Final Fantasy Ice Cave Map

How to Get to the Final Fantasy Ice Cave? The Cavern of Ice, often referred to as Ice Cavern or Ice Cave, is a locale that appears in the first version of Final Fantasy. It is situated to the north of Mount Gulg and the only way to get there is via canoe.

The Ice Cave has a number of tiles that have cracks in them, and these tiles act as pitfalls since they shatter when the player walks on them. As a result of this action, the player will be lowered to the floor below the cracking ice. Although this is frequently an irritation, the only way to access the Levistone (Floater in the NES version) is by descending a level through a cracked tile . This is due to the fact that the Levistone itself is encircled by broken tiles, making it hard to access it directly from the ground it rests on.

The Ice Cave is famed for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it is notoriously tough compared to dungeons that came before it and even a number of dungeons that came after it.

When confronted by an army of Winter Wolves or White Dragons, for example, the party can be destroyed with only one attack.

Cockatrices and mummies are teamed together for the first time in this dungeon, making stone-inflicting birds more difficult to escape from, while the Dark Wizards who prowl the bottom levels have spells that may quickly kill one or more party members. A large number of consumables is strongly recommended, even in “easy” game modes for this dungeon.

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How to Get to the Final Fantasy Ice Cave

The bay to the north of Crescent Lake is the most direct route to the Ice Cave. There is a port to the north, but docking the ship at the river mouth to the west is faster.

If you want to go to the Ice Cave from the mouth of the river, you need to first travel northeast from the tiny lake you come across. At the next junction, turn east, and then turn west at the next two. The Ice Cave’s entrance is just ahead on a trail through the mountains. The Final Fantasy Ice Cave Map

In the Final Fantasy Ice Cave Map, you will encounter three floors; the Ice Cave B1, B2 and B3.

Final Fantasy Ice Cave
Final Fantasy Ice Cave 2

Ice Cave B1

Ice Cave B1 is known for the stairway placed in the middle of its dungeon, which leads to the World Map. This stairway is useful after the Levistone is obtained, although using it too early might be frustrating.

There is a good chance that a Cockatrice/Mummy enemy group will emerge on this level; make sure the party has enough Gold Needles and Phoenix Downs before moving on.

The top floor of the Final Fantasy Ice Cave map features a significantly different set of enemies than those below it. The Wizards and Coctrises with Mummies are the most common kinds of group you’ll come across. Don’t waste spells on the WIZARDS, but if you’ve gotten the Zeus Gauntlet out of order, don’t be afraid to use it on them.

You can’t flee from Wizards as you have in the past. It’s a different situation with the COCTRICES, who can be easily dispatched with FIR2 and their sleep-inducing MUMMY buddies.

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While exploring the Final Fantasy Ice Cave map, you’ll come across a slew of Wraiths, which can be found on every level. In comparison to other Undead you’ve seen, their assault comes with Paralysis; nevertheless, with just one every round, they are less frightening. HRM2 spells have an easy time dealing with them because of their strong damage output and great evade.

Ice Cave B2

The Levistone, which is needed to build the airship, can be found in Ice Cave B2. Evil Eye, the Levistone’s defender, is much weaker than the other monsters in the dungeon. The Light Warriors can only enter the Ice Cave B3 via the cracked floor portions; all floor sections go to the same area.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with a gang of 1–3 sorcerers on a regular basis. For your own safety, you should avoid either of their two methods of assault. When they’re not using TRANCE, which may paralyze the whole party, they’ll employ something else.

Each of their three standard attacks does minimal damage but has the potential to kill the target. Due to their lack of evading, paralyzed warriors are significantly more vulnerable to this assault. The KO effect, like TRANCE, cannot be resisted.

Fortunately, sorcerers are pretty simple to kill. Unless the warrior is paralyzed or killed, physical assaults will quickly eliminate them. Due to their excellent magic defence and low elemental resistance, you may use spells like ICE2 or LIT3 to weaken them.

Ice Cave B3

Special floor tiles in Ice Cave B3 inflict harm on the party members who step on them. An Ice Armor set and a White Dragon White Dragon are the only significant treasures in the northwest chamber. Taking the stairway in the southeast corner, instead of going up to the second level, gets you right down into the Ice Cave B1, which is weird.

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Take care of your party after each combat with the Dark Wizards on this level. If the battle begins as an ambush, many Dark Wizards may easily wipe off the whole party with a single cast of Firaga.

Despite the fact that there are fewer WRATHS on this level, there are more MAGES. The chance of encountering a Frost Giant or a Frost Wolf, as well as one or two Frost Dragons, has increased. Even while they aren’t as hazardous on their own as their red relatives are, you still need to be careful around them, particularly when they come in pairs. Due to the fact that both their Evade and Magic Defense are fairly good, it is difficult to rapidly kill them. The true danger comes from BLIZZARD, despite the fact that their onslaught is formidable. Use AICE, since the damage from this ability accumulates rapidly.