Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming

Leveling up is an essential part of Final Fantasy 15, but you may also enhance your character by gaining ability points (AP). In order to claim nodes in the various Ascension grids, you need AP, which can be obtained from a variety of methods. You will be able to enhance your ascension grid talents more quickly and easily if you use your ability points wisely.

Final Fantasy 15 Ap farming is a quick way to get AP in the game. Final Fantasy 15 AP farming might be a time-consuming process, but we’ll teach you how to do it efficiently in this article.

How Ability Points (AP) Works In Final Fantasy 15

While gaining experience points and levels is certainly important, the advancement of your character in Final Fantasy 15 is split between two separate stages. Although the idea of purchasing skills on a separate grid isn’t exclusive to Final Fantasy, how it is implemented in Final Fantasy 15 is quite a bit different from previous entries in the series. AP is the currency that is used to purchase abilities, and it may be gained in its special way by accumulating experience points and leveling up in the game.

The development of characters in Final Fantasy 15 takes place along two separate paths of evolution. The first is gaining levels via EXP. The second is AP and the Ascension Menu, a crucial mechanism to master and effectively use if you want to maximize your gaming experience.

The ascension menu is organized into several different categories, and each of its pages has several different skills. These skills will either better Noctis, his companions, how they interact with one another, or just about all of the aforementioned things.

Activating anything on these menus will cost you AP, so it is essential to have a sufficient amount of AP available and to use it carefully. The good news is that there are several simple strategies you can use to increase your AP score while putting as little effort as possible into it. This is the Final Fantasy 15 Ap farming method. So, how about we get started on that?

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How to Farm AP in Final Fantasy 15

AP rewards are far more ambiguous and varied than experience points, which are earned via fights or missions. However, you are going to want to do everything in your ability to earn as much AP as possible since that is the only way to get access to the insanely strong and essential skills that are available in Ascension.

Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming
Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming

However, given how vast and ambiguous AP gain is, it can be tough to figure out how to carry out such a task. But you may speed up the process of getting AP by doing a few simple things.

This Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming tutorial will go over various different methods that you can use to boostt the amount of AP you can get.

Level Up

Upgrading your characters earns you three AP every level, making this the most straightforward and obvious method of gaining AP. Because it’s triggered by leveling up, you’ll earn the AP after a night at a hotel or a camp. As a result, boosting the AP received from leveling is a good way to speed up the process of leveling.

Use the Ascension Nodes

Fishing, Chocobo riding, racing, camping, driving, cooking, and photography are just a few of the AP-boosting options in Ascension’s Exploration area. Explore the many branches, and make it a priority to unlock the nodes that correlate to the activities that you already do the most. Activating Armigers, executing Armiger Chains, and casting spells all result in more AP in the Armiger and Magic sections, so make sure you don’t miss those nodes. Get AP-boosting nodes as soon as possible so that you may begin investing in additional nodes as early as possible.

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Kill Enemies

Sometimes your teammates may draw you aside and provide some advice on a strategy that you should use. This advice will come in the form of a requirement that you need to complete, such as completing two link strikes or delivering a particular amount of damage.

If you choose to take their advice, you will be expected to follow the plan. You will receive a small amount of AP for completing them, but you only have a few seconds to do so, so move fast.

That’s not all; if you kill an enemy using Warp-Strikes, Link-Strikes, or Blindsides, you’ll get a single AP point, so you’re keen to continue fighting and try new techniques.

The Best Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming Method (Warp Strikes)

Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming has never been easier than this. Follow these steps;

  • Get through chapter 4 to get the beast whistle.
  • Grab the Just armiger’s shield.
  • Go to Hammerhead’s neighboring desert, the one across the road.
  • To summon your enemies, blow on the whistle.
  • As soon as they begin to appear, use the shield to warp strike them.  The AoE damage it does means it may kill them even before a confrontation begins if they are too close together.
  • Continue until you’ve obtained all of the AP you want.

You’ll get 2-4 AP for each group, and you’ll only need approximately 5 seconds to summon and defeat them. This method will get you at least 200 AP in 10 minutes of farming.

Use Havens

The primary function of these havens is to allow you to camp, which entails resting and cooking. In addition to camping, havens also serve as a place for training. Training with Gladiolus will be available to those who pick the Train option while on the Haven. Each rank you achieve will reward you with 5 AP.

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However, AP is earned in a more indirect manner when camping. If you’ve never camped at that particular haven before, you’ll gain an AP just for coming there. Changing your overnight camping location offers you a little boost in AP accumulation, but every little bit helps when it comes to accumulating AP.

Havens are also connected to unique side missions known as Tours. These are brief vignettes that center on a certain character and, upon completion, provide you with 20 AP. Simply set up camp in a designated haven to begin your Tour.


So to summarize, if you like fishing, investing in the skill that rewards AP when you catch a fish and just going out to fish is an excellent way to get AP while having fun. As a last resort, you can adhere to the Final Fantasy 15 Ap Farming method we’ve outlined above. If you have a better suggestion, please feel free to post it in the comments section below.