Bowler Clash Royale – How to Use Bowler Card in Clash Royale

Bowler Clash Royale has several soldiers like Electro Dragon, Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, Minion, and many others.

These soldiers are divided into cards of diverse classifications, ranging from Common to Legendary. Bowler, one of the most popular ground troops in Clash Royale, is one such card. Bowler will be discussed in this post, including the different ways of using it and unlocking it.

Bowler Clash Royale – The Bowler Card in Clash Royale

The Bowler Card in Clash Royale Bowler is an area damage card with high hitpoints and impact, and they can be gotten from Arena 13 onwards.

The Bowler throws huge rocks that roll in a straight line, hitting and knocking back his target and any other units who happen to be in the path of the rock. The cost of deploying a Bowler card is 6 Elixir.

Due to the massive Bowler’s knockback effect, ground soldiers are forced to move out of the path, allowing heavy units such as Pekkas, Dark Princes, and other such units to be destroyed.

With a linear effect that impacts all troops, Bowler may easily knock out troops behind a tank or finish large groups of soldiers. Using the Tornado card, players should line up opposing soldiers to maximize the damage that Bowler can deal.

Bowler’s massive hitpoints and direct attack effects make him a particularly effective unit in attacks, as he can do massive damage to the tank and the support units in its backline. His inability to knock back tanks has the additional advantage of enabling him to divide the tanks and support units, making them simpler to deal with.

How to unlock the Bowler?

  • To get access to the bowler clash royale card, players must first attain Arena 13.
  • Unlock the Bowler card by opening chests or taking advantage of promotional offers.
  • Adding the card to your Clash Royale combat deck and using it
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Bowler Clash Royale - How to Use Bowler Card in Clash Royale

How to Use Bowler Card

  • You can use the knockback effect of the bowler clash royale as it is equal to that of a Fireball, driving small to medium-large ground units back while only causing moderate damage to big troops like Prince. The attack actions of troops that are susceptible to knockback will be reset, and they will be knocked back as a result.
  • With a linear strike that runs through all soldiers, the Bowler is capable of inflicting significant damage on support troops behind tanks as well as clearing swarms with relative ease. Arrange foes in a line so that the Tornado can deal maximum damage.
  • If the Bowler is placed behind the Crown Tower, he can oppose the Goblin Barrel. His deployment duration should be completed at the same instant as the Goblins emerge.
  • A plus of the bowler clash royale is that his inability to knock back tanks allows him to distinguish between tanks and support troops, making it simpler to deal with them separately. When combined with an Ice Wizard and an Electro Wizard, he may create a nearly impenetrable wall of defense. The combination of their delaying effects and the Bowler’s knockback results in an almost impenetrable wall of defense.
  • When it comes to dealing with spawners, the Bowler is among the most effective cards available. Spear Goblins, Goblins, Fire Spirits, and Skeletons are all one-shots for him. As a bonus, he can take out Barbarians since his knockback consistently slows them, allowing him to take them out insufficient time. A Tombstone will be destroyed if he deals the last blow to it, and any Skeletons that would have spawned from it will also be destroyed. His ability to withstand the Witch’s strikes and kill any Skeletons she summons makes him a highly effective counter-offensive against her as well.
  • Taking out a Bowler without being fought against is possible with Minions and the Inferno Dragon. Despite Bowler’s fireball damage, his sluggish assault rate means that he may still be taken down by swarms such as the Skeleton Army if he is completely encircled by them.
  • Given his sluggish hit speed and low damage per second, he may need the assistance of units with a quicker attack speed and greater damage output, such as the Musketeer and the Witch, to be effective.
  • His knockback ability and high hitpoints enable him to counter Elite Barbarians with the aid of an Arena Tower, conserving the majority of his health for a counter push. He can also counter Elite Barbarians without the aid of an Arena Tower.
  • Because of their great health, inability to be pushed back, and low damage per second, he is not particularly effective at opposing tanks.
  • When he is unavailable, the Executioner can serve as an alternative option. However, the Executioner has reduced health and cannot counter ground mini-tanks, making him a poor choice against air attacks. Its knockback effect lets it take on a huge number of grounded units one-on-one, but it is not particularly efficient against massive, heavy soldiers that disregard his knockback effect, as well as airborne opponents which he cannot target.
  • It is recommended that players avoid placing soldiers between the Bowler and their Tower when defending against him since his boulder has the potential to roll a great distance and do unneeded Tower damage.
  • With far more health and a knockback effect than other support soldiers, the bowler clash royale stands out from the crowd. As a result, most Mini-Tanks, such as the Knight, will be unable to oppose the Bowler. He is likewise resistant to spells and can withstand a Rocket of the same level. He is a formidable support unit because of the combination of these traits. Although he is more expensive than other support soldiers, he is also more susceptible to being overrun because of his slower attack rate than most support troops.
  • An attacking Bowler is effectively countered by both the Prince and the Dark Prince. They are immune to knockback and can battle a Bowler head-on without being forced backward all of the time.
  • Ram Rider and Battle Ram will be significantly slowed by the Bowler, whose knockback will cause their charges to be reset frequently.
  • A superb counterattack to Royal Hogs and other ground troop cards which are severely damaged by Fireball, the Bowler is an excellent choice.
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To summarize, Bowler is unquestionably among the most powerful Epic cards in Clash Royale, and he is versatile enough to be used in a variety of combat strategies. It should be used to counter an adversary’s push approach.