How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival?

Are you looking for how to get diamonds in puzzles and survival for free? Here is one that is very relevant. Puzzles and survival is a super fun game that combines strategy, and basic construction, and combines three puzzle games, the three of the most beloved genres of today’s games. If you want to know more about this interesting title and even learn how to get diamonds in puzzles and survival for free to spend, stay on this page.

Game characteristics

In the world of puzzles and survival, there is a mysterious and dangerous disease that destroys the world and transforms almost all people into zombies. There are only a handful of people, and their mission is to take their followers and help them survive the apocalypse together. If you manage to solve the riddles, you will get the means to make a strong that cannot penetrate a zombie. The task will be difficult, but with a puzzle and survival in the deception of his manga, he will not stop it so easily, even with the fate of humanity in his hands.

How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival?
How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival?

Knowing how puzzles and survival tricks should be used is crucial for rapid progress. Wait for your puzzles and survival opportunities, hope to easily and efficiently fill your account with free diamonds, so you can attack the store in the game and build the best zombie defense system in the world. He is told to build, expand, protect and assemble its base, place new heroes in its army, build alliances with other hunters and perform many other tasks that will keep humanity alive. With your puzzles and possibilities of survival, you are the first and best leader of the New World, with the best weapons, prices, leveling of articles, wealth, and other sweets.

How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival

How to get diamonds in puzzles and survival? Getting your free diamonds is much easier than any puzzle and survival hack.

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This is how the free diamond generator is used:

How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival

First, it is important to write the number of diamonds you need. This can be any number, such as Diamonds 30,000, and will work.

Second, enter the username in the game and select between iOS and Android platforms.

Third, it is necessary to verify your application to prevent the bots from exploiting the system and only obtaining real users to their free sources. This is also easily managed by downloading a free game or completing a survey. In both ways, they are not only easy to do but also free and safe, which is important, unless you want to jeopardize your devices and your accounts and privacy. If you get stuck along the way, you can always contact our support and together we get your free diamonds.

Finally, renew the game and ended it!

How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival?

Battle Councils: A guide on the main campaign in puzzles and survival

In Puzzles & Survival, the main campaign is the main means of progression where the entire puzzle solution takes place. It consists of 24 levels (called “chapters”) with each level consisting of different sub-levels that must be eliminated to reach the next level.

Each sub-level has a different set of enemies, so we recommend that you take note of this to prepare for battle. If each sub-level completes, it will also be rewarded with anti-suffering and combat manuals that are used to update and evolve heroes respectively (we will talk more about this later), and additional rewards, such as gearboxes, can also eliminate construction or the renewal time of buildings in its sanctuary.

Another thing to keep in mind is to play the AP sub -levels will consume (consider it if it has energy). More specifically, 10 AP will be consumed for each attempt, so be sure to leave each sub-level to prevent AP from being wasted.

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How to fight zombies

The game uses tile-matching puzzles as a way of damaging zombies in the game. The rules are not far from other games with mosaic coincidence, such as Candy Crush Saga. To cause damage, you must match at least three colors horizontally or vertically. The orientation of the game is really ready in this game because it determines the address of the attack. Vertical coincidence will only cause damage to a line; However, horizontal coincidence will cause damage with a much broader reach, although at the expense of less damage.

When combining more than three colors, you get special articles that give you a great advantage, namely, a grenade and a stunning grenade. You can unlock the grenade after combining four colors and touching it in the form of a cross. On the other hand, a stunning grenade is unlocked after five games and takes advantage of specific colors to damage zombies. The colors that are activated depending on which color were five matches. When it coincides with five yellows, for example, it gives you a yellow grenade and this in turn will activate the whole other yellow on the puzzle board.

·        Enemy weaknesses

The colors in the puzzles and survival are more than just decoration. Actually, the colors really represent the type of zombies and each type will respond differently to the attacks, depending on what color will be used to attack them first. For example, a purple zombie receives double damage due to yellow colors, while receiving less damage due to purple and green colors.

·         Use of heroes

The heroes are the ones that rotate the tables of the game. In the game, heroes have heroes’ skills that can offer great support in the fight. You can use a maximum of five heroes with your equipment in each sub-level.

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Like zombies, heroes also use the same type of system. The activation of your hero skills depends on the number of times you do competitions with the color of the type of hero. The progress of its skills activation is measured with a yellow beam at the bottom of its HP green bar at the bottom of the screen. Then, coinciding with several yellow colors, for example, will ultimately activate the hero’s skills of a yellow hero.

Some heroes can only attack individual goals (although they pack in their attack), while some can damage each enemy at the same time. In addition, some heroes do not fall directly to zombies but help other heroes that can do so by giving them statistics or HP restoration.

Conclusion – How To Get Diamonds In Puzzles And Survival

We recommend having at least one healer on your team. The earlier healer you get in the game is Doc Gray and his heroes’ skills can partially recover the HP of all other heroes, including him. You immediately lose a sub-level when all your heroes are killed by zombies, so it is extremely important to have a healer in the group.

The heroes are incredibly useful when cleaning the main campaign in puzzles and survival, so it is a good idea to supply many heroes for a better variety in their equipment and also update existing ones.  

Remember this generator when you have to complement your diamond stock and help humanity!