Gold and Goblins Tips: Should I Always Merge Goblins

Gold and Goblins Tips: I’m not going to lie I’m usually not the biggest fan of mobile games and when I first started playing Gold and Goblins I thought I’d put it down almost immediately but for some reason, I just didn’t put this down the game since I got it.

I’m clearly no stranger to management games and take pride in building a Twitch community on games like Two Point Hospital, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, and the Sims 4 (which I don’t think is much of a management game.)

While most idle games aren’t considered management games and are more focused on things like Farming, more akin to My Time at Portia or My Time at Sandrock, I feel like Gold and Goblins is a lot more “management” oriented as players really watch their money to make sure they complete their mines on time.

The reality of Idle Games is that there’s no rush to actually complete anything as players can essentially log in every few hours to maneuver their Goblins around and make sure they upgrade their Mines, but sitting back too long can make it worse and make tasks take days to complete.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to play games that they don’t write or stream about, this is the biggest reason I can’t play these types of games for a long time. It’s no secret that staying in the game for an extended period of time will give you more resources, especially since players can watch ads or randomly pull resources from their cannon before the cooldown is complete.

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While players who can play the game passively while at work or have free time to stay logged in will benefit, there are a few Gold and Goblins tips and tricks I want to discuss in this game that really helped me to make rapid progress.

Today’s topic is about gold and goblins tips whether it is worth merging your Goblins together or whether it is better to have multiple Goblins working on the same rock or structure.

Granted, depending on what stage a player is currently playing in, sometimes players will want to spend their time leveling up their mines, and other times they’ll want to make sure they have a fleet of Goblins to offer.

While I’ll be diving into these types of topics over time, today we’re going to focus on what to do with your Goblins.

Gold And Goblins Tips: How Do You Get Goblins And What Do You Use Them For?

Gold and Goblins tips – Goblins are the main workers in Gold and Goblins, the only creatures that can break down rocks and structures.

Players can buy Goblins at the bottom of their screen with gold they have collected, although each time a player buys a Goblin, the cost of the next Goblin increases, and while all Goblins that can be purchased starting as Level 1, as players add more Goblins buy, they unlock higher level Goblins to buy.

Players also get a free goblin from the cannon every 30 minutes where they can see what level the goblin will be by the number on the cannon, but if players stay logged into the game and on the podium, they are currently trying to succeed, they may occasionally collect some random resources.

Gold and Goblins Tips
Gold and Goblins Tips

Admittedly, this will be the best way to get yourself through rounds, which is a bit frustrating for players who can’t stay logged into the game for long periods of time.

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That said, players can also purchase upgrades from the shop, feeding the game’s “cash cow” mechanic.

While any Goblin can damage Rocks of Structures, players want to make sure they get as many higher-leveled Goblins as possible to get rid of Rocks and Structures faster. Basically, think of it this way: a level 7 Goblin takes 7 minutes to destroy a level 7 rock, while a level 6 Goblin takes a lot more time.

Again, if you’re not one to go through stages quickly this will be less of an issue, but if you’re participating in events, it’s not really an option.

Should I Always Merge Goblins?

The answer is yes and no. The reality is that players always want to merge their Goblins when they are actively playing the game, but if you log in right before bed, I highly recommend having as many unmerged Goblins as possible as this can significantly help you blitz through a mine as long as the time it takes to break the structures of rocks is shorter than the time it takes to sleep.

For example, I always try to have at least 5 or 6 Goblins in my Mine at night so that by the time I wake up I have at least 5 main resources that are all outsourced. If you can use your night shift to open new mines you can automate them by the time you wake up or just collect all the gold they drop.

Essentially, every time a player merges a Goblin, the goblin will work twice as fast and deal 5% more damage to whatever it is trying to break down.

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Because of this increase in speed and damage, players will want to use their higher-level Goblins to shred through lower-level resources, as this significantly reduces the time it takes to actually progress through a level.

There is never a situation where two Goblins will be better than one on the level. However, it is worth placing two Goblins on a resource to speed up time, as long as they are different levels that cannot be combined

Conclusion – Gold and Goblins tips

The reality of Idle Games is that there’s no rush to actually complete anything as players can essentially log in every few hours to maneuver their Goblins around and make sure they upgrade their Mines, but sitting back too long can make it worse and make tasks take days to complete.

Here in this guide on Gold and Goblins tips, we have discussed some tips and tricks that will really help you to make rapid progress.