Call Of Duty: Cold War – Upcoming Game Review

The feeling of using your killstreaks to dominate your opponents has never been so rewarding in this game, not to mention knifing someone, for added humiliation. As a fan of huge FPS games like Call Of Duty: Cold War, the hype can be way too overwhelming already. Interestingly, this is the first Call of Duty co-created by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software.

Some interesting features about this game include slide cancelling, the ability to support cross-platform gaming, its connection to Call of Duty Modern Warfare, retention of game progress from previous iterations, and multiple endings among others. Activision announced that Call Of Duty: Cold War will be released on the public servers on November 13 within this year. So, ready your loadouts lads, for battle is coming!

Single Player Campaign

The game is set in the early years of the Cold War where it follows the pursuit of the CIA on a certain Soviet spy named “Perseus.” As soon as President Ronald Reagan learned of the spy’s motives on destabilizing the United States and tipping the balance of power towards the Soviet Union, he tasks Russell Adler with his SAD/SOG team to counter Perseus.

The US and Soviet are both nuclear-capable superpowers on the brink of war. Although, both nations didn’t come directly to war, they resorted to “proxy wars” instead. It brings with its countless clandestine operations in order to fight for their sides in a discrete manner. As the game claims, it is inspired by actual events where it will bring you iconic places such as Vietnam, East Berlin, Turkey, and KGB Headquarters.

Main Characters

Call Of Duty T-72 Tank
Land Vehicles In Multiplayer Mode


He is a CIA Agent being tasked with stopping a mysterious Soviet Spy named Perseus. He once joined the MACV-SOG operations to investigate some Soviet activity in ‘Nam. After that, he disappeared from CIA records, although still getting involved in a number of clandestine operations. However, during a mission in Turkey, Adler discovered the activities of Perseus and four days later, he built his SOG team.


Alex Mason also returns, but this time he was not brainwashed in Vorkuta, since this game has a different storyline to bridge the connection to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. He is one of the main characters, and will be until the end.


Frank Woods is badass supporting character in the Black Ops series. Additionally, he also has his own story arc in Black Ops 2. However, in Call of Duty: Cold War, he will be one of the main characters inside the game. Hopefully, he will be even more badass than ever.


Little is known about Mr. Shade’s role, but it was learned that he was the one who tasked Adler in forming his team to catch Perseus. In Call of Duty Black Ops 2, it was revealed that he has turned traitor due to Raul Menendez’s threats. Hopefully in this newest game, he won’t turn traitor any longer.

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Perseus is the mysterious Soviet spy and the main antagonist in Call of Duty Cold War. He plans in sabotaging and subverting United States dominance, thus tipping the balance towards the Soviets. The first knowledge about him was from a letter in Warzone, where Imran Zakhaev looks upon him as his mentor.

Gameplay And Mechanics

Call Of Duty: Cold War Tanks
Call Of Duty Multiplayer Mode


The game now has more improved and realistic graphics than its previous predecessors. It also features ray tracing support and other detail improvements to provide excellent visuals from sun rays up to bullet impacts. The game is optimized to allow an immersive 60fps gaming and make loading times much shorter, especially during competitive times.


The well-loved Gunsmith finally returns to Call of Duty Cold War. It enables players to customize their guns at their will. Moreover, it provides more attachments to make your weapon unique and fit your playstyle. Although the Gunsmith categories has their own weaknesses and strengths, they greatly affect the speed, ammo, firepower, and accuracy of the primary weapons such as:

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are built for a variety of combat scenarios. Usually they can already eliminate enemies within 4-5 shots. Its relatively balanced stats make it a great baseline compared to other gun categories. With the right attachments, it can be made for short, medium, or long range. For one, don’t forget to check out the QBZ-83 because it has the best speed stats in the class. You’ll easily adapt to its recoil and spread to wield it effectively.

Submachine Guns

Submachine guns, like shotguns, are best for close-quarters battles because they are lightweight, aim faster, have low recoil, and excellent rate of fire. Also, they usually have 4 magazines because the ammunition can be expended quite fast. You can try the Milano 821 because it has high damage per shot and low recoil, making it a versatile and compact package.

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Tactical Rifles

Tactical rifles are similar to assault rifles but unlike their brethren, they usually burst or semi-burst fire. They also have a higher bullet speed, so expect that your shots will reach the target faster than most guns. If you progress up the later path, unlocking the M16 can be a good choice since it has the perfect balance in burst-fire, accuracy, and damage- the typical M16 in the long line of Call of Duty Series.

Light Machine Guns

Their name can be ironic, but light machine guns are the heavyweight weapons in the game.  They have a high ammo capacity before reloading and definitely packs a punch. However, a smart way of using such firearms is not by spray-and-praying. Although LMGs can fit any mode, they can be more effective in Fireteam and Combine Arms modes. If you’re able to unlock the RPD, gunfights will be much easier due to its amazing features like lightweight design, high speed ammo, and a more favorable hip fire spread.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are the best in class because they are mostly able to eliminate a target from any range within one shot. Although they can be formidable in the right hands, it still depends whether you can precisely hit your target or not. If you’re able to use the Pelington 703 bolt-action rifle, you might rack up your killstreaks quickly. This sniper rifle can guarantee death even when the bullet grazed the target. Moreover, it can aim quickly and has a minimal weapon sway.


Pistols can be your companion especially when your primary goes out. Gaz always reminds us that switching to pistol is always faster than reloading (although knifing someone can be the fastest). Moreover, you can also unlock a three round burst pistol although it can only be effective in certain situations.


There’s nothing more satisfying than knifing someone. Players prefer it more than using the pistol especially when the adversary is just within arm’s reach. Moreover, the knife can be your killing companion if you don’t want to appear as a red blip on the minimap. It’s great for those operators who don’t have silenced weapons.


Call Of Duty: Cold War Zombie Mode
Call Of Duty: COld War Zombies

Aside from Jugger-Nog and other returning mechanics wallbuys, mystery box, and perks, Zombies mode will also feature a new storyline called “Dark Aether.” Also, for the first time, Zombies can now exfil, meaning they can now escape as long as they can survive. As for the main character of the Zombies mode, Grigori Weaver with his Requiem team will play the part.

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The Multiplayer will bring back some fan-loved game modes. Also, it will have maps able to accommodate 6vs6, 12vs12, and even the game mode “Fireteam”, which can support up to 40 players. Fireteam introduces a large-scale battle which can even involve land, sea, and air vehicles.

Aside from that, Control mode from Black Ops will be making its return, which is suitable for extremely competitive players. As for the teams, you can choose among the factions available such as MI6, CIA, Spetnaz, and DGI. Loadouts and wildcards are also back, giving you more freedom in customizing your class. The weapons’ parameters are changed during combat to give a more realistic feeling, like ballistics.

Release And Additional Content

If you pre-ordered the game, you’ll have a chance to participate in the Open Beta. There, you’ll be given a specific weapon blueprint for future use. How cool would it be to get the Woods Operator Pack and play as himself in Warzone and Modern Warfare?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Trailer

Know Your History – Official Call of Duty®- Black Ops Cold War Trailer

Final Say

Not to be biased, but I have to say that this game is becoming more and more excellent throughout the years. It almost gives a Battlefield experience, will still sticking to its run-and-gun, and fast-paced roots. One more thing that I loved the most from this franchise is its immersive storyline. Every Call of Duty player will always have Captain Price, Mason, Soap and Gaz in their hearts. I am looking forward for this game, especially since it’s made by the best developers in town. Indeed, there is a soldier in all of us. 

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