How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion?

How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion? Merge Mansion is a puzzle game where you must integrate identical items to create a new element. You can do this until the element reaches its maximum level and cannot be promoted or integrated.

The bush seeds are one of the main elements in the Merge Mansion that you can use to get transplantation and ultimately cultivated flowers. But since you cannot get bush seeds by usually integrating the elements into the garage, we have players who want to know how to get the bush seeds in Merge Mansion. To help players out, we have prepared a useful guide that shares details about How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion, with sharing additional details about the cultivated flowers.

Before starting to combine items to get them, you should know that there are certain sources through which you can get these elements in the game. Read along with the guide as well to learn more about this.

How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion?

How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion? There are two ways to get the bush seeds in the Merge Mansion, the first option is to get them through a game store, and the second option is a brown box. You can get brown chest and others by making a minor merging.

When you reach the 8th level in the game, you get a brown box, from other rewards. So, continue to advance in the game, and you will eventually get brown boxes, which you can get from the bush seeds.

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What do you use the bush seed in the fusion palace

In Merge Mansion, you can use the bush seeds to get the implanted bush element, which then falls into a planting flower. Previously, the cultivated bush used to drop the box. However, during the May 2022 update, the decrease changed to the cultivated flower.

How to get a plant bush and plant flowers in Merge Mansion?

As we mentioned earlier, we covered the ways to get a flower and cultivation in Merge Mansion. The elements that spawn in the puzzle appear from a specific source. When the items are released, you should find an identical element and merge both. Likewise, you can get a bush and cultivate flowers in the same way.

You will receive cultivated flowers as a boiler in the inclusion palace; However, the bush should be at least five.

Each of these flowers has a recharge time of about 60 minutes. The number of drops and levels can vary from the seeds of cultivated flowers to a bud depending on the flourishing bush level. Moreover, the recharge person also ranges from five to eight.

Once you put your hands on the cultivated flower, you can combine it depending on the requirements of the tasks. You will need these in Tranquility Terrace, FROG POND Falls, Flower Garden, and more game areas.

What Are The Stages Of Merging The Cultivated Flower?

The stages of merging the cultivated flower are as follows:

The nine levels of flowers planted in Merge Mansion

  • Level 1 – Planned flower seeds
  • Level 2 – seedlings of cultivated flowers
  • Level 3 – Bud of cultivated flowers (i)
  • Level 4 – The bud of cultivated flowers (II)
  • Level 5 – Planting Flower (i)
  • Level 6 – Planting Flower (II)
  • Level 7 – Planting Flower (Third)
  • Level 8 – Planting flower (fourth)
  • Level 9 – Planting Flower (V)
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The bush planted from the bush seeds can be obtained in the game. You can get these seeds in a brown chest, or you can simply buy them from the store. However, the elements in the store keep mixing. Therefore, before buying, look at the available elements. Once the bush seeds are combined, you will receive seedlings. It will then turn into a small bush and it will be converted into a bush. Moreover, the bush can be upgraded to level 2. At level 2, there is an opportunity to drop the seedlings of cultivated flowers. Bush can be upgraded to level 5.

How to Get the Flourishing Bush in the Merge Mansion

The flourishing bush is the source of the flowers cultivated in the inclusion palace. It stands an opportunity to get the bush seeds from the brown chest. It is usually obtained from events, tasks, or even settlements.

Moreover, you can also purchase it directly from the store when it is served in the sale the flash. The bush seeds will not provide drops as soon as they are obtained; instead, you will have to merge them several times for rewards.

What Are The Merge Stages Of The Planted Bush?

The stages of incorporating cultivated jungle are as follows:

   Planted buses come down only after the 5 levels (image through YouTube Games)

  • Level 1 – Bush Seeds
  • Level 2 – Seedling
  • Level 3 – Small Bush
  • Level 4 – Bush (I)
  • Level 5 – Bush (II)
  • Level 6 – Blossoming Bush (I)
  • Level 7 – Blossoming Bush (II)
  • Level 8 – Blossoming Bush (III)
  • Level 9 – Blossoming Bush (IV)
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As we mentioned earlier, cultivated flower seeds and other drops are available only from the fifth level. Moreover, while improving the bush, the chance of getting a cultivated flower also increases.

Conclusion – How Do I Get Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion?

This is how you can get a planting flower and bush in the merge mansion. We hope this article will be useful for you. While you are here, you can go forward and check other similar evidence such as how to get diamonds in puzzles and survival.