TechsnGames Awards – The Best Minecraft Seeds of 2022

Unsure of the best Minecraft seeds 2022 where you can create your fantasy world? There are code-like digits inputted into the game which contain pre-set worlds to visit and explore. It could be an isolated island village or something far beyond mysterious for you to try out. Each seed has its own unique highlights and challenges to try out that offer a satisfying sense of exploration as you would get from your casual playtime.

Now that Minecraft 1.18 is out, there’s a lot for you to explore from the blocky sandbox game. More biomes and materials mean more things to do for content creators in terms of crafting seeds, so expect to try out the unexpected. Try to look at our list to see some of the most beautiful terrains we’ve spotted in version 1.18.

Using Minecraft Seeds 2022

Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that can be loaded up to explore for yourself or with friends. Before creating a new world, you can input these codes to load up a particular place for you to begin your exploration. Just keep in mind that your Minecraft version should be up-to-date, okay? Or else, there will be a chance that the seeds will be slightly different or won’t work at all.

Thankfully, you can choose among the older versions if needed. Just click your target version in the drop-down box in the launcher and load it up. And now, here are some of the best Minecraft seeds 2022 we’ve discovered so far.

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Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft has completely shaken up the gaming community with the recent version. The update is still fresh, but there are already a lot of cool seeds for you and your friends to try out. Here are our top five favorites so far, explored by yours truly – the TechsnGames team.

Mountain Valley Villages

Seed: 460628901

This seed flexes how mountains can now be in version 1.18. You’ll start right in the valley at the center of a snowy peak near the villages. Leaving the valley as it is or turning it into a version of your own village is entirely up to you. However, if you try this seed in the Bedrock version, it will still work, but without the said villages.

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 – Expansive Badlands Biome

Seed: -8226612225474760216 

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 expansive badlands

This seed flexes the next-gen capabilities of the latest version. This extremely large biome ranges from clay spikes to clay mountains to small crater lakes in between. Aside from that, there is a desert village and a ruined Nether portal along the shoreline.

Two Villages At Spawn

Seed: 5725851600822493716

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 2 villages

If you’re fond of villages, we highly recommend this seed to start with. Two very close villages will be your spawn point. Maybe you’ll wanna establish your home base between the two or construct a road instead to connect the two – entirely up to you. Anyway, this seed will surely brighten up your mood.

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 – Swampy Mansion

Seed: 8156889042544246423

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 swampy

Need a house near spawn to hone your combat skills? This seed may provide you with a house nearby, but it’s surrounded by swamps, making it extra creepy. Just head southeast of your spawn point and you’ll find it. Be sure to stock up and gear up first, tho. Also, there will be two villages for you to visit nearby.

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Secluded Jungle Coves

Seed: 2825049098349321056

Best Minecraft Seeds 2022 secluded

This seed clearly demonstrates the beauty of update 1.18 when it comes to world generation. There will be a mountainous jungle surrounding the warm ocean with rocky cliffs. There are also large caverns for you to explore beneath some stone cliffs. You should try finding the ruined nether portal as well!

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