Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark?

Looking for where to farm trees lost ark? Lost Ark is one of the best top-down fantasy MMOs on Steam; Lost Ark is trending among gamers. It was the second most played game within twenty-four hours of its release. While the game mechanics are there with a lot of MMORPGs, it also has a great plot and quests that can attract and entertain the players.

Logging is one of the important activities in the game. Since trees are an important resource in Lost Ark, you will have to grow numerous trees. In this guide, we will show you Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark in the game.

In this guide, we will break down where to farm trees in the Lost Ark.

Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark?

Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark? In the Lost Ark, trees can be cut down to collect wood. While you’ll likely come across several trees by chance along your journey, there are some places, in particular, that are more fruitful than others.

Here are the 4 best places to grow trees in the Lost Ark;

1.      Platinum Fields

While this isn’t exactly a source like the other two, it will still allow you to grow trees without losing energy. Wood is an important resource in the Lost Ark and platinum fields are a great place to farm it. As long as you have an entry ticket for the Platinum Field.

2.      Bilbrin Forest

Bilbrin Forest is the best place to grow trees in the Lost Ark for players who haven’t unlocked their ship yet. Throughout the region, you will find a large number of pergola trees, as well as different qualities of wood. All of these spawn quickly, meaning you can wander around the forest and continue to get wood until your trading ability energy runs out. There are also tons of hunting targets in this area that can provide meat for cooking or crafting materials into animal hides and skins.

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3.      Giant Mushroom Island

The next place you need to look to grow trees in the Lost Ark is Giant Mushroom Island. Which will offer much more variety of trees in larger quantities. However, you will first need to have a boat to travel to the island. You also need to be at least level 10 in the Lumberjack trade skill, otherwise, you won’t be able to grow any of the larger trees in this area.

4.      Panda Island

Lastly, we have Panda Island. Which, like Giant Mushroom Island, is home to thousands of different trees just waiting to be cultivated. Also, the trees on both islands reproduce quickly, so you can farm as much as possible until your trade skill energy runs out. Although the same rules apply in that you will need a ship and be at least level 10 in lumberjack.

That’s all you need to know about where to farm trees lost ark. If you’re interested in more games, tricks, and tips, be sure to check out our guides section here on techsn games.

Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark
Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark

Where do you get “The Final Report” quest in Lost Ark?

This quest is worth the work; The expansive world of Lost Ark offers players countless quests to undertake in order to progress through the game’s detailed and addictive story. With so many to complete, it can be difficult to keep track of where each one can be chosen and how it works in terms of the overall story. Today we’re going to talk about the Lost Ark “The Final Report” story quest, where to find it, what rewards you get for completing it, and why it’s important to the overall story of the game. Let’s dive into that!

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When it comes to why you would want to complete The Final Report story quest, it is because it helps kick off the final stages of the game. It is, along with several other quests, an integral part of unlocking highly sought-after endgame content. It is the final quest in Yorn’s main quest line. To unlock Yorn’s main quest line, you need to have reached item level 600. To do this, simply hone your level 1 gear up to +15 and you’re good to go.

To find The Final Report story quest, you would also have had to complete the subsequent quests within Yorn’s main questline, starting with “Yorn’s Cradle.” You are given access to The Final Report after you have completed the dungeon, Ark of Arrogance, which is located in the Hall of Promise. Once the dungeon is finished, head to the Great Castle in Yorn and report back to Kaysarr to complete the Final Report.

Once completed, players receive something cool. The Final Report story quest is specifically what gives players access to not only end-game content but also the opportunity to start challenging and earning Tier 2 content and gear. This, in turn, will improve the game. Level your item to the next one completely.

So while it’s not a terribly complex quest overall, its importance is pretty essential to the entire plot, as well as the progression of player development. So, if you’re a player finishing up your Ark of Arrogance dungeon exploration, then you’re just around the corner from some pretty exciting stuff.

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That’s all there is to know about how to find the Final Report in Lost Ark. You now know its location, its rewards, and its long-term importance.

Conclusion – Where To Farm Trees Lost Ark?

Logging is one of the six trading skills players can acquire in Lost Ark, and possibly the most valuable. Sure, you need to fish and hunt for food and other valuable resources, but collecting wood can provide several benefits. From upgrading your fortress to building different shipping materials. Of course, the first step in the logging process is locating the wood.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places to log into Lost Ark!