ScoutCam’s Resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™: The Camera of the Extreme

It is utterly safe to say that technology is making exponential advancements nowadays. Progresses are not anymore being counted by the year, but by the months. Yet, this situation has brought forth a very interesting problem. Indeed, while robotics is gradually opening new prospects of discoveries for the human race. Some related technology, such as resilient cameras, are still lacking behind to attain the full reach of our possibilities.

However, is this statement still entirely true? Indeed, new technologies such as the ScoutCam’s Resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™, have recently brought these differences to a par. Such innovation enables the gap between what we think we know, and what we can clearly prove and see closely.

The Camera Tailor-Made for the Industry’s Professional Extreme Situations

ScoutCam camera of the extreme World's Smallest Cam

Let us take for example one of the numerous possible practical professional uses of such an extremely resilient and high-resolution, all-purpose camera of the extreme- the magnificent ScoutCam’s Resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™.

Imagine for an instant, that one of the country’s main atomic power plants is having a breakdown inside one of its reactors with possible radiation leaks. It’s not enough to instantly bring it to a close, but enough to demand an immediate diagnostic made on the entirety of its systems and core facilities. Taken as the initial situation, response teams and experts will surely have a dedicated team of robots in order to breach into the structure and establish a full diagnostic without having to bring in direct human intervention. 

But here comes the dilemma: the malfunction can only be seen with very precise, radiation resilient micro-cameras attached to the ‘dog-robots’ that were sent in. And the cameras actually in use are in no way performant enough to reach such a degree of certitude that the subject can be closed without having to send in humans to perform some final checks. As a result, the whole of the nuclear power plant’s defective reactor would probably need to be shut down no matter what, even though the problem might seem minor after throughout checks.

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Benefits of ScoutCam’s Resilient Camera-as-a-Sensor™

ScoutCam's many application in various industries

Fortunately, we don’t have to go that far, thanks to the robustness and effectiveness of Scoutcam’s micro-camera. Instead, the robots can be used with a wide range of intent and purposes, enabling them to conduct a throughout inspection of the vicinities without being bothered by the possible radiations faltering the camera of the extreme’s effectiveness nor data-output. 

All the while being able, if a set of two or more cameras are in use, it renders a full 3D measurement with stereo vision of their surroundings while still being kept safe thanks to the wide range of integrated object-detection systems inside the camera. Thus, it enables them to carry out their entire duty without taking any risk of getting stuck.

Therefore, it only suggests the possibility to only use human response teams if the situation deemed it necessary. While protecting the infrastructures and systems from a meaningless shutdown, it ensures that such a scenario would only be reserved for cases of extremely dire situations. Thus, not only it provides reliable support to the response teams and helps avoid unnecessary pauses to the company’s activities, but also maintains max efficiency.

ScoutCam – Final Say

ScoutCam 1.2 CMOS camera

Therefore, by partnering with leading extreme professional equipment providers, ScoutCam can be seen as a gamechanger in refining the nuclear sector’s services and equipment through advanced visualization solutions, thanks to this camera of the extreme’s reliability and overall resilience to extreme conditions.

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