Everything To Know About Naomi Animal Crossing

Everything you need to know about Naomi Animal Crossing can be found in this post, which includes her personality, appearance, birthdate, and clothes and accessories.

Naomi is a snooty cow villager that appears in the Animal Crossing game series. Her Japanese given name is a stereotypically rural/country girl’s given name in the sovereign country of Japan. 

Her first remark is a play on the sound cows make, moo, and the moolah, which is a way some people pronounce “money,” alluding to the fact that most snooty locals live a wealthy lifestyle. 

Her English given name might be a reference to Naomi Campbell, a well-known fashion model, and television personality.

The Key Details of Naomi Animal Crossing

  • Birthday: February 28th Pisces
  • Favorite saying: “Moo like there’s no tomorrow.”
  • Catchphrase: “moolah”
  • Clothing: Groovy Tee, Marble-Print Dress 
  • Default clothing: Marble-Print Dress (Pink)
  • Default umbrella: Spider Umbrella
  • Favorite styles: Elegant and Gorgeous
  • Favorite colors: Colorful and Purple
  • Hobby: Fashion
  • Carried bag: Pink Bag, 
  • Book: Fashion Book Interior 
  • Food: Sandwich Food 
  • Drink: Smoothie or coffee cup Drink 
  • Popsicle: Chocolate Popsicle

Naomi Campbell, the well-known fashion designer, and model may have inspired the name of this snooty cow! Besides being a fashion enthusiast, she also enjoys shopping for the newest fashion and home decor. 

She is talented in photography, and she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her namesake and become a fashion designer! The Kilimanjaro coffee with two milk and sugar is her favorite. KK Milonga is her second favorite song, followed by KK Aria.

The Appearance of Naomi Animal Crossing

Naomi is a light blue cow with black hair and a white nose. She has a white snout and a light blue body. Black is the color of her eyes, and she has red eyeliner, pink blush on her cheeks, and a red lip gloss. 

Her horns have a bright golden color. The interior of her ears, as well as the tip of her tail, are both a bright crimson color. Despite the fact that her front hooves are red, her hind hooves are black. She starts off in the Groovy Tee, which is available for purchase at GracieGrace.

Naomi Animal Crossing

The Personality of Naomi Animal Crossing

A quick explanation of the snooty personality is provided below. Here, you can find out more about the subject.

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In addition to having a Snooty disposition, Naomi enjoys wearing make-up and chatting. To begin with, Naomi will come off as nasty and arrogant towards the player, often relating stories about herself and her own life experiences to the player. 

Occasionally, she mentions the fashion and looks of other villages, typically other female villagers who are described as regular, perky, and a variety of other snooty characters. She will gradually get more comfortable with the player, confiding in them about their sentiments while being slightly nasty. 

As a result of their lack of concern for their appearance or their dislike of the food she eats, Naomi will have difficulty getting along with lazy villagers; similarly, she will have difficulty getting along with jock villagers because they will question her about her physical appearance and because they will not be concerned with fashion. 

Due to their comparable unpleasant personality, she will, on the other hand, get along with grumpy villagers, as well as with the majority of regular villagers.

The House of Naomi Animal Crossing

Naomi’s home in New Leaf is filled with artifacts from the Classic Series. She has a Classic Vanity, in addition to a funky-dot shirt as well as a pink tee. The Classic Sofas and Buffet are also part of her collection. A Stain Glass Lamp is perched on the top of the Classic Buffet. 

An old phonograph, which plays K.K. Milonga is perched on her Classic Table in the corner. She just has one plant, which is a Bromeliacae. Her wallpaper is called the Kitschy Wall, and her flooring is called the Red Tile, among other things.

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When Naomi appears in New Horizons, she continues to play K.K. Milonga on her phonograph. The brown antique series has replaced the classic series, and she now owns one Double Sofa in dark brown instead of two. She has red Art-deco walls and flooring in the lobby.

When was Naomi added to the Pocket Camp?

Naomi was added to Pocket Camp as part of the update on May 15, 2018.

In terms of concept, Naomi prefers the contemporary, and she likes to reward her users with preserves. Her online profile goes as follows:

Naomi becomes disinterested in childish individuals very fast. She protects herself with her maturity as if it were an armor against the attacks of silly.

Naomi Friendship Rewards

She will reward the player with a groovy shirt and glitter stones when their friendship reaches level 7. (x1).

She will award the player with sparkling stones after they reach level nine (x1).

When the player reaches level 10, she will require that the player construct a large display case.

She will reward the player with a picture of Naomi as well as sparkling stones when they reach level 20. (x1).

When the player reaches level 25, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 30, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 35, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 40, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

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When the player reaches level 45, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 50, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 55, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).

When the player reaches level 60, she will award him or her with sparkle stones (x1).


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