Where to find all Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

Where to find all Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark? Searching for resources has always been an arduous task in video games. It’s no news that this can be quite boring and often cause players to leave the game altogether. The search for seeds is no different than that.

Fortunately, there are guides to relieve the pain and stress that are usually much worse without help. With this guide, we’ll help you find Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds.

Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds Explained

Toto Silver Island is an island populated by a group of Totoiki (with different shapes and faces) and Creation Eggs, and given its proximity to Tortoyk, this makes a lot of sense. That said, it is quite a small and simple country.

Toto Silver Island contains a total of three Mokoko Seeds, which is a relatively normal amount of seeds for the Lost Ark Islands. they do not equal easy hiding places. Plus, the smaller islands tend to have the best-hidden seeds, so let’s see where they are.

Where can you find all the Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds in the Lost Ark?

Toto Silver Island is located in the central Gienah Sea, between the Credos Ocean to the north and the Atusia Ocean to the west. It is located southwest of Anikka and immediately north of Tortoyk, the closest island to the sleeping giant.

Toto’s Silver Island has a total of 3 Makoko Seeds, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them all. Here’s how to find Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds.

Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds 1

The first Mokoko seed is well obscured by shrubs and trees, making it only visible from certain angles as it is blocked by treetops from most positions. To see it, hover a little below the actual location of the seed, which is in the middle area on the eastern edge of the island. The other option is to just walk to his location and of course, let the game ask you to interact with him.

Mokoko Seeds Two and Three Hidden Entrance

The second and third Mokoko Seeds are barely off the map and can be a bit tricky to access. The hidden entrance is one of the large eggs with a light green glowing door, and since there are quite a few of these on the island, it can be a little confusing. With that in mind, the correct one to enter is the westernmost part of the island. Just outside, three creation eggs roll around.

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Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds two and three

Both seeds are in the large egg, clearly visible against the dark green grass on the ground.

Once this is done, you have successfully collected all the Makoko Seeds available on Toto Silver Island.

How to increase the supply of Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

There are reportedly over 1,200 Mokoko seeds available to exchange for rewards in Mokoko Town. There are plenty of collectibles scattered throughout the Lost Arks locations, but none are as numerous as Mokoko Seeds.

You can get rewards from the Totoma, which is located at the top left of Mokoko Town. You only need 1200 credits to get all the rewards available to Totoma (NPC at Mokoko Trading Post) in Tortoyk.

Wisdom Isle is also primarily where you get the rewards from collecting the Hearts of Giants, so it’s going to be a place you’ll be visiting quite a bit. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to access certain regions unless you take out the enemies in those triangles.

Once you reach the Mokoko seeds, there is no way back up, so you have to avoid the southernmost triangle. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the Southern Triangle first, via tripport to Barrier Trail, and then complete the Northern Triangle.

How to Unlock Toto Elder Rapport in Lost Ark?

The Toto Silver Island token can be received once you reach the trust level with the Toto Elder. First, let’s talk about how to unlock Toto Elder as an NPC.

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You can unlock Toto Elder by fulfilling a quest condition and a virtue condition. This quest is called Totokis New Dream. This mission is one of the last missions to complete on the island. The virtue requirement for this quest is 20 Wisdom and 30 Kindness.

Reaching a trusted stage with Toto Elder will give you a total of 18,000 report experiences.

You may not use report gifts, memorize all songs and emotes, and complete the associated missions. It takes about 34 days to reach a maximum relationship with Toto Elder.

Lost Ark Toto Silver Island Missions

Here is a list of island missions on Toto Island, along with their rewards.

Song From Home

This quest requires you to complete the Tortoyk World quest first. Gives you +1 goodness, a beautiful shard chest, and 4800 silver. Toto Elder will ask you to play a song he doesn’t remember how to play in this quest.

The song will be called Heart’s Melody, which you can find in the Sheet Music tab. Play this number twice to complete this quest.

Time Wears You Out

This quest does not require any other quest. Instead, you get +1 Kindness, 2 Beautiful Shard Chests, and 4800 Silver.

Also in this quest, you have to massage 5 Toto Silvers that are scattered around the island.

Totoiki’s Dream: The Temperature

This quest does not require any other quest. Instead, you get +2 Kindness, 2 Splendid Shard Chests, and 7200 Silver.

Your goal in this quest is to research the creation of eggs and advise Toto Elder to prepare the eggs for hatching. You must then proceed to collect the three Rock Moss scattered around the island.

Totoiki’s Dream: Fragrance

This quest has no quest condition and gives you; +2 Kindness, x3 Splendid Shards Chest, and 7300 Silver.

Go talk to Elder Totoma in Tortoyk Mokoko Village. Then prepare the creation eggs to hatch.

You need to collect 10 red cashew nuts in Seaswept Woods and 5 Mokoko Pollen in Mokoko Village.

Now you need to create Tortoyk’s scent. For this, you can ask Chef Telara for help and then hand it over to Toto Elder on Toto Silver Island.

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Totoiki’s Dream: Creation

This quest will give you a frustrated emote and 9700 silver. In this quest, you help hatch the Eggs of Creation.

Please refer to the manual and contact Toto Elder. Then play the Heart’s Melody emote.

Totoiki’s new dream

This quest will reward you with five beautiful shard chests and 14,500 silver. In this quest, you empathize with Toto Elder using the frustrated emote. Then talk to him and find a way to comfort him.

Collect 3 of Totoiki’s opinions and advise Toto Elder to start collecting as a hobby.

Toto Silver Island Mokoko Seeds – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

Where are the Mokoko seeds on Toto Silver Island?

The seeds can be found in a building on the left side of the map, near some water. The moment you enter the premises, you will find Mokoko Seeds right in front of you.

What are Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

The number of Mokoko Seeds you discover while exploring the Lost Ark affects the number of rewards your character will earn. 1,210 Mokoko Seeds can now be found. Most will be hidden, but some will require you to meet a requirement to unlock them.

How do you get Toto Island tokens?

Once you have established a trust-level relationship with the Toto Elder, you can get the Toto Silver Island Token.

Are Mokoko Seeds Important?

They give you a small amount of roster experience, giving you a quick way to improve your roster and unlock new perks.