitat. They may also be found in wetlands, big tree taigas, mushroom fields, and biomes in the Nether, among other locations.

  • Make a batch of beetroot soup.

Six beetroots and a bowl are all you need to prepare beetroot soup. Start by setting up a crafting table and placing the bowl and beetroot anywhere you like in the crafting area

It is possible to acquire beetroot by picking it from fully grown beetroot crops located on village farms. If you have beetroot seeds, you may produce your own with them. Beetroot seeds can be discovered in chests throughout the game in dungeons, mineshafts, villages, wooded mansions, and end cities.

  • Prepare a suspicious stew.

Suspicious soup can be made with the help of three mushrooms: a red mushroom, an oyster mushroom, and a flower. Open a crafting table or your survival inventory and arrange the materials anywhere you choose in the crafting area you have created.

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In many ways, the suspicious stew is the same as mushroom stew, with the exception that it has varied potion effects depending on which flower was used to make it.

  • Milk mooshrooms for stew.

If you have entry to the mushroom island, you may use a bowl to milk the mooshrooms that are growing on the island’s surface. Right-click the mooshroom while holding a bowl in your hand to milk it.

Red mooshrooms will produce mushroom stew, which is delicious.

You may get suspicious stew if you offer a brown mushroom a flower before milking it, and the stew will have an effect that matches the flower that was given to it.

  • Fuel

It is possible to utilize bowls as a furnace fuel in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, smelting 0.5 things per bowl.


So that is all on how to make a bowl in Minecraft. We also talked about the uses of bowls in Minecraft. Follow all the steps outlined above and you will have a Bowl in no time.