Gameplay Tips for Kagura Mobile Legends

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kagura mobile legends is one of the best elo mages in the game. S-tier option and tough hero type based on the skills she can use to perform her powers. Kagura is an all-in-one hero with a wide range of powers. We’ll go through the skills, combo, and other gameplay tips and techniques for Kagura Mobile Legends in this article.

The Analysis of Karuga’s Skill

A passive ability and three active abilities make up Kagura’s skill set. See what she can do with her talents and how they should be prioritized by taking a look at them. To maximize Kagura’s potential in Mobile Legends, we’ll go through the best skills to employ in various situations, as well as the best skill combinations.

  • Seimei Umbrella Open

Kagura tosses her umbrella in a horizontal line in the direction she wants it to go. For 0.5 seconds, the umbrella will slow down foes by 60% and deliver 315 magic damage.

While moving the Seimei Umbrella, Kagura deals 330 points of damage and slows down the enemies by 60s. This effect lasts for a single second.

  • Rasho Umbrella Flee

This ability is similar to the purify spell. When the crowd control effect is removed, she escapes to the specified direction, abandoning the umbrella in her previous spot.

Rasho Umbrella is used by Kagura to eliminate all of her debuffs before moving on and letting go of it.

  • Yin Yang Overturn

Tosses all opponents in a circle and does 330 magic damage while slowing them by 0.5 seconds by 60%.

She’ll also be given a guard that can absorb up to 280 damage and slow down her enemies for 60 seconds when she accepts the Seimei Umbrella. This effect lasts for two seconds. This effect is only available every 4.5 seconds.

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Kagura Mobile Legends Gameplay Tips

Mid to late-game mage Kagura mobile legends does not have the required early-game damage that is needed for her role. Using her long-range initial skill, poke the adversary from a safe distance and gain an edge. Her gameplay is divided into three stages. At every stage of the game, this Kagura Mobile Legends gameplay tips guide provides the best strategy for success. As long as you know your way around the map, every hero can be unleashed to its full potential.

  • Initial Phases

Begin by purchasing boots and moving to mid-lane to destroy the first set of minions. Keep an eye on the map and attempt to provide vision to your friends by hiding your umbrella in a shrub. They’ll have a better chance at obtaining Lithowonder if they can use this strategy early on.

For early ganks, Kagura should have level 2 and be able to make use of that second skill’s short stun time. Immediately after finishing your boots, acquire the Lightning Truncheon as your first core piece of equipment. Early on, don’t expect to wreak havoc on your adversaries with a single combination, especially if you’re just starting.

  • The Midway Point

Try adding Clock of Destiny as her second core item to increase the damage dealt by Lightning Truncheon’s passive ability to strike faster. This two-piece set should provide Kagura a good advantage over the opponent’s backline, even if they aren’t fully equipped with HP. Because of this, your gang should always target the backline.

  • Late Game

To get Kagura’s third core item, the Holy Crystal, you must achieve some kills or at the very least a lot of assists at this point. After obtaining these three essential goods, Kagura will become more aggressive and hunt down Marksman or Mage characters who aren’t in the proper position to harm. Despite not being a fundamental item, the Genius Wand is a popular choice for Kagura mobile legends latest version, so be sure to get it.

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Item No. 4 is yours to pick from the Divine Glaive Blood Wings, Magic Necklace, or Winter Truncheon as your last choice. Even in the late game, Kagura’s umbrella may be quite useful in providing a safe distance for her opponents to see her. Sell Boot and purchase Immorality after you’ve gathered all of these goods.

Kagura mobile legend

Skill Combos for Kagura Mobile Legends

The most challenging aspect of playing Kagura is executing flawless combinations. You may practice her moves in the practice mode before going into a real battle since they are a little difficult to grasp and perfect. When it comes to Skill Combinations, the most popular and effective is:

  • Skill 1 – Ultimate – Skill 2 – Ultimate – Skill 1
  • Skill 1 – Skill 2 – Ultimate – Skill 1 – Skill 2

Using Kagura, launch an umbrella toward the adversary. The Seimei umbrella’s cooldown will be reset immediately if you use ultimate immediately. Quickly adjust your umbrella to the enemy’s location before teleporting to the umbrella with Rasho Umbrella Flee and delivering Ultimate’s delayed 2nd phase damage sans the umbrella.

Any opponent will have a significant impact from these three combinations, regardless of their kind. In each of these combinations, the damage, blinks, and dashes are all fully used.

Additional tips on playing Kagura Mobile Legends:

It is a good idea to put Lolita and Kagura together. It’s a good idea to have two shields on.

At this time, the metagame favors teams with heroes like Chou, Minotaur, Eudora, and others with high cooldown consumption (cc). Deploy purify to counter this trend.

Attempt to push your lane as aggressively as possible at the beginning of the game to try to take the blue boost from your opponent’s squad.

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To use Kagura mobile legends, you must know how to use them as an additional weapon. Even though it isn’t as good as the middle of the lane, you can always use it in the off-lane. However, she does not give as much protection or engagement as a character like Franco, Minotur, and Rafaela throughout the early stages of the play.

If someone is on top of you or your squad and your cooldown on your second ability has run out, you can still stun them by sending out your umbrella and hitting them with it. Do this to help yourself or your teammates rip away from the pack.

If someone is on top of you attempting to murder you, and your umbrella is away from you. If they have you pinned down, all you have to do is move away and stun them with your passive to make a successful escape.

Before she gets killed yet another time, enjoy her while you can!

Final Thoughts

We’ve already spoken about the fact that Kagura mobile legends is an all-in-one hero with a wide range of skills. No matter what your rank is, Kagura is a strong option in the current game. Kagura Mobile Legends will be a blast with the techniques mentioned above.