Spoofing Mechanisms Of Location For Pokémon GO, On Android & iOS Devices

In this article, I would like to introduce the facilitation of smooth playing of Pokémon GO by spoofing a player’s current location on both Android and iOS users. By this, players belonging to rural areas can also access Pokémon GO. I know this sounds amazing, right? And if you are interested in more such technologically influenced Ideas, TechiePlus is your ideal website for all things Technology.

Spoofing Mechanisms For Pokémon GO On Android.

How can I spoof my location for Pokémon GO Android devices? Let’s answer this common question developed in several Pokémon GO players’ minds from different corners of the world who wish to hide their actual location from this location-based game. An interesting fact that you might not be aware of is that you require only a single service to spoof your location in Pokémon GO. Yes, this statement is true! So, let’s continue our journey to learn more about how to spoof location for Pokémon GO easily on Android to make more from this game.

All the best and strong VPN services available in the market can help you by hiding your current location from the ordinary websites you wish to visit. These regular websites may believe and trust that you are accessing their content from a different location than your actual location by utilizing the regional servers. It seems hard for these websites to track your exact GPS location. You can use multiple servers and privatize your original while approaching Netflix, Amazon Prime, ordinary websites, and even access to the blocked content. But apps like Pokémon GO are smart enough to catch you. They can easily make out or have the ability to find your exact, current location or the area in which you are present.

But in order to successfully access Pokémon GO, make use of the best VPN available in the market. Not all VPNs can make this possible, except SurfShark.

Spoofing Mechanisms Laptop

This VPN is cheap, pocket-friendly, and affordable to many players. With the help of SurfShark, you can easily spoof your GPS location from anyone. Surprisingly, this VPN comes for $2.49/month. However, SurfShark provides more than its price and turns out to be economical as well. SurfShark is worth the money spent on it and can surely hide your original location when playing Pokémon GO.

However, the feature mentioned above currently supports Android devices only. Say, if you are an Android user, you may access this. SurfShark’s committed GPS spoofing mechanisms can fool Pokémon GO by making them think you are in a position where you do not belong.

The Pokémon GO users can approach poke-stops, gyms, and, etc., features available in the Pokémon GO. If you live in the countryside, outskirts, or rural areas, your wish to see the tempted colors of the world will be fulfilled. Now, anyone can access to watch the other side of the country.

An important thing to consider is that spoofing mechanisms are described as cheating or tricking by Niantic. So, the users can be banned by following this procedure. You have to decide and think twice if you are comfortable with maintaining your privacy of the location or with accessing Pokémon GO honestly. Consider the risks involved.

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Complete Mechanism To Spoof Your Location On Pokémon GO

The following steps briefly answer the question of how to spoof location on Pokémon GO.

Spoofing Mechanisms VPNs

Merely follow them to spoof your location successfully.

Step 1 Start by signing up in the SurfShark. Then, you can install it via the Play Store on Android. Then, allow and accept the terms and permissions asked by SurfShark.

Step 2 Next, simply move ahead to the settings on your phone. From there, move to ‘About Phone’.

Step 3 For entering developer mode, tap seven times on the build number.

Step 4 Then, return to settings. Tap on the developer options through it, which may be positioned at the bottom or end of the menu.

Step 5 Next step involves turning on the mock location app which may be known as allowing mock locations and from this, simply choose SurfShark as your current mock location.

Step 6 Then, you have to download and install a module called mock, mock locations. As it is observed that few apps do not function properly and up to mark with the mock location turned on. The reason for downloading this module is to trick others by showing that the mock location is switched off.

Step 7 Simply open SurfShark and select the location of your choice. The SurfShark VPN will automatically spoof your current location and link your server to your preferred location. One significant tip to do before this is to open any app which you would like to trick.

What Will Happen If I Try To Spoofing Mechanisms With Multiple VPN Options?

Spoofing Mechanisms Globe

Well, you may try spoofing your location with different VPNs, but then you have to separately install a GPS spoofing app along with the VPN you choose. However, I must tell you, the SurfShark has an in-built spoofing mechanism which makes it exceptional from other VPNs available in the market. It can also be said that it’s the only VPN to have this feature, and the users do not need to download various apps individually to perform their tasks.

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Let me briefly explain to you about the thing mentioned above. For example, if you wish to use one of the best VPNs available like ExpressVPN, then firstly, you have to download and install this from the app store. Secondly, you’re also required to download a GPS spoofing app separately. Finally, you may try a fake GPS location available in the App Store for spoofing your original GPS location and hide it from the public.

Then, after the completion of these steps. Next, you need to enter the mock location app, which is present in the developer options. From there, now you may choose your preferable spoofing app.

Now, for this mechanism to work, you have to open your VPN, link to the server, and then get going by opening your GPS on the app. Then, simply set and connect your current location nearby to your VPN server properly. Accordingly, open that act which you want to fool or privatize your location.

What Are The Other Reasons To Spoof My GPS Location?

The popularity of the question is skyrocketed day by day. Indeed, it is the most asked and favorite question among the crowd. Well, firstly, by spoofing your current GPS location, you can access Pokémon GO. Players residing in definite regions cannot access various apps like Pokémon GO. It becomes difficult for these people to enjoy their favorite apps which they cannot access. Particularly, players living in underdeveloped or rural areas are always facing drawbacks in this field.

As you can see, there are multiple apps in the Google Play Store for spoofing GPS locations. But for accessing Pokémon GO, just utilizing a spoofed location is not at all enough. This game can detect your trick applied to them by recognizing your IP address which will be unmatched with your GPS location. Many players are aware of the fact that this game is familiar with banning people who use spoofing mechanisms to disclose their actual location. So, before using this technique, it is advised to be careful and not make a single mistake while doing so.

Some people might be worried about what if apps like Messenger and Google Maps can unravel their present location when they are not supposed to do? However, apps like Messenger and Google Maps can indeed convey your actual location. So, when you don’t require these apps to tell your location, you can leave these apps on a wild goose chase till you wish to reveal your actual location to others or use a location service by spoofing your GPS location. Isn’t this a great idea? If you liked it, then at least try it once.

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For Spoofing GPS, Which VPNs Are Right On The Money?

What Is IP Spoofing?

Here, You May Refer To The Top-Rated Three VPNs That You Should Give A Shot!

  • SurfShark VPN

Of course, this is the best way VPN available in the market. Its built-in GPS spoof feature is above all. With the application of this VPN, you can easily spoof your current location without much fuss and disappointment. It is only this app that can fulfill all your requisite demands, and you don’t have to install any other app to improve its usability. You will never get caught in spoofing your GPS location. It is completely automatic and affordable too. Only an amount of $2.49 has to be spent in a whole month to use it. Even a money-back guarantee of 30 days has been given as an offer to the users.

  • ExpressVPN

I recommend you to use ExpressVPN, which also has the best service. But you have to use a different app for spoofing your location as this VPN does not constitute any in-build spoofing mechanisms. The unique feature of this VPN, which I would like to mention here, is that it has over 3000+ services, burning speed, and outstanding apps which are compatible with almost every single device. Its overall performance is better than SurfShark. However, every month, one has to pay $12.95 to access this VPN.

  • NordVPN

This VPN is known to provide the topmost protection and privacy to the users. Its service quality is of the next level. Its applications are not just limited to phones but also work well with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. This VPN ensures full safety and protects your web trafficking from spoofing mechanisms. NordVPN is also cheaper and costs only $11.95/month.

We have dealt with the mechanism that helped you spoof your GPS location for Pokémon GO on Android devices. Now let’s learn more about a guide for spoofing Pokémon GO on iOS devices.

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