How to get PS5 games free?

Ah, the thrill of gaming! And if you’re a PlayStation 5 (PS5) enthusiast, you know the excitement that comes with playing the latest blockbuster titles on this cutting-edge console. However, we all know that the cost of gaming can sometimes leave a dent in our wallets. Fear not, fellow gamers! In this guide, we will delve into the art of obtaining PS5 games for free! Yes, you heard it right, absolutely free! So, buckle up, tighten your shoelaces, and get ready to explore the diverse avenues of gaming on a budget!

How do I get games for PS5?

Embrace the Power of PS Plus!

The first step to dive into the world of free PS5 games is by becoming a member of PlayStation Plus. This subscription service not only grants you access to online multiplayer gaming but also offers an array of free games every month! Get ready to revel in the excitement of playing top-tier titles without spending a dime. Here’s how you can leverage the power of PS Plus:

  1. Sign Up for PS Plus: Head over to the PlayStation Store and subscribe to PS Plus. Don’t worry; it’s easy as pie!
  2. Monthly Free Games: Each month, Sony drops a selection of handpicked games that are yours to download and keep as long as you maintain your subscription!
  3. Limited-Time Trials: Often, PS Plus members receive exclusive access to limited-time trials and demos for the hottest games on the market. This is your chance to get a taste of the game before you decide to purchase it!

Participate in Game Giveaways!

Free games are not an urban legend! Developers and publishers regularly hold game giveaways as part of their promotional activities. Keep an eye on various gaming platforms, social media, and official websites for exciting opportunities to grab PS5 games at no cost!

  1. Twitter Treats: Many game developers conduct Twitter giveaways, where all you need to do is follow, retweet, and tag a friend for a chance to win a free game! Easy peasy, right?
  2. Gaming Forums: Join gaming communities and forums, such as Reddit’s r/FreeGameFindings, where gamers share information about ongoing giveaways and limited-time offers!
  3. Gaming Events: Stay updated on gaming events, trade shows, and conventions, as they often feature giveaways and exclusive access to upcoming PS5 games.

Become a Product Tester!

Believe it or not, some gaming companies offer the opportunity to test their games before they hit the market. This might involve signing up as a beta tester, providing feedback, and uncovering bugs. And the best part? You get to enjoy the game for free during the testing phase!

  1. Beta Testing: Keep an eye on game developers’ official websites or social media channels for beta testing opportunities. Being a part of a game’s development process is an exhilarating experience!
  2. Bug Reporting: As a beta tester, you’ll play an essential role in identifying and reporting bugs or glitches. Your input helps the developers polish the game before its official release.
  3. Exclusive Rewards: Some developers reward their beta testers with free copies of the final game as a gesture of appreciation for their contribution.

Explore Free-to-Play (F2P) Games!

The gaming industry has seen a surge in free-to-play games that offer immersive experiences without any upfront cost. Dive into a vast library of F2P games and discover a treasure trove of exciting titles!

  1. PlayStation Store: Head to the PlayStation Store and explore the “Free-to-Play” section to find a plethora of games covering various genres.
  2. Multiplayer Delights: From battle royale epics to multiplayer shooters, F2P games offer intense and thrilling gameplay with no entry fee!
  3. In-Game Purchases: While F2P games are free to download and play, some may offer optional in-game purchases to enhance your gaming experience. However, these purchases are entirely voluntary.

Top Free-to-Play Games for PS5 in 2023

1. Fortnite – A Battle Royale Sensation

Fortnite continues to reign as a gaming phenomenon, captivating players with its adrenaline-pumping Battle Royale mode. Players are dropped onto an island where they must scavenge for weapons, build structures, and outlast their opponents until only one victor remains. The game’s ever-evolving landscape, live events, and regular updates keep the experience fresh and exciting. Moreover, the extensive collection of cosmetic items allows players to personalize their characters, giving them a sense of individuality in the midst of intense competition.

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2. Apex Legends – Thrilling FPS Battle Royale

Apex Legends is another top-tier Battle Royale game that has garnered a massive player base. Its fast-paced gameplay, unique legends with diverse abilities, and constantly evolving meta keep players on their toes. The developers consistently introduce new characters, weapons, and cosmetic items, ensuring that the game remains a dynamic and immersive experience. For FPS enthusiasts, Apex Legends is a must-play title that promises endless excitement and thrilling victories.

