Heart Of Spectrum Lost Ark Secret Door

Heart of spectrum lost ark secret door; Lost Ark has a lot to offer in terms of content. Players have miles of land to run around, fight enemies and find secrets. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: sailing is also there.

Where sailing is done, there are other continents to land on, in addition to small islands with fun missions to complete. Turtle Island is a good example.

Gamers will eventually encounter the continent of Arthetine and perhaps make their way to the Heart of Sceptrum, one of the many dungeons in the game.

What Is The Heart Of Spectrum Lost Ark Secret Door?

It is one of the hidden things that are hard to find in the game without help. It corresponds to the secret door in the Heart of Sceptrum dungeon, which we’ll tell you how to get to right away. So pay close attention so you can find the secret door to the heart of Sceptrum.

Where Can You Find The Heart Of Spectrum Lost Ark Secret Door?

The first thing you need to do is go to the main story mission finding the Arks, which requires you to have completed much of the main story of the game. At a certain point in the story, you get a ship and you can go sailing on the open sea.

To access this dungeon, you must continue on the blue questline until you reach the Arthetine continent. When you get here you have to go to the Nebelhorn Institute where you will find this dungeon. It can be completed solo efficiently, but if you want to open the secret door, you’ll have to go to some friends.

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You can use the in-game chat to ask questions, bearing in mind that since this is a late dungeon, the hard matchmaking version of this dungeon will definitely group you with other players who also want to open this door.

When you gather a group of players, each player must simultaneously turn the valves, which are placed on their way through the dungeon. And when you finally open the door, you will find a boss to take down and various crafting tools.

Lost Ark: How and Where To Find The Heart Of Sceptrum

To find the Heart of Sceptrum, players must meet a number of requirements:

  • Being able to sail
  • Leave the “Finding the Arks” quest unlocked
  • Another player

These conditions are met by simply playing Lost Ark; they’re both parts of the main story, although “Finding the Arks” is a late-game task and isn’t available until much later in the story. As you progress through “Finding the Arks”, you will land on Arthetine, one of several continents in Lost Ark.

On the continent Arthetine you also reach Nebelhorn. There is a dungeon in the center of the map called the Heart of Sceptrum. While the mission can be completed solo, there is a secret door inside that requires another player to unlock.

  • Step 1: Enter the Heart of Sceptrum with at least one other player. Use the matchmaking system if necessary
  • Step 2: Find the not-so-hidden door in the dungeon
  • Step 3: There are two valves. You stand with one and your party mate stands with the other
  • Step 4: Simultaneously turn the taps to unlock the door
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The door offers little space, apart from a boss and some craft supplies. The boss is not hard to beat and the crafting tools are helpful. In addition, the dungeon contains seven Mokoko seeds.

For those who have yet to reach the open sea, they must first have a boat. This vehicle is usually unlocked between levels 35 and 38.

The questline begins with “The Wind Stays While Dreams Fade” and ends with “Set Sail!”. With sails unlocked, it’s just a matter of unlocking “Finding the Arks” and then to the Heart of Sceptrum in Lost Ark.

Location in Heart of Sceptrum

To find this dungeon, you must progress through the blue questline until you reach the continent of Arthetine pictured above. Once in this region, head to the Nebelhorn Institution and find this elusive dungeon. Unfortunately, this dungeon can be completed solo efficiently, but the only way to open the secret door is with a group of friends.

If you need to find a group of players, try using the in-game chat and asking around. Since this dungeon is a late-game quest, the hard matchmaking version of this dungeon can often group you with other players looking to open this tricky door.

There is currently no way to open the secret door when you are alone. Suppose you have a group that normally goes through the Sceptrum dungeon. When you come across the huge door with multiple flaps, each player has to turn the flaps at the same time. Don’t worry about finding this door; the valves will be placed directly in your path through the dungeon.

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When you open this door you will discover an easy meeting with the boss, a small handful of tools and nothing more.

Conclusion – Heart of Spectrum Lost Ark Secret Door

Heart of spectrum lost ark secret door? It is one of the hidden things that are hard to find in the game without help. Here in this guide we have helped you with all you need to know about where to find the heart of spectrum lost ark secret door.

So now that you have read this guide, let’s hope you can unlock this door soon now that you know where it is.