Minecraft 1.19 – Here Are Some New Things Coming On The Wild Update

Fireflies, Frogs, and many more will soon come to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild

Minecraft Live 2021 has come and gone, but it left exciting announcements to keep up the hype. Seriously we really thought that after the second part of Caves and Cliffs, then that will be it. It turned out, that we still have something to watch out for next year, and that will be Minecraft’s The Wild Update.

The devs have decided to move the Deep Dark update to The Wild update and have shown off how noisy shrieker traps can summon a Warden, a scary hostile mob that can be encountered in the Deep Dark biome.

We can still expect dripstone caves and lush caves, as well as snowy biomes to be released later this year. But for now, here are new features coming with the 1.19 update. 

When Will Minecraft The Wild Update Be Released?

Minecraft Wild Fishes

Although there’s no official date yet, all we know is that it will surely arrive next year.

Minecraft 1.19 Features

Allay Mob

The allay mob, which won the vote of the year, will arrive with the Wild update. It’s a dancing fairy-like creature that will help you collect items as you explore.

Boats With Chest

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. The devs suggest that since wilder rivers will be introduced, they might as well include this with the update. Now, you won’t have to worry about returning home to resupply, since you can bring your supplies with you as you expand your explorations.

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Just like in real life, you can get muddy just by pouring water on dirt. That’s why mud blocks will be included with this update. You can either turn it into clay or mud bricks to add something new to your home.

Frogs And Fireflies

Frogs will also make their way in 1.19, complete with animated croaks. They’ll start as tadpoles before growing into one of three variants – tropical, snowy, or swamp – based on the temperature of the biome they’re in. There will also be fireflies, which can be eaten by the frogs.

Mangrove Swamps

The Wild Update will feature a new biome called mangrove swamps. You can plant mangroves either underwater or inland, where they’ll grow up into giant trees with vines hanging around them. You can then harvest a new type of wood from them.

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