3. Genshin Impact – An Enchanting Fantasy Adventure

Venturing into a fantasy world, Genshin Impact delivers a captivating action RPG experience. Players embark on a journey as “Travelers,” armed with elemental abilities, exploring the breathtaking world of Teyvat. The game’s single-player campaign unfolds a compelling narrative, unveiling secrets and unraveling mysteries. Each character possesses unique abilities, encouraging strategic team compositions and engaging combat mechanics. With a stunning open world and regular content updates, Genshin Impact keeps players engrossed in its fantastical realm.

4. Destiny 2 – A Legendary Looter Shooter

Transitioning into the realm of looter shooters, Destiny 2 has solidified its position as a top free-to-play title on PS5. The game provides an engaging combination of FPS and RPG elements, set in a rich sci-fi universe. Players assume the role of Guardians, wielding powerful weapons and abilities to combat enemies and conquer challenging raids. Bungie’s commitment to delivering consistent updates and expansions ensures that Destiny 2 remains an ever-expanding universe, offering a wealth of content for players to enjoy.

5. Astro’s Playroom – Nostalgia and Platforming Delight

Pre-installed on every PS5, Astro’s Playroom pays homage to the history of PlayStation and delights players with its charming platforming experience. Players control Astro, a lovable robot, as they navigate through various levels filled with references to iconic PlayStation games and hardware. The game showcases the capabilities of the PS5’s DualSense controller, providing players with an immersive sensory experience. Astro’s Playroom is a delightful adventure that appeals to gamers of all ages.

6. Warframe – Deep Customization and Immersive Gameplay

Warframe stands out as a third-person RPG that places a strong emphasis on deep customization and engaging gameplay. Players take on the role of “Warframes,” powerful ancient warriors, and embark on thrilling missions across the galaxy. The game’s modding system allows players to tailor their Warframes and weapons to suit their playstyle, making every encounter unique and rewarding. With constant updates and expansions, Warframe continues to offer a wealth of content for players seeking an action-packed sci-fi adventure.

7. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – A Battle Royale Powerhouse

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 builds upon the success of its predecessor, delivering an intense and prestigious battle royale experience. The game features rotating seasons with fresh content, including new weapons, maps, and limited-time events. With its polished gunplay and realistic graphics, Warzone 2.0 offers an adrenaline-fueled combat experience that caters to both Call of Duty veterans and newcomers alike.

8. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Whimsical and Competitive Platformer

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout adds a delightful twist to the battle royale genre with its whimsical and creative design. Players control charming jellybean-like characters competing in mini-games and obstacle courses. The levels are filled with zany challenges, encouraging both cooperation and competition. Fall Guys is a refreshing and light-hearted experience, providing a much-needed break from the intensity of traditional shooters.

9. The Sims 4 – A Life-Simulation Classic

The Sims 4 allows players to indulge in the joy of life simulation, creating and guiding virtual characters through various life stages. While the base game is free-to-play, players can purchase expansions and DLC packs to expand their Sims’ world with new professions, locations, and items. The Sims franchise has maintained its popularity for years, providing players with a sandbox of endless possibilities to craft their own stories.

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10. Path of Exile – Immersive Action RPG

Path of Exile offers an extensive and immersive online action RPG experience, appealing to fans of the genre. Players explore a dark and gritty world, battling hordes of monsters, and customizing their characters with a deep skill tree. The game’s replayability and solo-play options make it an ideal choice for those seeking challenging gameplay and character development.

11. Rec Room – Social Fun and User-Generated Content

Rec Room serves as a social hub for PS5 users, offering an array of user-generated content and enjoyable activities. Players can participate in various multiplayer games, collaborate in creative building projects, or simply socialize with others in virtual reality. The game’s focus on user-generated content keeps the experience fresh and exciting, as players can always find new and innovative adventures to embark on.

12. War Thunder – Vehicular Combat Excellence

War Thunder takes players into the thrilling world of vehicular combat, offering various modes for players to enjoy. From dogfights in the skies to tank battles on land and naval warfare on the high seas, War Thunder covers a wide range of military vehicles and eras. The game’s attention to detail and historical accuracy make it a standout choice for players with a passion for military history and strategic gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I really get PS5 games for free without any catch?

