Grab Yourself A Pokemon Custom Frame Art Before It’s Too Late!

Are you wondering about ways to preserve your treasured Pokemon cards? How about putting these cards into Pokemon custom frame art in order for them to last long for more years to come? Here, we offer personalization services to satisfy every gamer and fandom. You can even take part by either picking among our preset card collection or providing your own like these most-picked cards below:

Some Pokemon Custom Frame Art Options

Pokemon Custom Frame art for any card you have
Gonna Catch ‘Em All!
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Pikachu – This electric-type mouse Pokemon is one of our bestsellers. Although it’s already quite expected to go for Pikachu as your main choice, it’s still the best choice. After all, your love of Pokemon would be complete without a Pikachu around, yes? Choosing this Pokemon will definitely make Ash Ketchum proud!

Squirtle – If you’re one of those water Pokemon fans, you can choose Squirtle to fit your Pokemon custom frame art. It’s one of the most loved and most popular Pokemons around, that’s why any guests in your home or gaming room will stop and acknowledge your towards Pokemon. It’s perfect for those who love cute things as well.

Charmander – Another cute Pokemon if you want some highly-personalized custom frame art around! This one’s a fire type, so prepare for some “fiery” wall décor if you decided to put this in a good angle of your house. Charmander is not only popular but also a classic one. This is why it’s well-loved by any Pokemon fans out there.

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Bulbasaur – Venusaur was once cute when it was still Bulbasaur. This grass type, reptile-like Pokemon will surely fit every room, especially if yours is a Pokemon-themed one. However, they are still cute creatures. That’s why people most of the time choose this if they are asked for a Pokemon of their choice. So, if you want to preserve your Bulbasaur card for many years to come, putting it in a custom frame art is the best thing to do.

Mewtwo – If you want to go for a more serious one, go for this Mewtwo custom frame art. This psychic-type Pokemon will let people know that you appreciate its powers and capabilities. After all, Mewtwo is considered to be the strongest Pokemon ever. So, have this on your wall to inspire you to defeat virtual bosses each day when playing your favorite games.

Custom Frame Art Highlights

Purely Handmade, High-Quality Design
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We make sure that our frame arts are purely handmade, so delicate care is guaranteed each time we make one that’s right for you. For this piece, the order can either be in conservation grade or plexiglass materials. So, be sure to decide what’s more suitable for your gaming or living area. For more info regarding the frame, check the frame specs below.

Pokemon Custom Frame Art Actual Design
Actual Pokemon Custom Frame Art
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Pokemon Custom Frame Art Specs:

100% Handmade

Shadowbox frame and acid-free backing,

either plexiglass or museum glass

100% authentic Pokemon card

3D-raised effect on the card choice

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12.5in x 8in x 1.25depth

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