Absolutely! You can indeed get PS5 games for free without any catch by utilizing legitimate methods. As mentioned in the guide, becoming a member of PlayStation Plus is one of the best ways to access free PS5 games every month. Additionally, participating in game giveaways, becoming a beta tester, and exploring free-to-play games are other excellent avenues to acquire free PS5 games legally and safely. By following these methods and staying away from piracy or illegal means, you can enjoy the latest PS5 titles without spending a penny!

Are the games acquired through PlayStation Plus permanently mine?

Yes, the games acquired through PlayStation Plus are yours to keep as long as you maintain an active subscription. Once you download a free game from the monthly selection offered by PS Plus, it becomes a part of your game library. Even if your subscription expires, you can still access and play the games you downloaded while being a PS Plus member.
Renewing your subscription at any point will give you back access to the entire collection of free games you had previously obtained. So, rest assured that the games you receive through PlayStation Plus are yours to enjoy for as long as you have an active membership!

Is it safe to participate in game giveaways and promotions?

Absolutely! Participating in legitimate game giveaways and promotions is generally safe and can be a fun way to potentially win free PS5 games or other exciting prizes. Many reputable game developers, publishers, and gaming websites organize these giveaways as part of their promotional activities to engage with the gaming community and reward their loyal fans.
However, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure that you are participating through official channels. Here are some tips to stay safe while participating in game giveaways:
Stick to Official Sources: Participate in giveaways hosted on official game developer websites, social media accounts, or gaming platforms. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information on unfamiliar websites.
Check for Verification: Before entering a giveaway, verify that the organizer is genuine. Look for the blue checkmark (verified account) on social media platforms to confirm the authenticity of the account.
Read the Rules: Familiarize yourself with the rules and terms of the giveaway. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and understand how the winners will be selected.
Beware of Scams: Be cautious of fake giveaways that may ask for payment, personal information, or sensitive data. Legitimate giveaways will not ask for such details.
Avoid Sharing Sensitive Information: Never share sensitive information like passwords or financial details in the context of a giveaway.
By following these precautions and using common sense, you can safely enjoy participating in game giveaways and promotions and increase your chances of winning free PS5 games and other exciting rewards!

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Can I become a beta tester for any game I want?

While becoming a beta tester for certain games is a possibility, it’s essential to understand that not all game developers have open beta testing programs for the general public. The process of selecting beta testers can vary from one game to another and often depends on the specific needs and goals of the game’s development team.
Here are some important points to keep in mind:
Official Announcements: Keep an eye on the official websites, social media channels, and forums of game developers and publishers. They may announce beta testing opportunities when they need feedback from players to improve their games.
Limited Slots: Beta testing programs usually have limited slots available for testers, especially for highly anticipated games. Developers may select testers based on specific criteria, such as their gaming experience or interests.
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): As a beta tester, you might be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the game’s content and development details confidential until the official release. This is done to prevent leaks and spoilers.
Feedback and Bug Reporting: Beta testers play a crucial role in providing valuable feedback to developers about the game’s mechanics, bugs, and overall experience. If you have a keen eye for detail and enjoy providing feedback, beta testing might be a good fit for you.
Platform Compatibility: Beta testing opportunities might be platform-specific, meaning they might be available for certain platforms (e.g., PS5, PC, Xbox) and not others.
Remember that while becoming a beta tester can be an exciting experience, it is not guaranteed for every game. Developers often have their own selection criteria and may choose testers based on various factors. Keep an eye on official announcements, participate in gaming communities, and express your interest in beta testing when opportunities arise!


Congratulations, savvy gamer! You’ve made it to the end of our comprehensive guide on “How to Get PS5 Games Free?” Now, armed with knowledge, you can embrace the world of gaming without worrying about your budget. Remember to explore the power of PS Plus, keep an eye out for game giveaways, and seize opportunities to become a beta tester.

Gaming is a passion that unites players from all walks of life. So, why let financial constraints hold you back from experiencing the magic of PS5 games? Embrace the tips and tricks shared in this guide, and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey without spending a cent! Level up, explore vast worlds, and immerse yourself in the wonders of gaming on a budget. Happy gaming, and may the adventures never end! Game on! 🎮